Unbelievable Stories Most New York Moving Companies Won't Tell You
Unbelievable Stories Most New York Moving Companies Won't Tell You
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December 10, 2023

Unbelievable Stories Most New York Moving Companies Won't Tell You

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Moving to New York City is an adventure in itself, but navigating the intricate world of New York moving companies can be an unexpected rollercoaster. Behind the scenes, there are stories that many of these companies prefer to keep hush-hush. From bizarre encounters to outright scams, here are some unbelievable stories that most New York moving companies won't openly share and the reasons why.

Some Companies Charge Way More Than The Estimate

Stories Most New York Companies Won't Tell You

The Vanishing Act

One of the most astonishing tales involves a moving company that seemingly vanished into thin air. After being hired and provided with a deposit, the company's contact information mysteriously became unreachable. Customers were left in the lurch, with no movers in sight and no recourse for their lost money. 

This cautionary tale underscores the importance of thoroughly researching and vetting moving companies before entrusting them with your belongings.

The Upside-Down Bill

In a classic bait-and-switch scenario, some New York moving companies have been known to provide initial estimates that seem too good to be true. However, once the move is underway, hidden fees and unexpected charges start piling up, turning the affordable estimate into an astronomical bill. Always insist on a detailed quote before committing to a moving company.

The Mysterious Delay

Time is of the essence, especially when moving to a city as fast-paced as New York. Shocking stories have emerged of moving companies intentionally delaying deliveries for undisclosed reasons. Some customers reported waiting weeks longer than promised, leading to increased stress and inconvenience. 

When planning a move, it's crucial to establish a clear timeline and hold the moving company accountable for any delays.

The Case of the Missing Items

Perhaps one of the most distressing stories involves customers discovering that valuable or sentimental items mysteriously went missing during the move. While moving inherently carries some risk of damage, the intentional disappearance of items raises serious concerns about the integrity of certain moving companies. Always document your belongings, consider insurance options, and choose a reputable company to minimize the risk of such occurrences.

The Unannounced Subcontractor

Many customers hire a specific moving company based on reputation and reviews, only to find out on moving day that the job has been subcontracted to another, less reputable firm. This lack of transparency can lead to issues, including untrained or inexperienced movers, potential damage to belongings, and increased risk of scams. 

Always clarify the subcontracting policy with your chosen moving company before signing any contracts.

The Disappearing Act

In a bizarre turn of events, a couple scheduled a move with a seemingly reputable company. On the moving day, the company's staff arrived, loaded the truck, and promptly drove away. However, the couple later discovered that the truck was never intended to reach their new home. Instead, it made an unexpected detour to unload their belongings at a makeshift storage unit where the items were held hostage until an exorbitant ransom fee was paid.

The Mismatched Boxes

A customer meticulously labeled each box, ensuring a smooth unpacking process. However, upon arrival at the new residence, they discovered that the contents of the boxes had been rearranged and mixed up. It turned out that the moving company had combined their belongings with those of another client, resulting in a bewildering and frustrating unpacking experience. The company, of course, was not forthcoming about this mix-up.

The Phantom Insurance

A trusting customer opted for insurance coverage offered by the moving company to protect their valuable possessions. When it came time to file a claim for a damaged item, they were shocked to discover that the insurance policy they thought they had purchased was nonexistent. The moving company had conveniently forgotten to process the insurance paperwork, leaving the customer without recourse for the damages incurred during the move.

Why Won’t Moving Companies Share Bad Experiences with Customers?

Moving companies, like any other business, have a vested interest in maintaining a positive image to attract and retain customers. 

There are several reasons why moving companies might not openly share bad experiences with customers

Reputation Management

Moving companies rely heavily on their reputation to secure new business. Negative stories can spread quickly and harm a company's image. By keeping negative experiences under wraps, they hope to control the narrative and present a more favorable image to potential customers.

Legal Concerns

Admitting to mistakes or bad experiences publicly may expose moving companies to legal liabilities. Acknowledging fault in a situation could potentially be used against them in legal disputes. Therefore, companies may choose not to disclose certain information to protect themselves legally.

Customer Trust

Companies fear that openly discussing negative experiences might erode customer trust. If potential clients hear about problems or mishaps, they may be less likely to choose that particular moving company, even if the issues have been addressed and resolved. Maintaining a positive and trustworthy image is crucial for business success.

Competitive Edge

The moving industry is highly competitive, especially in a busy market like New York. Companies are hesitant to share negative experiences that could be exploited by competitors. Transparency about mistakes might give rivals an advantage in attracting dissatisfied customers.

Fear of Losing Business

Companies are naturally inclined to showcase their strengths and positive aspects. Openly discussing bad experiences could deter potential customers and result in lost business. Many companies believe that emphasizing their reliability and positive reviews is a more effective way to attract new clients.

Customer Perception

Some companies may fear that sharing negative experiences could create a perception that they are unreliable or prone to mistakes. Even if an issue was a one-time occurrence or has been addressed, companies may worry about customers associating them with negative incidents.


Moving to New York City is an experience like no other, and while there are many reputable moving companies, it's essential to be aware of the potential pitfalls. By staying informed, thoroughly researching companies, and asking the right questions, you can avoid falling victim to the unbelievable stories that some New York moving companies would prefer to keep hidden. 

Remember, a successful move in the city that never sleeps requires careful planning and diligence from start to finish. Trust Capital City Movers for a stress-free and professional move by our experienced movers. 

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