A book, dog, and a girl.|Be careful with the old issues when you are about to store your book collection|Shelf with books and various everyday items|Laptop, notebook, and a cup of coffee
A book, dog, and a girl.|Be careful with the old issues when you are about to store your book collection|Shelf with books and various everyday items|Laptop, notebook, and a cup of coffee
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May 1, 2019

Top ideas to store your book collection

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Heavy as bricks, more valuable than gemstones, and older than a big bang. For some people, books are just a bunch of stacked paper, and for others, most valuable and precious belongings they have. A book collection is something personal and it must be treated with special care. Hence, we bring you the guide on how to protect, transport, and most importantly, store your book collection.

Clean before you store your book collection

Firstly, wash your hands before handling your books. Your hands need to by dry and clean, since you will be touching all those books. Sure, there will be some dust, but at least you will be free of moisture and natural oils. Also, you can use leather or rubber gloves for this occasion. Next step is to dust off. Remove the books from your shelf and clean the empty space thoroughly. Then, use the microfiber cloth to wipe your books before returning them to its resting place. Never use water and cleaning products to clean your books. In case you want to clean a certain valuable piece, take it to the professional to restore it. Unless you are the professional in the area and you possess the restoration methods yourself.

Be careful with the old issues when you are about to store your book collection

Take necessary precautions when cleaning your old booksIn case you are preparing your books for the move to your new house or storage space, consider hiring some help. There are plenty of services regarding moving and storage in NYC. A professional moving crew will handle your heavy book collection and transport it without a scratch. Or you can rent a proper storage unit to store your book collection temporarily, or indefinitely.

Your books need proper protection

Keeping your books dust free is a one form of protection. Simple vacuuming of the area where the books are should do the trick. Do it regularly with an everyday vacuum cleaner for the floors. And small hand-held vac for the book hinges. But be careful and gentle, rubbing the cleaner next to your books can damage them. Although, there is something more serious than dust that you should cover. It is moisture, humid environment, and mold. One way to get rid of it is to control the climate of the room where your books are. And the other, to use proper plastic moving boxes NYC for this occasion. To have an air-tight plastic bin that will hold your valuable collection is priceless. Just remember that a storing room should be dry and dark. Books do not respond well to direct heat and sunlight.Furthermore, we should add that the area that holds your collection, should be protected from rodents and insects. Like mold, rodents can eat away your collection in a matter of days. Think about it before you store your book collection.

Sort everything out

One part of this process will bring you fun and joy, and that is sorting out the collection. This is a personal thing, and there are many ways to store collectibles. But we will present with the few common paths you can take.

  • Separate the hardcovers from paperbacks and old books from the new.
  • To arrange your books by the color, or a condition of the cover will provide a unique visual effect.
  • Organize alphabetically or by the year they are issued.
  • Also, you can organize by the genre, subject, or something simple as height and size of the book.
  • There should be a place for your favorite books, and the ones that are in the queue for reading.

And we should add that there are two ways to position your books. One would be to place them flat on their back, and the other to stand upright. The spine of the book should be facing you. Books are generally designed to be placed this way. Any other way will eventually crack the cover and the hinge.

Maybe someone else can cover the hard part

In case you are moving your collection, you need to consider hiring professional help. Especially if you have many books to carry over. Books are very heavy and if you have a lot of them, this can be hard and dangerous work. Therefore, research a bit and find a proper moving company that will transport your valuables with the utmost care. They can even provide a packing service. Professional are moving book collections on a regular basis, so there is no better solution. The experienced moving crew will handle this task better. And we can recommend Chelsea movers that provide such a crew. They are at your disposal and waiting for your call. Your book collection will be handled respectfully and with care.

Laptop, notebook, and a cup of coffee

Research and find a reliable moving companyBut do not forget that anyone can fall a victim to a game of chance. Due to unfortunate events, anything that is transported can be damaged. It can be an environmental hazard, clerical error, or a mistake of an individual. Nevertheless, you need to think upfront and consider purchasing moving insurance NYC. Many moving companies provide moving insurance, but if the risk is too high, they can refuse to move extremely valuable items. In that situation, seek moving insurance from a proper insurance company.

Store your book collection to be accessible at any time

For a serious book collector, the biggest problem is the everlasting need for more shelves. Some people design their living space just to accommodate hundreds of books in their possession. But this can be solved with several storing techniques. You can customize the shelves on the upper part of the wall near the ceiling. Or to use stacked crates as a custom-made shelf for your collection. Fill them with the relatable content and you got yourself a homemade movable library.There are many ideas out there, but generally, all involve shelves as the main book-holder. Hence, for the easiest solution, visit your retailer and choose the best suitable shelf. Although, do not use ones with synthetic paint and chemicals since they can ruin your books. Stick to the old reliable. Pre-treated and natural wood is the best choice when you want to store your book collection.

Shelf with books and various everyday items

One of the ways to merge your collection with your everyday items and ornaments

Additional storing space

But if it is impossible to make more space, use plastic bins and place them in empty spaces around the house. Such can be below your bed, at the back of your closet, garage, and the attic. And if this does not work, consider renting a storage space. Self-storing facilities can be accustomed to serve the purpose. It can play the role of a library just fine. Just keep in mind that the unit must be well protected, climate controlled and if possible, near your home.Those were the very basic steps that you can take to protect and store your book collection. We hope that you will use the knowledge provided to your advantage. Remember to provide the extra protection for irreplaceable volumes. And give to those you can trust to handle your valuables. We wish you the best of luck.


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