attention sign - signs of a moving scam in NYC|a low price sign - signs of a moving scam in NYC|people signing papers|stars
attention sign - signs of a moving scam in NYC|a low price sign - signs of a moving scam in NYC|people signing papers|stars
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October 13, 2020

Warning signs of a moving scam in NYC

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A reliable moving company is something that all people need when moving. Since you are paying for the service, you expect to get everything. Also, it has to be good since there are a lot of risks if something is not done correctly. This sounds much easier than it looks. There are a lot of movers Long Island that represent themselves as the best but there are fraudulent ones that just want to get money from you. You should learn about the signs of a moving scam in NYC so that you could be ready and pass the offer. Be one step ahead of them!

Signs of a moving scam in NYC - be sure to remember them!

Even though there are a lot of ways for you to get scammed, there are some that are easier for the scammers to pull off. Remember, they want to get money as easily as possible! That means that there are sophisticated ways for them to get what they want. What are some of the most common signs that indicate a moving scam?

  • Unnaturally low price
  • Fat deposit
  • Lack of contract
  • Unprofessional communication
  • Bad moving reviews

Unnaturally low price

The most common way for fraudulent movers to scam you is to give you a very low price. It is natural for people to want good service at a low price. Unfortunately, that usually is not how the world works. Most of the time, more expensive stuff is better. When it comes to moving companies, you can find great moving companies at an affordable price. But, the thing that you should understand that no company will relocate you without a solid price for them too. That means that you should be on high alert as soon as you get a very low price for the services that you want. You should know that there is something bad going on there and that you should abort the mission of hiring them. Start looking for another moving company.

a low price sign - signs of a moving scam in NYC

An extremely low price sounds too good to be true

Fat deposit

Another clue that should tell you that something is rotten is the request for a big deposit. Even though the price could be pretty good, the deposit is pretty big. People that do not know how the moving industry works usually fall for the trap and get scammed. The thing is that almost all moving companies do not request for a deposit. Or they ask you for a small one at least. That is usually not a big sum of money and that is a good sign. On the other hand, if they ask you to make a big deposit, be sure that they are most likely scammers. There are so many moving companies that can make everything happen for you and for an affordable price.

Lack of contract

One of the most important things in business is a contract. Almost everything that you do in life requires a contract that will be a confirmation that everything will be okay. It is the same in moving business and you need to understand that there are moving contract details that you need to understand. If you avoid making one, you can end up in a big problem without a way out.That means that if something bad happens, you can't do anything about it! You will be unprotected and probably with a big headache. Be sure to look for reliable moving companies, like Capital City Movers NYC that will make everything happen so that you both can be protected!

people signing papers

Always look for a company that is willing to sign a contract

Unprofessional communication

You should know that unprofessional communication is one of the biggest signs of a moving scam in NYC. There are a lot of things this may include. For example, they can be very sweet, even way above the professional limit. The problem is that they will accept anything that you are looking for just to empty your pocket. Even though you understand this now, it can be really hard to distinguish this in a given moment. You should always be aware and be careful when talking to a moving company.

Bad moving reviews

It is a given that you should look for moving reviews about the company you are interested in hiring. There is a lot of information that you can get there so be sure never to avoid this. Even though you did not catch any of the signs above, moving reviews can be a key. Multiple bad reviews suggest only one, get away from the company, and start looking for another one.Also, this is very important to do if you are in need of a special moving service like piano moving, pool table moving, etc. All of these are hard to pull off without proper help. There are a ton of piano movers NYC that can do this without bad moving company reviews. Never avoid reading them since you can find a lot of good and bad sides of the company.


Always read moving company reviews and find out information first hand!

Learn tips for finding a reliable company

There are a lot of tips for hiring quality movers. It is one thing to know what to avoid, but you should also know what to look for in a moving company. Only like this, you can be sure that you have found the right movers for the job. Your movers should be the exact opposite of everything on the list! They need to answer every question and assure you that they are right for you. Of course, without extremely low prices and other strategies...


We have mentioned that scammers get new ways of deceiving people to 'hire' them for the job. But the most fraudulent movers usually use the strategies located on this list. Even though they sound pretty obvious to you now, you can miss a lot of important details. That is why you should always be focused and look for signs of a moving scam in NYC. If you find them, move on and never turn back!


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