a calendar showing one week before moving day|garden tools|essentials bag|a woman on the phone
a calendar showing one week before moving day|garden tools|essentials bag|a woman on the phone
Relocating to NYC
August 15, 2020

What to do one week before moving day?

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Moving takes a lot of time - everyone knows this. The rule of the thumb is to start preparing for it as soon as you find out what your moving date is. Sometimes, this can take six months - sometimes only one. Depending on how much time you have left, you will start different tasks and chores differently. However, there is something that will always remain the same - the things you will do one week before moving day! And if you have never moved before, this can be quite a hectic week! So, it is lucky you have a partner like Capital City Movers NYC in your corner! Today, we will show you exactly what to do in order to prepare for the moving day!

Pack up your essentials box

As you probably already know (or can imagine), moving is quite hectic. This can come to a screaming crescendo one week before moving day when everything you were doing by then will collide into one huge pile of chores, tasks, lists, and free cardboard boxes NYC.In all this chaos, it is easy to forget or lose sight of something. It can be something trivial - a random item you forgot to pack. However, this can also be something you really need - a passport, an ID, or even some personal belongings you cannot move without. This is why, seven days before you move, you should pack all of these items into a separate box or a bag. You will want to keep this with you at all times. Think about it as if you were packing for a motel stay. Pack up your hygienic items, a change of clothes, etc. - as well as personal items you cannot afford to lose.

essentials bag

Grab a bag or a box and pack your essentials there!Then, when the moving day finally rolls around, keep this box close to you at all times. It can be quite easy for movers - even professional ones - to mix the boxes up and pack it along the rest. Either put it separately from other boxes, clearly label it, or keep it in another room. The best suggestion, though, is to keep it in your car - after all, you will want it there while traveling to your new home. This is why we advise you to pack it up a week prior. Once you do it, you will not need to keep it lying around the house on a moving day, because you will already have it ready for the trip!

Set up your money and accounts one week before moving day

When you are moving, one of the biggest concerns will be the moving costs NYC. Money is always a problem, and you will need to balance it quite well. This is why it is also extremely important to consider your budget during the move. In all the chaos, you can easily forget to transfer your bank accounts and close your safety deposit boxes. Once you have moved, it might be difficult to go back and do this again. So, ensure that you do it before your moving date! This is especially important if you are moving to another state or a country - or when transferring banks during the move.Next, you will want to cancel your utilities - or transfer them to a new address. Think about whether you need to do this, and ensure you pay all fees beforehand. It can be quite a nasty surprise to find you have no water or electricity running after a long day of moving. So, call the companies again to confirm the cut dates - just in case. What's more, make sure you have no impending charges when closing your accounts in the old bank. You do not want to keep receiving charges after the move - you will not be using the services, after all!

a woman on the phone

Make sure you call your utility company to cancel all the services!While on the topic of confirming the arrangements with people, you should also contact your movers one week before moving day and confirm their arrival times. Talk through the packing strategies again, and ensure everything is on the same page, and the move is on track. This way, you will be able to evade any extra moving fees - and you will be more at ease and ready for the moving day!

Start doing smaller preparations

If you had a moving plan, the priorities were probably the biggest chores. This is why one week before moving day is dedicated to the smaller ones! First, you will want to ensure you do not have anything flammable that your movers will have to move. Usually, these items are on their "no-go" list. Movers do not want to risk damages to other items or their truck. So, dispose of all these items - or move them yourself.For example, you will want to drain your lawnmower and power tools - anything with fuel. Then, get other tools ready for the move as well. You will want to cover any sharp edges and blades so you do not damage anything - or lead to injury. You do not want this to happen - and only a little preparation will help!

garden tools

Make sure you carefully prepare all your garden tools and other items.Finally, you might want to start disassembling your furniture too. This, of course, depends on the services you are using. If the movers are packing things up for you, they might do this for you. If not, then you will want to do it one week before moving day. Be smart about this - you might not want to start with your bed, but it should also be on your list somewhere. Disassemble the pieces you do not use often, and then move to the ones you do. This way, you will get through the whole thing and be ready when the movers arrive.


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