an image of movers packing items|Remote controller|Furniture - What to pack first when moving|Basement - What to pack first when moving
an image of movers packing items|Remote controller|Furniture - What to pack first when moving|Basement - What to pack first when moving
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December 10, 2019

What to pack first when moving

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We can all agree that moving is stressful. But some would say that the hardest part of moving is actually packing and unpacking. They would say that they feel overwhelmed when they think about all the things they have to pack. Some would exaggerate and say that they feel like it’s the end of the world. They usually don’t know where to begin, what to pack first when moving, what packing supplies they should use and so on. So when you take that into account, it’s no wonder they feel like that. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! And I’m not just saying that to get you to read the rest of this text. But because it’s true!Really, guys, packing is not that hard. You can do it yourself if you just stay organized. You don’t have to pay your movers for packing when you’ve already paid for other moving services NYC. They would do a fine job if you hired them, that’s for sure. But you’d be letting some people you see for the first time in your life deal with your personal stuff. And not to mention that you can’t be sure that everything is packed if you haven’t done it yourself. Furthermore, you won’t have a clue where is, for example, your sweater should you need one because you didn’t do the packing. So as I see it, there are more perks of packing yourself than having your movers do that also. And if you’d just read further you’d find some very useful tips that will make packing a piece of cake!

Remote controller

You wouldn’t have the control over the whole packing process if the movers do it

Before you decide what to pack first when moving

Before you start thinking about what you’re going to pack first when moving, you should first make a general plan. The key to efficient packing is a good organization. That means that you can’t go around running like a headless chicken. You must stay focused no matter how many things you have left to pack. Whenever you start stressing just stop for a minute and take a deep breath.

How to make a plan

You won’t pack faster if you are trying to multitask. It’ll actually make your progress slower. Plus, you’ll probably make more mistakes. So make a plan! And not just any plan, but a prioritized plan! The best way to do that is to make a list of all the tasks that you need to do. Tasks like:

  • what to pack first when moving
  • what to donate or sell
  • buying packing supplies
  • labeling the boxes
  • decluttering

Once you have that list it’s time for prioritizing. It’s only logical that you can’t start packing until you have appropriate packing supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper. So you should put number two next to buying packing supplies. And then go through the list using the same logic. It’s important that you don’t rush with this because this list will be your go-to whenever you feel lost and don’t know what to do next.

Declutter before you start packing

If you’re wondering why buying packing supplies isn’t number one, don’t worry, it isn’t a mistake. There’s one more important thing to do before that. And that is, of course, decluttering! Because, let’s be real, how can you know what to pack first if you don’t know what things you’re going to pack? The fewer things you have to pack, the less time it’ll take. Moreover, the less you’ll have to pay your movers because the weight and the size of your package will be smaller.When you’re decluttering there are a few questions you should ask yourself. First, think about if you’ve used that particular thing in the last one or three months. And answer honestly if you really want to declutter efficiently. Then ask yourself if you’re going to have enough space in your new home for that thing and where would you place it. And the third thing you should think about is whether it would cost more to transport that thing or to simply buy a new one.

Furniture - What to pack first when moving

The last one is especially applicable to your furniture

What room to start pack first when moving

The first rule about what to pack first when moving is to start with the least frequently used room and the one that is hardest to pack. The logic behind this is that if you pack first your kitchen you won’t have anything to eat from and you’ll be forced to live on takeout food. And we all know that’s not healthy. As for the hardest room to pack, you’ll have more energy to pack that room if you start with it. So when you’re tired and don’t feel like packing you’ll be left with bed sheets, blankets and comforters which are pretty easy to pack compared to, for example, your garage tools.So as you probably have already figured out, basement, garage and attic are the ones you should pack first when moving. It'll be the hardest to sort through these storage areas and pack everything. And since you rarely use these rooms they are the perfect ones to start packing.

Basement - What to pack first when moving

These rooms are storage for numerous things and half of them you haven’t even seen in a long timeThe next ones are spare rooms like office, guest rooms and dining room. These rooms will be rather easy to pack compared to what’s coming, and that’s your kitchen. No matter how small the kitchen you have, it is full of odd-shaped things that are easily breakable. So once you’ve packed your kitchen finish packing with your living room and your bedroom. And don’t forget your bathroom which is last on this list considering that you’ll need it every day!

What to pack first when moving

Have you thought about what you’re going to pack first when moving? If your plan was to start first with your artwork, then you’d be right. However, something as valuable and fragile as your art collection should be packed by professional fine art movers NYC. So you should maybe consider starting with your books and decorations. Then go over to your kitchenware. And finally, finish with your jewelry, clothes and shoes. But don’t forget to set aside enough clothes for the period between moving in and moving out.


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