|Many people are moving to Yonkers|Tech in Yonkers|avoid NY traffic
|Many people are moving to Yonkers|Tech in Yonkers|avoid NY traffic
Moving out of NYC
November 21, 2018

Top reasons for moving to Yonkers

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More and more people are considering moving to Yonkers, and we can easily see why. Because of its size, Yonkers offer opportunities and adventures that few other cities in the US can. Whether you are a young entrepreneur looking for a thriving market to develop your business, or you are an older person looking for a quiet apartment with help from senior citizen housing, Yonkers has got it all. Those are just some of many reasons why Yonkers has become such a vibrant place, and we are going to try to list the rest of them.

Many people are moving to Yonkers

There is a good reason why so many people are moving to Yonkers.

The city of Yonkers

Yonkers is situated in Westchester County. More precisely, it is 3km north from the northernmost part of Manhattan. With over 200,000 citizens it is the fourth most populous city in the USA. And as a fourth most populous city, Yonkers is happy to offer its citizens all the beautiful things that only larger cities can. From numerous cultures that inhabit it to the rich history that has shaped Yonkers over the years, you will never be bored while living here. All you need to do is to do some research and find out about your neighborhood as much as you can. Every street has its history and soul, and it is up to you to discover it.

Moving to Yonkers

There is no one specific reason why people are moving to Yonkers. Mostly it is because Yonkers is not best in any particular thing, but it is above average in most. So, whether you thinking of a place to spend your retirement or you are looking for a place to start your business, moving to Yonkers can be a good idea. What you should do is to figure out what part of Yonkers is right for you. Yonkers is made up of Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast parts. Every part has its own dominant culture and vibe, and you should figure out which one works for you before you move there.

Starting a business

One of the better reasons for moving to Yonkers is to start a business. There are many successful tech companies, like the Mindspark, that have settled their headquarters in Yonkers, so you should know that there is going to be some healthy competition. But, that also means, that there is a lot of talented, young people looking for work. So much so that in recent years multiple businessmen, entrepreneurs, and tech professionals have come together and formed YONY initiative. Their goal is to improve the tech industry in Yonkers and you'd be smart to work with them after your move to Yonkers.

Tech in Yonkers

Tech business in Yonkers is developing at a tremendous rate.

Settling down

Downtown Yonkers is the place to go if you are looking to settle down. The clean, green space has been made much more artful and vibrant over the years as many artists are reviving it. Here you will be able to enjoy the quiet part of Yonkers and not have to suffer the hustle and bustle of other big cities. Old factories are being redone into an artist heaven, so if you have any artistic preference you would do yourself a huge favor by moving to Yonkers. If you are going to spend some time enjoying your neighborhood and experiencing art, they Downtown Yonkers is definitely the place for you.

Cost of life in Yonkers

While life in Yonkers can be good, it is certainly not cheap. Yonkers has one of the highest taxes for education. That is good for educating future generations, but not so good for people trying to live comfortably in it. Housing and everyday expenses are above the nation's average, but that is to be expected. After all, you are living quite close to Manhattan and Brooklyn. And while Yonkers can be less expensive than both, it is certainly not a cheap city to live in. Keep that in mind when moving to Yonkers.

How to move to Yonkers

If you have decided that moving to Yonkers is the right move for you, you need to do it properly. The name of the game is preparations. No proper relocation is possible without careful preparations and planning.

Figure out which neighborhood is right for you

As we said, Yonkers is big and diverse. Therefore, you need to figure out which neighborhood is right for you before you move. You do not want to get stuck in a neighborhood that is not suited for your desired lifestyle. Consider how much living in a specific neighborhood will cost and what your job opportunities will be. As is the case with most cities, traffic can be hellish. Therefore, you should try to find a place where you will as close to work as possible.

avoid NY traffic

Try to avoid NY traffic as much as you can.

Find the right movers

Once you have found the place where you would like to move to, you need to start looking for movers. If you get help from Westchester movers you will see just how important their competence is. Moving is a serious project, and you need local movers to make your move as efficient as possible. Make sure to be thorough when searching for movers and not to stop until you have found the right ones. Get at least three estimates so that you will have a better idea on how much your move will cost.

Pack yourself properly

Another important task you should take care of is packing. While you can let you movers pack you, it is not financially advisable. Simply start at least two weeks in advance and pack yourself. Sort your possessions and rent plastic moving boxes NYC to pack everything safely. Make sure to label every box so that your Yonkers movers will know how to handle them. Will a little care you can easily pack yourself and avoid needlessly spending money. Save it for your future adventures in Yonkers.


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