The coronavirus has affected real estate market.|||Many young people are moving during the pandemic due to financial issues.|Gather packing supplies in time.|People started working from home when the pandemic began.
The coronavirus has affected real estate market.|||Many young people are moving during the pandemic due to financial issues.|Gather packing supplies in time.|People started working from home when the pandemic began.
Moving out of NYC
July 28, 2020

Where are young New Yorkers moving during the pandemic?

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COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world in the first months of 2020. The first case relating to the virus in New York City was confirmed in March. Since then, many young people have decided that moving during the pandemic is the best option for them and their families. Not only do they have to worry about their health and the economic impact of the crisis, but also look for reliable and experienced movers NYC. Find out where young New Yorkers are fleeing and why you should hire Capital City Movers to handle your relocation.

Why are people moving during the pandemic?

According to recent research results, 3% of Americans have moved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them left their homes permanently, while others believe it's just temporarily until the crisis is over. People have different reasons for moving. Some of them wanted to reduce the risk of contracting the virus, and NYC was the US epicenter of the coronavirus. Others had to move when their college campuses closed or because they lost their jobs. Many NYC businesses had to close, such as restaurants, hotels, museums, cafes, sports centers, etc. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers losing their jobs and facing a financial crisis.

Many young people are moving during the pandemic due to financial issues.

Young New Yorkers have decided to move to the suburbs due to COVID-19 pandemic

Where are New Yorkers going?

Since the pandemic outbreak, many are trying to plan for the future. And, a lot of New Yorkers believe that their future doesn't include living in the city. Some of them packed their bags and moved back in with their parents. This is a temporary situation until they make a final decision about their next home. Others are leaving the city for the nearby suburbs such as Montclair, Peekskill, and Narrowsburg.

  • Montclair, NJ is a suburb with a population of around 40,000. It has great restaurants, shops, art galleries, and highly—rated public schools.
  • Narrowsburg is situated in Sullivan County, New York. It is a peaceful town on the east shore of the Delaware River. You can explore the river by canoe or kayak, go shopping on Main Street, or visit some of its great local restaurants. Narrowsburg is home to music, art, and environmental festival Riverfest. This picturesque place will enable you to enjoy a slower pace of life.
  • Peekskill is a city in Westchester County, situated on a bay along the east side of the Hudson River. It has a population of around 24,000 people. The town has several parks and recreational areas, primary and secondary schools, galleries, a theater, a museum, nice shops, etc.

No wonder so many young New Yorkers are moving to suburbs during the pandemic. Suburban lifestyle is more relaxed, a sense of community is fostered, neighbors are warm and friendly. Safetyis also one of the benefits, especially considering high crime rates in New York. Suburbs are more nature-friendly, have many bike trails, amazing parks. Generally speaking, suburban homes are much larger than urban homes. And, what is more important, suburban properties are often cheaper than urban properties of the same size. However, the post-corona market has changed significantly and there has been a dramatic rise in both demand and cost of suburban homes.

What are the common moving problems?

Once you decide where you want to live with your family, it's time to start organizing your relocation. Make a list of all the tasks and activities included in the moving process. Once you do that, you will be able to schedule a date for your move and set a moving budget. Moving injuries are quite common so you should be very careful, especially if you don’t have a lot of moving experience. Some of the most common moving injuries are strained back, broken fingers and toes, knee and ankle injuries, cuts, and scrapes. If you are not used to heavy lifting, the safest option is to leave it to professionals.

People started working from home when the pandemic began.

Some of the people working from home decided to leave New York during the pandemicNYC moving market is well developed, so you won't have problems finding movers who can meet your needs. But, keep in mind that there are many fraudulent moving companies so make sure to hire the one that is licensed and offers insurance. Hiring professional movers is particularly important if you have fragile or valuable items, such as artwork. In that case, find well-trained fine arts movers who will transport your things carefully. You don't want to risk any damage due to improper packing or handling.

Save yourself a headache – pack properly

Before you even start packing for a move you need to organize all your belongings. Go through all your stuff and decide which ones you want to keep. You should get rid of things you no longer use, clothes that you don't wear, furniture that won't fit into your new home, etc. Downsizing is a big part of your move because the size of the relocation determines its cost. So, don't transport things that you don't need simply because it will be a waste of time and money. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy new items than to transport old ones, especially if they are bulky and heavy.

empty cardboard box

Use quality packing materials to provide safety of your belongings when moving during the pandemicNext, gather packing supplies. Moving damage is usually a consequence of improper packing or improper handling. That's why it's necessary to learn basic packing techniques. Also, you should use quality packing supplies – sturdy and durable boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, etc.


New York City has always been one of the most desirable places to live in. However, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic has started to drain the appeal out of it. Some of the reasons young New Yorkers are leaving the city during the pandemic are job loss and financial issues, people are facing eviction. Others are working from home during the pandemic and have decided to move to the suburbs, where the cost of living is much cheaper. Whatever the reason may be, it's important to organize your relocation carefully and protect all your belongings during the transport. Make sure to hire a reliable moving company that will provide a stress-free moving experience.


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