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December 29, 2022

What are some storage myths?

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There are many misconceptions about how storage facilities operate. Misinformation or confusion are the main contributors to this. Therefore, it's crucial to consistently investigate local self-storage facilities and go there in person to obtain a clear impression and address any concerns you might have. Below, we will debunk a few myths about storage in the hopes that they will dispel any misunderstandings you may have.

Big companies rent commercial storage to keep their goods

Before delving into the myths, it's crucial to realize that there are various storage unit types, and they all depend on your preferences and the kinds of possessions you own. The various forms of storage include:

  • Self-storage: This is storage for personal household items or belongings. It is the most common type of storage used.
  • Commercial storage: is storage for businesses. Most businesses with a large number of goods, merchandise, or equipment will most likely rent commercial warehouse storage.
  • Indoor storage: Mostly used as storage for personal belongings. It is a better option concerning climate control.
  • Outdoor storage: This unit is accessible directly from the outside. This means you could pull your car right up to the door of your unit. Most people use this unit for larger items like boats, cars, etc.

Some storage myths are:

  • Myth #1: Storage units are dirty.
  • Myth #2: They require large deposits.
  • Myth #3: There’s no security.
  • Myth #4: Storage is for hoarders.
  • Myth #5: Your items will be damaged.
  • Myth #6: They will sell your belongings.

Myth #1: Storage units are dirty.

This is a highly contentious issue because everyone ought to be in charge of keeping their storage unit clean and in good working order. Both indoor and outdoor storage containers fall under the several categories already discussed. The majority of indoor storage units are kept clean, and seasonal pest treatment helps to keep them that way. They are routinely cleaned, though not every unit receives this treatment. 

No one's storage unit is required to be opened and cleaned by storage unit management. So, keeping your unit tidy is your responsibility. When it's dusty outside, outdoor storage facilities are especially susceptible to getting dirty. Some outdoor storage facilities are without pavement, which makes it easy for dust to enter.

If you have an outdoor storage unit, you’ll need to take extra care compared to an indoor one.

Myth #2: They require large deposits.

Another myth concerning storage is that substantial deposits are needed. That is untrue. Most storage facilities won't ask for a deposit, and if they do, it won't be much. Depending on the size, location, and kind of facility, monthly rent for storage units can start at $40. However, the prices are fair and inexpensive, particularly if you don't need a large storage space. 

So that you are ready for whatever deposits they may require, get in touch with the storage facility of your preference in advance and inquire about this. A deposit is typically not required because most storage facilities are rented on a month-to-month basis.

Myth #3: There’s no security.

Because most storage warehouses offer security, this myth needs to be debunked. Indoor and exterior cameras, as well as actual security guards, are all forms of security. Most storage units won't have a security guard on duty unless necessary, but they'll almost certainly have cameras. 

If you have an outdoor storage unit and want to place your security inside of it, you can ask the management if they will let it or not.

Myth #4: Storage is for hoarders.

Storage isn’t for hoarders; there are many reasons why people choose to rent a storage unit.

An outdoor storage facility that's well-kept

  • They could be in between homes.
  • They may have downsized and, therefore, not have enough space in the house.
  • May have left the country or city for a while.
  • You may need extra space to store decorations or seasonal items.
  • Moving offices
  • Storing big items like a boat that they can’t keep in their house
  • Extra space in storage for a car

So, with all these in mind, it is important to understand that storage isn’t for hoarders. It is for anyone and everyone who could use extra space to store their belongings.

Myth #5: Your items will be damaged.

Your possessions are entirely under your control. They are unlikely to sustain damage while being stored in a facility. The only damage that might happen is if you don't pack your belongings in storage carefully and they break or if you don't maintain the storage unit and leave everything inside for years. 

Potential clients might be turned off by this misunderstanding since it might make some people panic.

Myth #6: They will steal your belongings.

This is a huge concern about storage facilities. Most people find it difficult to keep their possessions out of sight, which increases some people's sense of security. Although it can happen, storage units have security, so the likelihood of your belongings being taken is low. 

You should rent a unit from a reputable firm if you want to prevent your belongings from being stolen in a storage facility. Many storage firms make security claims, and some even guarantee complete safety, yet some of them might not even have any security. This is particularly true in bad neighborhoods.


Finding the perfect location, transporting your stuff there, and maintaining the unit throughout the term all present challenges when renting a storage unit. These are just a handful of the worries people have. We've also debunked a few storage myths, which should help you understand how storage operates better. 

It is advised to contact or visit the facility if you ever have any doubts about it so you can check it out for yourself. Keep in mind that you can store things you can't keep in your home.

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