handshake||revieed traits of reliable interstate movers|communication
handshake||revieed traits of reliable interstate movers|communication
Interstate Movers NYC
May 23, 2019

What are the traits of reliable interstate movers

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When thinking about traits of reliable interstate movers, think about it this way: what traits should people that will move all my possessions to my new home have? Because, to the core, moving professionals are people who made it their job to help you pack every aspect of your life and move it to a new location. There is nothing to be simplified or underestimated here. In their (hopefully competent) hands are all the things you own, and it is up to them to make sure that you still have them when they arrived at their new home. They are the ones moving heavy things and that are meant not to be moved. To transport fragile, prized possessions and then unload them after a long journey, they have to be reliable.

First among the traits of reliable interstate movers - licenses!

First and foremost, you should check if the company is licensed. It is a pretty straightforward process. It is in the best conceivable interest of the company to help you find out if they are licensed. After all, any legitimate business wants to be taken seriously. So, when you search for interstate moving companies NYC, you should consider only those with licensing. But let's say that you have trouble finding out if they have a license. It is not clearly displayed on their website and they didn't provide any useful instruction after you called on their contact number. We cannot stress this enough: stay away!

A license.

Having a license is literary the most important thing.At the best case scenario, they are unprofessional workers who will take your money while providing no insurance (never-ever go without insurance) and cannot be expected to sign the contract with full confidence in completing the terms. This is really dangerous, as you can have your stuff damaged or lost, your new home empty after moving day and myriad of other issues including shady moving estimates. However, the worst case scenario is a straight up scam. Explaining how your life can negatively be impacted by this might be unnecessary as the simple thought of people with a track having your stuff in it being dishonest, ill-intentioned people is highly disturbing.Licensed companies will always stand behind their promises and contracts and help you in any way to confirm their legal status. Settle for no less than that.

Internet presence

In the age of the internet, no company can afford to not have an internet presence (our own very example as a case in point). Moving companies represent themselves and their services online. They explain what they offer, which makes them reliable, their history, etc. If a company wants to offer, for example, Long Island moving and storage services or interstate relocation, they aim to make sure that the customer knows of this and can easily assert the quality of said service.With that in mind, what should internet presence mean in wider traits of reliable interstate movers?


Website is the face of the company to a wider audience. A serious company will have to provide resources and effort in an attempt to make the website look as clean and professional as possible. If they offer a certain service, such as office movers NYC, they will make it abundantly clear. Companies with traits of reliable interstate movers will offer an easy way to contact them, as well as an approach to license confirmation and insurance policy. If you see that the road to this vital information is convoluted, it is not a good sing. A website that is badly designed can point out the lack of interest of the moving company to engage new customers. Their lackluster approach can also, sometimes, be translated into half-hearted moving services.


What are the experiences of past customers? This is a very important, and obvious, question to ask yourself. Now, when you are not dealing with interstate movers, and rather trying to find local services such as storage NYC, it is easier. You simply ask the people of the community.

reviews are traits of reliable interstate movers

Five-star reviews?With interstate movers, it is a trickier deal. For them, you should find what the customers moving from state to state, such as yourself, have experienced. Did they feel that the company is reliable?There are a number of sites and apps that are platforms for reviews. Yelp is the first one to come to mind but there are many more. Sites like these offer to the user the possibility of leaving reviews for any company. Are you looking for their thoughts? Look them up! You should, however, look for signs of honest reviews. If they are good, they should be varied. If they are bad, they should be reasonable.

Communication with you, the customer - and vice versa

Communication is key in any business transaction. A good company will have a lot to ask you, just as much as you have to ask them. It is among traits of reliable interstate movers that they want to be prepared.

a man offering a handshake

Good communication is keyThey will inquire about what there is to move. Good movers will ask what there is to be moved and proportion of hallways, stairs, and elevators. A good company asks for what is a good time for a moving day and will try to do its best to fit its schedule into your moving day plans. Therefore, a good company will ask you anything they need. If movers don't have any questions, it might indicate they also don't have any plans.


And finally, traits of reliable interstate movers definitely include clear and fair prices. Be sure to always know if you are talking about rough estimates or legally binding ones. A reliable company will, on their part, always inform you about all the potential costs. They should never attempt to hide it in small print.It really comes down to honesty. Honesty is the key to every aspect of the moving business. All the things we mentioned are really reliant on the fact that the companies are fair and communicate their intentions and abilities well.


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