a bar at night|summers in NYC|So what are pool bars in NYC|In an unlikely chance of a misunderstanding
a bar at night|summers in NYC|So what are pool bars in NYC|In an unlikely chance of a misunderstanding
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July 21, 2019

Top pool bars in NYC to explore

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There are just so many things to do in New York City! It is an ever-changing universe of diverse culture and urban challenges. With population bigger than some of the countries of the world it, the NYC, is the city of thousand languages and cultures, opportunities and languages. Every neighborhood, every community, has its own biosphere with its own environment, issues, and creative solutions. In that sense, the whole city is divided into thousand of individual urban experiences... However, it is still part of the wider experience, and there are things that all the neighborhoods, communities and all 5 boroughs of Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens share... the weather! And what this post is meant to do is to help people from all walks of life and all places of the city to find refreshments in top pool bars in NYC when the summer heat arrives.Pst! If you meant to search for billiard bars - aka bars you can play pool in, we have those too! Read more!

Summers in NYC

So how are the summers in NYC? For a moment, let's assume the reader is a friendly neighbor moving over to NYC via New Jersey movers... or maybe they are coming from a little bit more far away. However it may be, let's assume that they/you are yet to experience the summertime in NYC!So how is the climate on the planet New York?

summers in NYC

What are summers like in the greatest city in the world?Well, NYC is officially a "Humid Subtropical Climate", which we get will not mean a lot to many people at first glance. So, to elaborate. NYC gets strong, cold winters (which make for rather nice scenery and obnoxious amounts of slippery ice) and hot summers. Furthermore, the summers are humid! For anyone who has experienced hot weather during particularly high levels of moisture in the air knows just how unbearable it can be. This is why pool bars in NYC are a great idea to cool off!

So what are pool bars in NYC

If you just went through the stress of the move, especially moving with a baby NYC or with a pet or a new job... you might just want to chill in the pool a little with some good drink in hand.

So what are pool bars in NYC

What are your options when it comes to NYC pool bars?This is why we compiled the list of these 5 bars that will help you do just that!

1. Dumbo House

Want a rooftop, 40 foot pool? Want to have a look directly on the east river and the Brooklyn bridge for those NY amenities? You are in the right spot! Furthermore, Dumbo house offers a restaurant with top food, a lounge room, to relax or work, a terrace for enjoyment under the sun and a bar itself where you can relax with some refreshing, expertly made coctail!

2. Profundo Day Club

If it's not Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and you pass the 21st year mark, you can visit Profundo day club, located with the entrance on the 9th street. It is a rooftop pool kind of bar and you will love it on those tough summers brought about by NYC climate!

3. Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Much like the Dubmo house pool bar, this hotel posses a rather perfect view of the East River, its namesake Brooklyn Bridge, and the wonderful Manhattan skyline. Furthermore, not only does it has a wonderful restaurant with good cuisine, a gym to work out in and a place for meetups - perfect for job interviews and team building, but it also offers a spa!

4. Le Parker Meridien

Want to be in Manhattan rather than look at it from afar? Enjoy this wonderful, Hyatt place just steps from central park. Its entrances are located on West 56th and 57th and, while previously mentioned pool bars aim for going high, Le Parker Meridien also offers the underground wonders in the form of a spa and pedicure centers. It also has luxurious rooms far above the busy New York streets, and of course, a pool bar.

5. Mr. Purple

On a 180 Orchard street, the 16th floor you will find a wonderful little rooftop experience. Its pool is admittedly smaller than the others mentioned on this list, but it does not take away from the great experience to be held when you are inside a cool pool with an even cooler drink in hand on an oh-so-hot day... It has a terrace and a well-stocked bar. If you are looking for a place for a celebration or an event, look no further

In an unlikely chance of a misunderstanding

Now, as we mentioned earlier, there is a slight chance that you searched for pool bars after figuring out that moving pools by pool table movers NYC is not worth for you for one reason or another, and you just want your billiard experience in a bar.

In an unlikely chance of a misunderstanding

If you meant to search for billiard bars, alternatively known as pool bars, we got you covered as well!When it comes to the billiard, aka pool bars in NYC, we singled out a few popular choices:

  • Park billiard & Caffe sports bar - want to go on a night out with friends for an affordable bar experience (beer, chicken wings...) but with a competitive environment (20 pool tables)? We have an option right for you!
  • Gotham city billiards - for more serious players, there is this place right here. And, while its name would suggest that it is located in a fictional city of Gotham, it most certainly represents one of the very best pool bars in NYC.
  • Break bar billiard - want to have a little bit more distractions around you? Best experiences is right here!

Have fun!

In conclusion

There are a lot of good pool bars in NYC to help you stay cool in wet, hot summers of New York. Be sure to check them out and leave positive reviews (and tips) for all establishments you enjoyed. Be safe around the pool and be responsible with your drinking... and most importantly, have fun!


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