A drawing of a woman thinking how to avoid NYC moving mistakes.|A brown bag next to a chair.||A red stop sign on a school bus.|A street in NYC.|A brown bag next to a white chair.|
A drawing of a woman thinking how to avoid NYC moving mistakes.|A brown bag next to a chair.||A red stop sign on a school bus.|A street in NYC.|A brown bag next to a white chair.|
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March 22, 2019

Ways to avoid NYC moving mistakes

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Don't let anyone trick you into thinking that moving to NYC will be a breeze - it won't! Not only will you have to hire relocation companies NYC, but you will also have to make sure you stay alert. Doing your part and not relying solely on your movers is the best way to avoid NYC moving mistakes that are not so rare to happen. Are you ready to begin? Because we are ready when you are? Let us familiarize you with the common moving mistakes you should do your best to avoid.

To avoid NYC moving mistakes, be smart about what you pack

Let us start by saying that we entirely understand your desire to pack up all the possessions you can and relocate them to NYC. You are on a mission to get moving boxes NYC galore and not have to make a selection of which items to keep and which ones to throw away. And that's when you would make a mistake number one! In order not to overcrowd your NYC apartment, which is already bound to be very small, you should make a wise choice. Declutter your home before moving and make sure you bring only the essential things you really do use. Being practical will save you more than space, and it will have a positive effect on both the overall moving price as well as the time utilized!

A brown bag next to a white chair.

There is no need to overpack, as then you won't be able to avoid NYC moving mistakes.

Procrastination is your worst personality trait

Let's face it - who hasn't put off a task until the very last minute simply because they were too lazy to do it on time? Be it cleaning the house or studying for an exam, it's the most important things that we put off the most. And relocation is certainly one of them. If you wait for too long to start organizing, planning and preparing, you could be in real trouble! So, how do you avoid NYC moving mistakes? Well, by not procrastinating, as all moving mistakes originate from this moment. Instead, think about how easier it will be doing things in a relaxing matter weeks before your relocation than by working under pressure those few days before the big move!

Your main goal is to save money

Which is okay, up to a certain point. Whether choosing local or long distance movers NYC, they will all offer their own set of moving services. If you are trying to save money by opting for only the most necessary ones, we salute you. But, if you are skipping professionals altogether in order to save your money, we are warning you. You are about to make one of the worst moving mistakes ever. How to avoid having this happen? It's simple. Simply try to save as much money as possible before the relocation. See with your family where you could make some budget cuts. The money you save on them will be best utilized when paying for moving professionals.

Be careful in order to avoid NYC moving mistakes

Have you heard of the infamous fraudulent moving companies? We are pretty sure you have at some point or another. Well, they operate by relying on your good nature and your trust. Their goal is to take your money and not provide you will almost any service at all. Saying that hiring fraudulent moving companies is the worst thing you can do during relocation would be an understatement. Luckily, avoiding fraudulent movers is not all that difficult. You just have to keep your eyes wide open and watch out for commonwarning signs. They include:

  • Extremely low moving estimates
  • Unprofessionalism and suspicious behavior
  • A refusal to meet you in person
  • Very bad moving reviews and testimonials
If you spot any of these signs, run in the opposite direction.

A red stop sign to avoid NYC moving mistakes.Before you say yes to a moving company, make sure you have thoroughly checked out everything they have to offer. Otherwise, you won't be able to comprehend a huge mistake, which will have a negative effect. Trust us, as the experience of us, Capital City Movers NYC speaks for itself!

You didn't remember to take inventory

Don't let anyone trick you into thinking that taking an inventory will be superfluous. Yes, it is undeniably very boring having to go through every room and write down all of the things you plan on relocating. But, there is one thing that's even worse - not doing it. You really gain nothing by avoiding to do this. Pardon, you do get a headache once your favorite vase got lost on the way and you have no way of proving that it actually got on the moving truck. It is even advisable to go one step further and take pictures of everything. After all, you know what they say - one picture is worth a thousand words!

A street in NYC.

We give you an option of avoiding the worst NYC moving mistakes. Will you use it?

You go frugal on packing supplies

Again, it's entirely understandable to want to save money during relocation. But, there is a good way of achieving this, and it's certainly not by saving money on packing materials. You do realize that it's them that stand between you and the safety of your items? If you don't properly secure your valuables for the transport, there is a good chance they might get broken along the way. And that goes for regular items - let's not even bring up the fragile ones. So, be smart. There are ways to save money and avoid the worst NYC moving mistakes. You just have to stop for a while and think about what you are doing, and the decisions you are making! If it helps, we really believe in you, and know that you will make the right decision!


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