|candles - decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving|a front door
|candles - decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving|a front door
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November 22, 2019

Ways to decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of the purest holidays. There are pure intentions behind it and the whole purpose of it is to be grateful and enjoy life. Chrismas is the only holiday where you have an unknown amount of decorations for your home. Why should not you decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving? Find out the best ways to do it!

What are the best ways to decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving?

  • Artwork
  • Log tea light candle holder
  • Living room decoration
  • Front door decoration


Art is very important when it comes to decor. Depending on the choice, there are different kinds of feelings in the house. If you have the artwork for moving that would be appropriate for this holiday, then contact fine arts movers which will deliver your art without any damages or scratches.

Log tea light candle holder

In order to do make a log tea light candle holder, you will have to have some crafting skills. There is one thing required: wood! Make a shallow hole where you can fit a small candle. Make several holes for better effect. In order to make this idea perfect, get some Thanksgiving colors next to it. You can use a little pumpkin, leaves, etc. The best place for this creation is the mantle where everybody can see it.

candles - decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving

Candles are perfect to use for Thanksgiving spirit!

Living room decoration

The living room represents the most visited room in the house. On average, more than 50% of our time is located there so it is not that rare to see people decorate their living rooms. There are numerous ways to do this. The point is to bring Thanksgiving colors in your place. Use pumpkins and autumn-hued flowers. There is no mistake if you go with this way to decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving.

Front door decoration

You can say a lot by the exterior of someone's place. If you want to make an impression and decore your home for Thanksgiving, then start with the front door. You do not have even to do that much. Just put pumpkins, potted plants, gourds, etc at the front door. It should be enough to bring the Thanksgiving spirit.

a front door

Decorate your front door for Thanksgiving!

Are you moving to NYC?

It would be a trouble to decorate your new NYC home for Thanksgiving if you have not finished everything that you have to. Movers are very important if you want to get to NYC in time for Thanksgiving. Hire one of several East Village movers with a good reputation. You just have to do proper research about the company you are interested in.


There are many more ways to decorate your NYC home for Thanksgiving. In fact, everything that comes to your mind is a good idea. The only thing that you will have to use is an orange color. Everything else is just a matter of personal preference. Enjoy this year's Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


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