|Top cities to move to from New York without really leaving New York - Hoboken.|The weather in Seattle might be gloomy but your attitude will never be once you move there.
|Top cities to move to from New York without really leaving New York - Hoboken.|The weather in Seattle might be gloomy but your attitude will never be once you move there.
Moving out of NYC
November 10, 2017

Top Cities to move to from New York

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No matter how large NYC is, people tend to outgrow it and move on to not bigger but better things. Recent facts show that one million people have relocated from New York in the last 7 years. Now, for a city with over 20 million, this might not seem like that much of a loss. But in truth, it is still a lot. And it makes you wonder what makes those people hire a professional NYC moving company, pack up and leave? Could it be the over-populated New York, search for better jobs, perhaps simply a need for a calmer atmosphere. Well, whatever the reason, we are here to offer you a list of top cities to move to from New York. Just in case you decide to join in on the migration from the Big Apple.

Guide for top cities to move to from New York

Whether you are looking for work fresh out of college, or looking to raise a family in a peaceful setting, we are here to help. Here is our list of top cities to mover to from New York in 2017, so all that's left is for you to choose:

Hoboken, NJ

Top cities to move to from New York without really leaving New York - Hoboken.

Ideal choice for all those looking to escape NYC but continue to commute there.

As Brooklyn rents skyrocket, those interested in a short commute to Manhattan turn to relocating to New Jersey. Stroll-friendly neighborhoods and excellent pizza can be found all across the harbor in Hoboken, New Jersey. According to Trulia, the current average rent per bedroom is $1,550 in Hoboken. Unlike Brooklyn, where this figure goes over $2,000 for the more trendy parts of Kings County. And if you use PATH trains, it takes you less than 20 minutes to get to the World Trading Center.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is frowned upon as an underdog kind of city. However, this city comes in second place (right after NYC) with the most theater seats per capita. Just let your mind drift to how many shows you can catch! Minnesota is also full of great restaurants, bars, music scenes, and outdoor activities. Not to mention everyone is so kind. “Minnesota nice” is a real thing. According to Forbes, the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment ranges around $1,770. In conclusion plenty of reasons (and more) for it being one of the top cities to move to from New York.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d45dMdWUSsUThis lovely city is one of the healthiest in the nation, with green space making up 15% of its overall area. The Trust for Public Land rates its park system as best country-wide. Nearly all residents live within a short walk of a park. And with the city located on the banks of the Mississippi River, it only adds to the green charm. Together with St. Paul, Minneapolis offers a unique downtown scenes and a perfect blend of modern and historic Americana.

Baltimore, MD

Yet another overlooked city among our top cities to move to from New York. Baltimore is full of art, music, beer, and to-die-for seafood. It’s also one of the top (#8) cities to move to when looking for a STEM job. The rent is shockingly low, coming in an average of $1,500 for a 2-bedroom apartment. Baltimore really understands the concept of fun as a community. And the Power Plant Live! hosts some of the greatest music events on the East Coast. According to Forbes, a quarter of the population is made up of millennials, so you’ll fit right in.

Austin, TX

Austin TX is a guaranteed top choice when it comes to starting fresh.

Replace one Brooklyn with another, but in Texas. Enjoy everything Ausint has to offer as one of the top cities to move to from NYC.Austin will steal your heart in an instant and make you want to write a country song about it. There’s live music every night, comedy clubs, and barbecue all week long. Austin is always experiencing happenings and you’ll want to be right in the middle of them. People are calling it the Texas version of Brooklyn, so your long distance relocation from NYC will appear local. Austin is a dream for artists, musicians, hipsters, and yes, even techies. About 50 people move to the area each day and the city still holds just a 3.2% unemployment rate. According to the Apartment Guide, a 2-bedroom apartment averages around $1,500.And the weather - absolutely perfect if you hate the cold. With the exception of winter months, Austin stays pretty warm nearly year-round. Austin is also one of the top cities to move to from New York if you lean to the left. Step out of city limits and you’ll be surrounded by Republicans. So grab a margarita and chill out in this Texan jewel of a city.

Seattle, WA

Home of grunge and Starbucks, Seattle is a city that is still going strong. And no, it doesn't rain all the time, and yes, people are still really chill. It's like a 2.0 version of Portland.

The weather in Seattle might be gloomy but your attitude will never be once you move there.

Enjoy the Nirvana feeling that only Seattle can provide.Perhaps it was Grey’s Anatomy that caused you to fall in love with Seattle, but have you considered living there yet? If not, you definitely should. There are tons of options for history and art, some of which are free to the public. And as it’s home to companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing, you could find it as one of the most technologically advanced cities in US.The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is around $1,700. Not convinced yet that this is one of the top cities to move to from New York? The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. You can ride your bike to a beautiful lake or go hiking anytime you like, but quite difficult in NYC.

Nashville, TN

If you are obsessed with music as we are, few places will be as ideal as Nashville, where 150 venues host everything from country to soul to jazz bands. But this friendly capital can offer so much more than local icons Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash, such as funky restaurants and the 1,332-acre Radnor Lake State Park. According to Forbes, it is also one of the top cities for tech jobs; with a noted 30% growth from 2010 to 2015.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNlDY3d2-LkOne of our favorites on this top cities to move to from New York list, Music City is frequented by industry celebs and indie kids alike. The home of Country Music retains its authenticity while attracting a whole new wave of millennials movers.

Denver, CO

Denver is labelled as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, which is why we are including it in our choice of top cities to move to from New York. Boasting 83,000 new residents since 2010, Denver is slowly becoming a serious metropolis. Educated millennials lead the charge of course. This can be contributed to Denver’s cool music scene, dozens of breweries, public transportation network (including bike share). And the legalization of marijuana in Colorado should also not be neglected as a motivator. When it comes to nature, 4,000 acres of parks and proximity to the Rocky Mountains are something not to be underestimated. All in all, Denver is the ideal residence for forward thinkers and environmentalists.


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