couple packing things in boxes|open cardboard box is one of thepacking supplies can be recycled|pile of cardboard boxes|
couple packing things in boxes|open cardboard box is one of thepacking supplies can be recycled|pile of cardboard boxes|
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January 30, 2022

Which packing supplies can be recycled?

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You can't plan a relocation without packing supplies. Packing is the largest part of relocation and the biggest reason for hiring Capital City Movers NYC. Additionally, it's important to get quality packing supplies for your items. Usually, if you want to get quality packing supplies, you need to get the new ones from a reliable source like a moving company. But, the problem is what to do with all packing supplies after the move. For this reason, do you want to know which packing supplies can be recycled? Here are all of them.

Which packing supplies can be recycled after the relocation?

If you are moving your household frequently, you probably have to deal with a lot of packing supplies. To pack your items, you need to get different types of packing supplies. Usually, you need to get cardboard boxes, moving containers, bubble wrapping, packing paper, markers, tape, etc. It’s a lot of supplies, clutter, and money spent. For this reason, throwing away all these supplies is not a good option. Some of these packing supplies you can recycle such as

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Crinkle Paper

How can you recycle cardboard boxes?

The most common packing supplies are cardboard boxes. So, it's no surprise that after unpacking services NYC and movers finish their job, you are left with a house full of cardboard boxes. Before you take away cardboard boxes to a local recycling center, you should inspect them. Additionally, you should contact the recycling center and see if they require some special way of delivering boxes. Some recycling centers ask that you flatten out, stack boxes, or be without tapes and staples. For this reason, it's important to see the policy of certain recycling companies before you bring your cardboard boxes.

open cardboard box is one of thepacking supplies can be recycled

Cardboard boxes are one of the packing supplies that can be recycled

Why is bubble wrapping recyclable packing supply?

Another most common packing supply besides free moving boxes NYC is bubble wrapping. Luckily, you can also recycle bubble wrapping. However, there is one important task you must do before recycling bubble wrapping and that is to pop out all the bubbles. So, if you always loved to pop the bubbles, now you have a good excuse to do it all day. This might sound funny, but you must flatten bubble wrapping before recycling.

Stretch wrap belongs to a category of packing supplies that you can recycle

You can recycle stretch wrap because it has low-density polyethylene in its structure. It's a material that belongs in category four of a recycling program. For this reason, you can recycle your moving shrink or stretch wraps after relocation. People generally use stretch wraps for wrapping cardboard boxes for extra protection against water and other liquids.

pile of cardboard boxes

You can recycle stretch wrap after relocation

Recycling is a good way of dealing with leftover packing supplies

Many packing supplies can be recycled. Crinkle paper might not be the most popular packing supply for recycling. It's not very valuable and the company can't use it for manufacturing large paper products. But, you don't use crinkle paper often for packing as there is other better material to use for the same purpose.


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