An aerial view of NYC.|kids drawing|piggy bank that represents the reason families choose to leave NYC|living room|a little dog|||A white puppy||A woman looking at a piggy bank|Two girls drawing
An aerial view of NYC.|kids drawing|piggy bank that represents the reason families choose to leave NYC|living room|a little dog|||A white puppy||A woman looking at a piggy bank|Two girls drawing
Moving out of NYC
March 8, 2019

Why do families choose to leave NYC?

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New York City is arguably one of the best places in the world to live in. It offers so much. Cultural diversity like nowhere else. Excellent job opportunities. And entertainment is always just a short walk away. So, it might seem strange that people are living. But many families choose to leave NYC. And there are some great reasons for it. From lower rent to bigger homes. People with children have a different view of the city than those without it. Here are some of the top reasons for leaving. And how it can benefit a family.

Not all families choose to leave NYC

Before we start with the reasons why families choose to leave NYC, we have to talk about those who don’t. No matter how big New York City is, it’s still quite family friendly. With good job security and high median income, it offers many opportunities. NYC has many excellent parks where your children can play. And the school system is one of the best in the US. That is probably one of the reasons why moving with a baby to NYC is so popular with many people. They want their child to grow up in the city full of potential.

Two girls drawing

In NYC your kid can grow and explore their full potentialMany people are willing to sacrifice some home space in return for living in the city. Children who grow up in big cities are more competitive in the job market. And the cultural diversity they encounter growing up helps them develop empathy and understanding for others. Those are just some of the things that they can’t learn in any school. By growing up with people from different ethnicities and backgrounds they learn to understand them. And they are generally more tolerant and open to new friendships.

New York City is expensive

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the continental US. With rising rent prices, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. And many people are getting tired of worrying. So, many families choose to leave NYC because of that. Living in a suburb or in a smaller town is much cheaper. The only real obstacle is job opportunities. You simply can’t expect the same job market as in NYC. But, there are many ways around it.

A woman looking at a piggy bank

Living in a small town or in the suburbs is much cheaperNew Jersey is close enough to the Big Apple that your job is still accessible to you. That’s why many people who want to live close to NYC choose to move there. The rent is much cheaper. And all the while you still have all the benefits that New York City has to offer.

Modern job market

The modern job market is not what it used to be. And many jobs have moved online. That means that it doesn’t really matter where you live. You can work and grow your career without ever stepping into an office. And those jobs are usually filled with young people. When those young people get children, they and their families choose to leave NYC. Suburbs of New York City offer a pleasant lifestyle. And they can keep working the same job as they did in the city. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Families need more space

Another big reason why families choose to leave NYC is that they need more space. When you live alone, or with a roommate, all you really need is a small apartment. You can always decorate it to appear larger. As long as you have the basic necessities like a bathroom and a kitchen, you’re good. But, families need a lot more than that. As children grow older they will need their separate rooms. And finding affordable Brooklyn movers and moving into a house in the suburbs is great for parents as well.

A spacious living room

You will need more space for your kids when they are growing upLiving in an apartment means that you are sharing the building with a lot of other people. Having your own house, on the other hand, offers you many possibilities. For one, you can remodel as you see fit. Second, it offers much more privacy. You can have the backyard that separates you from your nearest neighbor. In contrast, in NYC you can’t control what is going on in front of your building. You might wake up one morning to find a construction site in the lot next to your building.

Getting a pet

Getting a pet in the city is not easy. Even if you get a small dog or a cat, you still need to think about many things. They need frequent access to the outside. Both for walking and other things. And as kids grow older, they will naturally want to adopt a pet. Studies have shown that children that grow up with pets learn responsibility from the young age. It’s not the main reason why families choose to leave NYC, but it’s just one of many.

A white puppy families choose to leave NYC for

Having a pet in NYC can be hard

Security and safety

New York City is safer than ever. You no longer have to worry about getting robbed in the middle of the day. But, it’s still a dangerous place, especially for young children. So, many families with children move to a smaller town. It gives both them and their children much-needed freedom. They can safely let their kids walk back from school. Without worrying if anything bad is going to happen to them. Small towns also have another big advantage. And that is a low population. That means that soon, everyone in the neighborhood will know everyone else. And that gives you some added peace of mind. Not only will you know who you are living next to. But you will also rely on your neighbors to be there for both you and your children.


While there are many other reasons why people are leaving NYC, these are some of the most common ones. And the bottom line is, families simply need more space. You can find pet-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. And you can try and squeeze out more space from your apartment. But, raising a family is expensive. And living in a cheaper area means that you can provide more for them. It also allows you to have a much bigger home for around the same price. Safety and security are an added bonus.


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