benefits of working interstate|US dollars and an iphone|NYC bay|two laptops and a man writing on the paper
benefits of working interstate|US dollars and an iphone|NYC bay|two laptops and a man writing on the paper
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September 14, 2018

What are the benefits of working interstate

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There is a fair chance that, at least once in a lifetime, you will have an opportunity to work abroad. And if you are passionate about your work, this chance is even bigger. And such opportunity is a real confirmation that you are on the right path. Especially if you get the offer for a job far away from your current home. But there is always the other side of the coin. If you accept an offer to work interstate, you will be separated from your family and friends for some time. And that is not an easy thing. But, in the end, you will get a unique experience and be able to visit different places. And in all honesty, there are some pretty great US cities worth exploring. In order to ease your decision-making process, we decided to go through some of the benefits of working interstate.

Which options do you have?

Speaking about the benefits of working interstate, you need to know that you have several options. Some of them are applicable to your situation, some are not. But in the end, you will need to make some choices. There are several types of offers for working interstate, of which the most common are:

  • Temporary position up to 1 year without possibility of commuting
  • Temporary position up to 1 year with the possibility of commuting
  • Job position for more than 1 year without possibility of commuting
  • Job position for more than 1 year with the possibility of commuting
  • Permanent position

As you can see, there are multiple options, and there are many variables that impact which one you will get. For instance, the first two types are the most common among consultants. Companies usually hire experts from various industries and fields of work in order to improve a certain department or business in general. As such consultant services are very expensive, but the most effective as well, company that is hiring often agree on up to the one-year contract.The third and fourth option is reserved for engineers, professors, senior managers, and senior software architects. If a company have a long-term project, it can find someone with an extensive knowledge and experience to train their staff and transfer know-how. Speaking about the commuting option, it all depends on the requirements and the project's nature. In special cases when a company is close to the border, it is willing to refund a flight-ticket for weekend days or agree on the special working day conditions, such as a month on - 15 days off.Finally, permanent job position is something that is usually offered to software developers, construction workers, middle management officers, and similar professionals.

What to take into considerations?

The most important question you need to ask yourself is - Does it pay off in the end? Even though one of the biggest benefits of working interstate is money, you still need to calculate a little bit. Once you get an offer, you will have all the necessary pieces of information that will be crucial in the decision-making process. But you need to calculate this smart. It is not all about the figures. Some things are even priceless, like not seeing your family for months or even years. You can't put a price on that. Additionally, you need to include opportunity costs - how much could you earn if you take some other offer? Then, there are living costs. Even though these are usually included in the offer, they are general. You need to see how much you would actually need based on your needs, requirements and current lifestyle.

US dollars and an iphone

Calculate everything in order to see does it pay off working interstateBut that is only the financial side. Equally important is your family life and your current business position. Especially if you need to leave your current job position for good. And if you have children. That is why you need to be wise. If working interstate can speed up your further career progress, help you financially stabilize or simply give you an opportunity to explore new places - you will have a win-win situation. If you bring this decision cold-headed and prudently, you can be sure that your final say is right.

What are the biggest benefits of the working interstate?

Now, if we try to list all benefits of working interstate, we could probably stay here for a while. In the end, it is all about you and what will it bring to your life in general. But some things are certain. If you decide to do it, you will have a really good item on your CV with the strong recommendation. It is definite proof of your expertise. Next, you will be able to expand your professional contact list which is important for your career. Not to mention that other opportunities might come up during your work. Then, your general life experience will be bigger as you will explore other places that you couldn't before.

two laptops and a man writing on the paper

Working interstate is a unique experienceIn all honesty, once you make a decision to go, there are no negative sides. That means you are prepared for such an undertaking and willing to invest your time in order to secure yourself. Working interstate is something you should definitely try if circumstances let you.

Relocation planning and preparation

Once you make a final decision, you need to know that proper preparation for moving is a must. First, make a thorough research about a place where you are going to. That will help you to bring adequate clothing and plan your living costs. A smart thing to do is to hire professional packers in order to speed up your moving process.

NYC bay

If you are moving to NYC, make sure you explore it during your free timeAs you can see, there are many benefits of working interstate, especially if you did not have an opportunity to visit the State where you are going before. If you are lucky enough to get an offer to work in the NYC, make sure you schedule a visit to all the important landmarks and attractions during your free time. Additionally, to ease your move, choose among some good long distance moving companies NYC. That way, you will not need to think about the relocation process as they will handle everything for you.


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