Moving to Washington D.C.|Stacked magazines on a chair.|Get the extra keys back before moving to Washington D.C.|Busy traffic from bird's perspective.
Moving to Washington D.C.|Stacked magazines on a chair.|Get the extra keys back before moving to Washington D.C.|Busy traffic from bird's perspective.
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April 14, 2018

Tips for moving to Washington D.C.

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Let's begin by saying that New York City is great. But life throws us around and if you are reading this, you have probably been thrown into the nation's capital. Moving to Washington D.C. from the Big Apple could be brought on by many reasons - professional, educational, romantic. Either way, you are in need of some advice on how to pull it off. Don't worry, the experts in Capital City Movers are here to help you with some basic info about Washington D.C. and a guide on moving out of New York.

Important facts to know before moving to Washington D.C.

Before you go through with any relocation, it's wise to acquire as much information about the place as possible. In the spirit of that, we present you with some important facts about living in Washington D.C.:

  • This is the fifth most expensive city in the US, according to Investopedia. Luckily for you, New York is even pricier to live in. So moving to Washington D.C. will actually be an economic relief for you.
  • There are a lot of neighborhoods to consider when moving to D.C. - 131 to be precise. The D.C. area is divided into 8 wards and 131 neighborhoods which will give you plenty of options to chose from. Surely you will find something that fits both your budget and your lifestyle.
  • Prices are skyrocketing in some neighborhoods - we strongly suggest you read this report on rent price increases, in order to avoid unpleasant rent raises, just after you have settled in.
  • Taxes are done differently - Sales tax is 5.75%, except for liquor, eating out in a restaurant or renting a car, when it's 10%. There is a 14.8% tax imposed on staying in hotels and a staggering 19% tax on parking. On the other hand, groceries, utilities, and medicine are exempt from sales tax, so it kind of balances out.
  • Traffic is bad - not as bad as in New York City, but with thousands of commuters coming into the city every morning and leaving it in the evening, you should be prepared. If you intend to drive in your new city, having some audio books or a couple of carpoolers in the car might be a good idea!
Busy traffic from bird's perspective.
  • Traffic can get pretty slow in Washington D.C.

About the move

When moving to another city, good organizational skills and planning are crucial. Get started with the arrangments as soon as your relocation is confirmed. Ideally, two months before the moving day is the time to start. Here is a time coordinated guide on moving to Washington D.C.

Two months before the move

This is the time to start planning. Plan your budget and start saving up if needed. The most important thing on the to-do-list at this stage is finding trustworthy long distance movers NYC. You will be able to secure better prices if you begin your search early. Secondly, take pictures of your apartment. They might come in useful if your landlord accuses you of damaging something you hadn't damaged. Another thing you should start doing around this time is using up your food supplies from the pantry and the fridge. You can organize a dinner party for all your friends and kill to birds with one stone. Use up your food and say goodbye.

One month before the move

You can start going through your belongings and decide on which items you will keep, toss and donate. There's really no need to take everything with you. Everyone accumulates junk over time and this is the perfect moment to get rid of some. Another thing you should do is reserve a parking spot for the moving truck so the movers can load it up quickly and hassle-free.

Stacked magazines on a chair.

Cancel your magazine and other subscriptions before moving to D.C.A month before moving is the time to notify everyone about leaving. We mean, give your landlord 30 days notice. Cancel your cable, internet and newspaper subscriptions. Schedule a change of address with the United States Postal Service and order a new set of checks with your new address on them. Around this time you should also start looking for moving supplies, like reusable moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and markers.

Two weeks before the move

This is the moment to start packing. Begin with the less used items, like artwork, seasonal clothing, some of your kitchen supplies, part of your linen, ornaments and such. Take down any shelves you have put up and patch up the holes in the walls. If you plan to have your belongings moved by relocation companies NYC, while you drive to Washington D.C. yourself, then you should have your car checked out. It is a pretty long drive, so you should prevent any mishaps by checking if your vehicle is in order. And if you have small children, you might want to book a babysitter for the moving day. Or get on your sister's good side.

One week before the move

As the big day approaches, you should continue packing and up your game. Wipe down and dust all the furniture you are taking with you. Back up all your computer files and photos. Pack up a go-to box for the first night in D.C. It should contain everything you'll need the first night in your new place, including basic toiletries, fresh linen, and towels, clean clothes, pajamas, some food, medicine, chargers etc.

Get the extra keys back before moving to Washington D.C.

Ask for your extra keys back before the move.You will need to gather all the extra keys to your apartment. Also, the week before the move is time to finish packing and give your apartment a thorough cleaning. Having some help with this will make it much easier, so call a friend. And don't forget - this is the time to confirm the move with everyone involved.

The moving day

Start the day with a big breakfast to have enough strength during the day. Vacum the place one last time. Then walk through it with your landlord to make sure everything is in order. Finally, call your new landlord to confirm your arrival.Well, that's our Moving to Washington D.C. guide. Hopefully, you found it helpful!


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