different types of storage - indoor storage|A man going through books and clothes.|Documents require climate controlled types of storage.|storage with stacked chairs
different types of storage - indoor storage|A man going through books and clothes.|Documents require climate controlled types of storage.|storage with stacked chairs
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April 1, 2018

What types of storage are there?

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You are about to move and you need to store your belongings during the transition. Or you are downsizing and moving into a smaller flat. Perhaps you purchased a large piece of sports equipment or you inherited some stuff that simply doesn't fit in your home. For whatever reason, you find yourself in need of a storage unit. But, you don't know what kind of storage you should get. With so many types of storage units out there, you are left confused and unsure which to get for yourself. Don't worry. We have all the info you need to make an informed decision on the type of storage for your belongings.

Different types of storage

When you start looking for storage companies NYC you should know what are the basic storage solutions out there. Storage solutions differ in a few important features, as follows:

  1. commercial and personal storage units
  2. short-term and long-term storage units
  3. outdoor and indoor storage units
  4. climate controlled storage units and units without climate control

Naturally, it's possible to combine these different types of storage and get an ideal storage solution that you need. For example, you can get a long-term outdoor commercial storage without climate control or you can get a short-term climate controlled indoor storage. But before you make a random decision, let us explain the characteristics of each option.

Commercial and personal storage

Do you need more space because your business is expanding? Getting a commercial storage is a smart move, compared to renting more office space just to store your extra merchandise. Accounting companies, retail businesses, contractors, equipment rental businesses are just some of the most common users of commercial storage. In comparison with renting more office space, getting a storage unit makes sense because there are no utilities to pay and there's no need to rent it for a year, there are no down payments, first and last rent. All you need to do is make monthly payments, knowing that your goods or valuable documents are stored safely. Commercial storage is also great when you have to relocate your NYC business. On the other hand, personal storage units tend to be smaller and are used for storing personal items, which might require special conditions.

Short-term and long-term storage

Relocation companies NYC offer their clients short-term storage during their move. You could also rent a short-term storage if you are not in the process of relocation but just need some extra space for your things. The advantage of this type of storage is the flexibility it offers. You can access your stuff easily, any time of the day, knowing that it is kept safe in the facility when you're not there. Short-term storage is also flexible in the sense you can change your insurance policy or the size of the unit each month. You will want better insurance when you add that valuable painting to the unit. Or you might want a smaller unit after removing the huge dining table. With short-term storage units, that's not a problem.

A man going through books and clothes.

If you want to have constant access to your things, you should go with a short-term storage.When it comes to long-term storage units, they are not so flexible, but they are convenient in different situations. With long-term storage, you cannot access your belongings whenever you want. It needs to be communicated to the facility manager and scheduled. But the plus side is, you get a better financial deal since you don't rent it on a monthly basis, but lease it for a year. Long-term storage is perfect for those adventurous people, who plan on being away for a year and need a cheap place to hold their furniture and other belongings.

Outdoor and indoor storage

Outdoor storage is exposed to more external factors than indoor storage is. It is under a bigger influence of the weather. Besides protecting your things from external factors, indoor storage has an added layer of protection. Even though both outdoor and indoor storage units of respectable storage facilities are protected by cameras and security personnel, indoor storage offers better protection from intruders. Then again, it's quicker and easier for you to reach your things in an outdoor storage. This choice really depends on the type of things you are storing. Also, it depends on how often do you plan to visit your unit.

storage with stacked chairs

The type of furniture you are storing determines the storage you should get.

Climate controlled storage units and units without climate control

Whether or not you need a climate controlled storage units depends on the type of things you are storing. Climate controlled types of storage give you the chance to control the temperature and the humidity inside the unit. This is of extreme importance when storing a surprisingly large number of items. Here's a list of things that require climate-controlled conditions in order to stay preserved:

  • documents, comic books, books - the ink can fade or the items can turn yellow if the temperature and humidity levels are not controlled.
  • photographs - also susceptible to fading and yellowing if not stored properly.
  • antique furniture - this type of furniture is very sensitive and has to be stored in a climate controlled unit, or else it can crack, split or corrode.
  • leather furniture - this kind of furniture can get damaged if exposed to big swings in temperatures.
  • musical instruments - brass instruments are in danger of corroding if kept in a humid environment, whereas the glue in wooden ones can come undone and ruin the piece.
  • wine and other alcohol - if your storage is supposed to serve as a substitute wine cellar be sure to get a climate controlled unit.
Documents require climate controlled types of storage.
  • To preserve your documents opt for a climate controlled unit.

Climate controlled units cost extra. But keep in mind that it's worth it. After all, you are storing those items because they are valuable to you. You don't want them to lose their value due to poor storage conditions.Hopefully, now you understand enough about different types of storage to choose the one that best suits you.


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