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October 2, 2022

Why October is the best month to move

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It is officially Fall Season, and with the holidays less than three months away, we believe October is the best month to move for numerous reasons.

Moving at the best time of the year helps better your stress. The peak season, which is in the summer months, is probably the worst time to move. There's lots of traffic and traveling, and everyone is moving back and forth to try and make the best of the warmer months. So, it can get very overwhelming to move during summertime.

October is the perfect time to move because it is not as busy and for other reasons discussed below.

Less traffic on the road

  • Less traffic
  • Best moving company of your choice
  • Ideal weather conditions
  • Great deals
  • Weekends aren’t too busy
  • Enough time to prepare for the holidays
  • Flexibility
  • Great for hosting   

Less traffic

There’s already so much traffic on a “normal” summer day which I'm sure we all dislike. Now imagine moving during October, the quiet and calm on the roads is unexplainable. Take advantage of this fact and make your move.

People aren’t traveling as much this month as they do in the summer, making October a great time to move. There are fewer cars on the road, meaning less traffic. It is better to start the move early in the morning to avoid delays. 

Best moving company of your choice

Because fewer people are moving during October, you’re more likely to get the moving company of your choice. Remember that expensive doesn't mean best. Do your research, ask for quotes from more than one company and decide from there.

There is something about moving during this time that makes moving companies work better with their customers because it's the beginning of fall and an exciting time as the holidays are coming to a close. Make your move this month to avoid the holiday rush.

Ideal weather conditions

Moving in the summer can be too hot, and exhausting, resulting in delays and other issues. It would be great to move around October to be more comfortable.

Moving when the heat is at its peak is okay if you have to move around that time. If not, wait till the weather cools down. October is cooler as it is the fall season. It is not too cold or hot, making it ideal.

Great deals

Because this season is not busy, most moving companies will try to work with you. This may mean they’ll give you a discount as they are trying to get as many customers as possible. Some will offer a discount for packing services, storage, etc. Ask your moving company if this is an option for you and if they have any more deals for that present moment.

Moving is expensive, so you need to save as much as possible, and getting a deal is one of the best ways to do that. 

Couple moving into their new home

Weekends aren’t too busy

Though the ideal time to move is during the week. When moving in October and you prefer to do it on a weekend day, make sure to wake up early. While weekends may not be as busy as the summer, avoid them if you can.

Enough time to prepare for the holidays

The holidays are approaching, and this would be the perfect time to make that move. You will have enough time to make your house a home by designing and decorating it how you prefer and for the upcoming holiday season.

Another great thing about moving around this time is that there is enough time for you to settle and make your home comfortable and ready just in time for the holiday season.


Most moving companies are very flexible during this time as it tends to be a slow season. They will more than likely work with you in terms of dates so you’ll have an open option of choosing a date that works best for you.

This is great if you aren’t able to move during the week because of work, weekends will most likely be available for your move. Plan this properly by calling your moving company and finding out if they can fit your schedule for the move.

Great for hosting 

Since the Halloween holiday is slowly approaching, this could be a great way for you to host a housewarming with a Halloween party in one. It is also a great chance to meet your neighbours by trick or treating.

Since this season is more affordable to move, you can use that opportunity to use the money for Halloween decorations and make your house warm and cozy.

Something to keep in mind

What works for other people may not work for you during the move. You may experience a few obstacles during the process, but remember that it’ll pass. Hiring a reputable moving company that fulfills all your moving needs is very crucial for your peace of mind.


Once you get a moving date for October, start getting estimates as early as a month before you move. Doing this will ensure you get the best moving company and have professional service, saving you stress and anxiety.

Moving companies want to help and make their customers comfortable in any way that they can. Ask crucial questions about the time you’re moving and any suggestions they may have, as they know best.

Remember that there’s less traffic around October compared to the warmer months, making it the ideal time to move. There are fewer tourists, especially if you live in a busy tourist city like New York, where it is always cramped and people everywhere. 

The weather is also cooler during October, making the move a lot less tiring and “heat” exhausting. 

Let us make your move easy

Capital City Movers are here to make your move stress free and as easy as possible, ensuring you’re comfortable with our professional team handling your items. Trust us for an efficient move, and give us a call today for a FREE QUOTE at (718) 619 4881. Visit our website for more moving tips and information on our services. Happy Moving!


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