Millennials moving to the suburbs is the current trend.|Millennials are settling down and escaping big cities.|Find experienced movers to handle your relocation.|Lack of space is the main problem in NYC apartments.|
Millennials moving to the suburbs is the current trend.|Millennials are settling down and escaping big cities.|Find experienced movers to handle your relocation.|Lack of space is the main problem in NYC apartments.|
Moving out of NYC
July 9, 2020

Why are millennials moving to the suburbs?

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Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are members of the demographic cohort that followed Generation X. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a millennial. Those are people between 24 and 39 years of age. So, why are millennials moving to the suburbs? It’s simple – their lifestyle is changing. They are getting older and entering a new stage in their lives.

Millennials are fleeing big cities

Generation Y is beginning its escape from the big cities. This is perfectly understandable taking into consideration that millennials are settling down and looking for the best place to raise their families. When looking for a home, the first thing you should do is think about your priorities. Find a home that fits your lifestyle, expectations, family members’ needs, budget, etc. Your house should be a sanctuary for you and your family. Making this decision is not easy and it’s necessary to plan ahead. Don’t pick a house based on its style rather than the layout of the floor plan. Focus your attention on your daily life and activities – your home should reflect them. That is why millennials are migrating to the suburbs and fleeing big cities.

Millennials are settling down and escaping big cities.

Millennials are moving to the suburbs because their lifestyle is changing

Preparing for a move is the key to a successful relocation

Once you find a perfect home for you and your family, it’s time to focus on a moving day. There are many different tasks and activities included in this process. You need to look for moving and storage NYC companies, gather moving supplies, organize your belongings, pack and protect them, rent a moving truck, etc. That means that you should start preparing for the move several weeks, even months before the moving day.Make a moving checklist – write all your moving activities so that you would always stay on track. The most important thing is finding reliable and experienced movers. There are many fraudulent companies in New York so be very careful. Make sure to check whether a particular moving company is licensed and reputable. With unlicensed movers, you risk potential damage or theft.

How to find a reliable moving company in NYC

Moving scams are quite often so choose your Brooklyn Heights movers carefully. Do a thorough research and find experienced and trustworthy professionals who fit your budget and your needs. This is not impossible but it requires some time and effort. You shouldn’t search for just basic information about a particular company. Check previously submitted comments and complaints, marks for an overall impression and reviews, because no one knows more about the movers than the people who used their services before. Also, ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Personal experience is invaluable and this can facilitate and accelerate the whole process.

Common moving problems

Moving is a tiring and stressful process. That’s why it’s important to have a solid plan. Some of the biggest problems that may arise are property damage and moving injuries. Learning basic packing techniques and gathering quality packing supplies is a must.Some of the most common moving injuries are strained back, broken fingers and toes, knee and ankle injuries, cuts, and scrapes. If you are not used to heavy lifting, the safest option is to leave it to professionals and follow safety tips. In case you decide to move on your own, learn proper lifting techniques, and wear the right clothes and equipment.

Experienced professionals will facilitate the moving process.

Hire reliable movers to handle your relocation with care

Price is one of the reasons why millennials are moving to the suburbs

Moving to the suburbs provides Millennials with the opportunity to become homeowners. Prices in New York City are notoriously high and it’s very difficult for a young family to afford their own home. Relocating to the suburbs makes this dream attainable. No wonder the housing market around NYC is booming. Moving to suburbs doesn’t mean you have to live on an isolated farm with no access to the city center. If you plan to commute into the city every day, look at neighborhoods near metro lines. Even if you choose the priciest neighborhood in the suburbs the price will still be incomparable to average Manhattan prices. Not only is housing expensive in NY but also everything else – food, entertainment, transportation, children’s activities.


Larger family needs more space. In addition to price, this is one of the main reasons millennials are moving to the suburbs. They need a yard for kids to play in. Maybe they want a dog or need a garage. On the other hand, apartments in New York are small and not family-friendly. The lack of space becomes more of a problem as your family grows. On average, New Yorkers enjoy 1,010 square feet per person.

Lack of space is the main problem in NYC apartments.

Small kitchens are very common in New York

Great schools

In addition to more affordable and spacious housing, suburbs offer top-quality education. Millennials who have kids are considering this factor when choosing their neighborhood and their home. The proximity of good schooling options is a top priority for 30-something people with children.


New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. There is something magical about this place – from attractions and parks to restaurants and nightlife. However, living in NYC is not an easy choice for a family and can pose a challenge. That is why it’s absolutely understandable that millennials are moving to the suburbs. Some of the benefits of living in the suburbs are more space, cheaper housing options, and better education for your children. There is no doubt that your families will enjoy family-friendly neighborhoods and their new house which will be in accordance with their new lifestyle. Have a safe and happy relocation.


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