What to do with leftover packing supplies?|Throwing away your leftover packing supplies|Kids having fun|Moving boxes
What to do with leftover packing supplies?|Throwing away your leftover packing supplies|Kids having fun|Moving boxes
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January 18, 2019

What to do with leftover packing supplies?

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Figuring out how much packing supplies you will need is not an easy thing to do. You need to factor in all the items that you are going to transport and then figure out what you will need to pad, wrap and pack them. And, since you will probably rip or lose some packing supplies along the way, it is a general rule of thumb to get more supplies than you think you need. Leave room for error. Even if you get the best long distance movers NYC. While that certainly is a good strategy, you most likely will end up having leftover packing supplies. What can or should you do with them? Well, that is what we are here to discover.

Discarding them

What most people opt to do with leftover packing supplies is to discard them. Now, if you choose to do so, you should be aware that there are numerous ways. Here we will outline those different ways so that you can better decide what to do.


Donating is almost always a good idea. All you need to do is to find the organization that will accept your leftover packing supplies. Depending on how much you have leftover, you might not get any tax exemptions for them. But, never the less, a donation is a good way of giving back to your community. There is hardly an organization out there that couldn't use some packing supplies. Just try to keep them in pristine condition so that they are usable. If necessary, you can hire unpacking services NYC to help you preserve your packing supplies while unpacking.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes need to be in good condition in order to be usable.


Selling is another way in which you can deal with leftover supplies, but it can be a bit more arduous. While you can simply drive your supplies to the nearest donation center and be done with them, selling takes a bit more time. You can always place your items on eBay or some similar site, but how long will it take before someone buys them. Furthermore, you need to learn how to sell extra belongings. All of that takes time. And, you don't want to be surrounded by leftover packing supplies for months on end while waiting for a buyer. If you already know someone that will happily buy off your packing supplies, great. Some movers even accept to buy back. But if you don't, better not bother.

Throwing them away

Throwing your packing supplies away is always a possibility, but it is not generally a good idea. Aside from not being environmentally friendly, you are wasting the money you spent on your supplies. It will be much better if you donate or sell them then to throw them away. If nothing else, you can place them in a dry, public space so that someone else can use them. Or, you can recycle. When it comes to moving you should really try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Therefore, avoid chucking your packing supplies into a dumpster.

Throwing away your leftover packing supplies

Throwing away your leftover packing supplies is rarely the best course of action.

Keeping leftover packing supplies

If getting rid of packing supplies doesn't sound right for you, don't worry. There are many ways in which you can keep your packing supplies without them causing you much clutter. In essence, you need to stop thinking about them as if they are only intended for packing. Padding materials, wrapping materials, and boxes can have multiple uses and there is bound to be a need for one in your home. We will give you some ideas on how you can utilize your packing supplies. But, at the end of the day, it will be up to you and your creativity to make the most out of them.

Having fun

This is mostly for moving with kids, but who says that you cannot bring some joy to the kid inside of you. Packing supplies make great material for having fun. You can use all the padding and wrapping to make wacky costumes and play around in them. Not to mention all the ways in which you can use moving boxes for having fun. Aside from making costumes and toys, you can use boxes to conduct fun scientific experiments or build forts. The more you think about it the more you will see just how creative you can get with your leftover packing supplies. More and more we forget how fun simple toys can be. Our kids either play games on their cellphones or play with bought toys. Use packing supplies to stir up their creative side.

Kids having fun

Kids can have tremendous fun with packing supplies.


Reusage of leftover packing supplies is always a good idea. The first way in which you can reuse your supplies is to save them for the next time. You, personally, may never end up needing them. But, a close friend or a relative might find themselves in a situation where some extra packing supplies will be very useful. That is when you will be a lifesaver. Besides that, you can use packing supplies for everyday use. There is hardly a household where there aren't items that need to be stored. And, there is no proper storage without packing supplies. Use your leftover packing supplies for future storage or to improve your current storage situation. There are probably boxes that can and should be replaced in order to avoid a mishap.


If nothing of the above works for you and you don't want to get rid of your leftover packing supplies, there still one solution. Put them in storage. There is no need for you to have padding, wrapping and moving boxes laying around your home. By getting a storage unit you can safely store your packing supplies until you find a use for them. Once you pack them together they usually don't take up much room. Furthermore, they can last a long time and they will not get damaged due to temperature changes. That makes them ideal for storage. Just make sure that they do not come into contact with moisture unless they are made out of plastic.


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