May 9, 2022

How to make moving day stress free

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So moving day is finally here and the stress, and the anxiety will definitely get the better of you. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and worried on the days leading to your move. People always worry about forgetting important items, documents, furniture and so much more. It is also normal to wonder if the move will be successful or not. Moving from one home to another is never easy and it goes without saying that the more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be on moving day. Follow these tips on how to make your moving day stress free.We have gathered a few tips to help make your moving day smooth and stress-free. Follow these and you'll be guaranteed a great moving day.

  1. Make a checklist/plan for moving day.
  2. Pack everything on time
  3. Ask for help from family and friends
  4. Choose your moving company early
  5. Declutter
  6. Take your time
  7. Call utility bill companies
  8. Label everything
  9. Get enough sleep


Having a good plan before your move helps in making sure you don't forget even the smallest and most important things on moving day. It all starts with planning and making a checklist as soon as you know your moving date. A checklist is very important because it will keep your mind at ease so you are able to focus on other things and it’ll help you not forget. This is a great thing to note and we cannot even stress how important it is. Always make a checklist and a plan and stick to it.


This can be a bit tricky especially if you don't have a moving date yet. That’s why it’s important to secure a date first before you start packing. Packing way ahead of time will help make you less anxious. Always give yourself enough time and pack whatever you won’t use for the remainder of the days left at your current residence. Starting small is also crucial because the business of a move may make you forget the small things which are as equally important if not more as the big ones.


If you have no help whatsoever, then it's best to ask your family or friends to come over and help you. Two or three or four hands are always better than one. I'm sure a few friends or family will be more than happy to help so take advantage of that. You can always make packing fun, invite friends for a sleepover and make a nice dinner or listen to your favorite music while packing, this will make everything faster and we all know that once everyone is fed and has a great time, everything goes smoothly and is fun. Having lots of help will make moving day stress-free. Make it a fun packing “experience”. Make memories and enjoy the company.


This may seem like one of the easiest things on this list, however, that’s not always the case, in fact; it hardly is. You need to take a lot of things into consideration before choosing a moving company. This all depends on when you're planning to move, time of day, weekday or weekend, holiday, end of the month, and of course the season. It is important to choose the right day to move as this will play a major part in your plan.Choosing a moving company should be done as soon as you know your moving date just to make sure they are available on the days you have planned. It is also important to do research on the moving company, read their reviews and testimonials, go on their website and gather as much information as possible and also write down questions that you may have so it is easier to go through your concerns if any before the move and before you make a final decision about a moving company.You want to make sure the company you choose is professional and to your standards to make your moving day stress free. All this will help get you ready and have you prepare on time and not have unexpected fees or hidden costs come up last minute.

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Choosing a moving company early will help make your moving day stress freeSome examples of important questions you should ask are:

  • How much the move will cost?
  • Do they do an evaluation before the move?
  • Are the any hidden costs?
  • What is expected of me before and on the day of the move?
  • Do they move during holidays?

These are a few questions that’ll help prepare you better before the move. Choose early and choose wisely.


Decluttering is actually one of the very first things you should do after you’ve made your checklist. Make use of old items or dispose of what’s not needed anymore. If there are some old, broken, and unfixable items in your home, you should consider getting rid of them. Items you haven’t used for more than a year should be discarded because you probably don't need/use them. You can also donate to homeless shelters/orphanages in your city or county or you could have a garage sale and make some money from those unused items. If you have old clothes, you could donate those to the Goodwill/ Salvation Army or give them away to family or friends, but make sure they’re in good condition, if not it would be best to just throw them away. It helps to declutter all these before you move so you pack essentials and will save you a lot of money because you are cutting down on the amount of stuff you need to move.


Take your time when you pack. Always remember as we said before, it is good to start on time so you have enough time. Taking your time means you’ll be less anxious, less forgetful, and calmer. Taking time clears your mind of stress which is what we all want when that time comes. While it is great to take your time, don’t take too much time that you end up panicking because you were too slow. Time is money and time is precious so use it wisely. Call family and friends as soon as you have your moving date and have them help you start packing slowly. Declutter, give away stuff, donate, recycle, etc. Take your time and ease the stress, but don't forget to find time before moving day.


Calling and making arrangements with billing companies will save you a whole lot of stress. The sooner you get your moving date, the better it is to start contacting them. This is especially important for people moving out of state as the companies differ by state. If you are however staying within the same jurisdiction, make sure you call and pay all your bills, and don’t leave any outstanding fees. Transfer your cable company to your new residence if that's possible. This also applies to electricity and water. Always pay outstanding fees so you have a clean record when you move. If you’re not staying with the same service provider, then make sure you let them know that you are moving/the house has been sold so they could close your account.


Label, label, label we cannot stress this enough! Labelling everything saves you a whole lot of anxiety and stress. You can start by labelling by rooms and then different color labels for the different rooms. This makes everything so much easier especially once you move into your new home. Get the right size boxes and equipment for the different items and furniture you are moving with. When labelling, it is important to write some contents in the box so that you know specifically what’s in that box. This will make your moving day stress free because you’ll have all your boxes labeled and that means..more smiles and less anxiety.


Enough sleep is very important leading up to your moving day. As we all know that moving can be quite overwhelming and the anxiety may cause some sleepless nights. Making time to pack early and on time will help lessen your worries and therefore, you’ll get enough rest. Getting enough sleep on the night before the move is especially important because you will need to have a clear head and not be fatigued to be ready for the final step of the move.


It is very important to make sure you have a clear head on the day of the move, if you follow our tips, you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free move. Stick to your plan, make your checklist and remember that an early/slow start is always better than a late start. At Capital City Movers, we help you navigate all the questions you may have before and during your move. You can go to our website for more information or give us a call at (718) 619 4881. Feel free to give us a call for a quote. Happy moving!!!


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