These are most common things to do with NYC preschoolers|This is a very good idea to have fun in NYC|This is one of the best things to do with NYC preschoolers|You will get some remarkable views to remember
These are most common things to do with NYC preschoolers|This is a very good idea to have fun in NYC|This is one of the best things to do with NYC preschoolers|You will get some remarkable views to remember
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August 16, 2019

Top things to do with NYC preschoolers

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Life gets a lot complicated once you get children. You have to be more organized and to be more careful so that you can do whatever you can to make your children's lives easier. One good thing for you is that you can send your children to school and you will have some time for yourself. New York is a city of options. If you are thinking about moving to New York City but you are worried about what things to do with NYC preschoolers, stop considering! Hire Manhattan movers and relocate your family to Big Apple. This city offers a lot of content for preschoolers so let's start!

New York City

We can say that this city is one of the most visited cities in the world. This is the most populous city in the USA with about 9 million residents. The area where the city is located is about 300 square miles big. With all this information you can get the idea. Since it is a mixed population there (regarding age), there is plenty of things to do with the elderly but also with kids. Especially with preschoolers since they can be very troublesome if not entertained enough. There is plenty of content for them and you should not be worried about that. Start preparations for moving with a baby NYC and let the professionals do their job.

Things to do with NYC preschoolers

You have a big specter of things to do in New York. We can't include all of them but from the experience, but we can give a number of them that we find very promising.

  • Zoo
  • Park
  • Museum
  • Theater
  • Jane's Carousel
  • One World Observatory
  • Staten Island Ferry

Go to the zoo

We think that you can agree that this is the most entertaining stuff to do from the list of things to do with NYC preschoolers. You can be happy that New York has many zoos where you can go with your preschooler. These zoos have many of the species that will definitely be very exciting for your kid to see. Some studies show that kids make special bonds with animals and the good thing that some of these zoos have that kind of program. You can pet them and make your children feel special!

This is a very good idea to have fun in NYC

Go to the zoo with your preschooler!

Go to the park

New York City is full of parks! Have fun with your NYC preschoolers by going to the park. The only thing you have to decide is where do you want to go. We could not tell you where to go since most of them are very good and offer content for the youngest. You can find parks very easily online with all specifications and offers there. You can go from there and see where your child would enjoy the most! Most of them have playgrounds that are very safe. Even though they are child proof, you should always be aware of what your child is doing. Better safe than sorry!

This is one of the best things to do with NYC preschoolers

There are many parks in NYC you can choose from

Go to a museum

This is another thing that New York City is full of. You can find museums in every corner. So, you have the same dilemma. Where to go? Different types of museums offer different types of exhibits. One particular museum is very kid-friendly. Children's Museum of Manhattan is the number one idea for family fun! It was specially designed for them. The purpose of exhibits is not just fun but learning too. The good thing is that you can touch everything since children mainly learn through touch at that young age. This is the perfect solution for you!


New York is full of theaters too. There is something for everyone, even for children. Since children at that age mostly play with puppets, that would be your best bet for a theatre. This is a very good way to have fun with NYC preschoolers. A big number of these theaters give you a choice and to be honest, you can't make a mistake. Entertaining a child is hard. Also, children are a tough crowd to impress. So, they will freely express their dissatisfaction if not properly entertained. Actors that work in these know that so there are many shows that are made specifically for children of proper age.

Jane's Carousel

This is the most popular among the things to do with NYC preschoolers. It is located beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Represents the number one stop if you want to have fun with kids. The good thing that it is affordable and has even some discounts. It was made in a traditional style where there is not that much not to like. Just hop on one of the horses and enjoy the ride!

One World Observatory

We live in a world of extremes. Everything nowadays is big and it will continue getting even bigger. That is why we advise you to visit One World Observatory that is located on the 100th floor. Quite a height, right? Children nowadays are fearless so we assume that they will be okay with this. Also, the elevator that gets you to the 100th floor is quite fast so you will not travel that much to the highest point of the building.

Staten Island Ferry

This is one of the best things to do with NYC preschoolers and you probably wanted to since you were a kid. The special thing about this ferry is that it grants you great views on the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. Statue of Liberty itself is enough to direct your child's attention but imagine what else you can see on this ride. The good thing is that this lasts for about 25 minutes and that is more than enough to see everything that you can.

You will get some remarkable views to remember

This is a must-do thing on the list!


New York City is full of things to do with NYC preschoolers. There is no reason for you not to move here if that is the main reason why you are still considering this destination. The only thing you should know is how to make moving with kids stress-free since these moves are different. After that, you can choose anything from this list and start from there. Go through every one of these things and we guarantee that your child will have a lot of fun!


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