||Moving your library|moving your library
||Moving your library|moving your library
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June 27, 2018

Tips for moving your library

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Moving your library can turn into the hardest aspects of your relocation. It doesn't matter if your library is public or private if it contains thousands, hundreds or just a dozen books, you need to ensure suitable moving and storage NYC elements. It's always a good idea to hire professionals when it comes to delicate items such as books. The tricky part of relocating books is the fact that they get heavy pretty fast. All in all, if you think moving your book collection will be a straightforward process, you might be in for a surprise. As for anything else in the moving industry, planning ahead is everything. Follow our tips for moving your library and avoid unpleasant situations with your relocation.

Moving your library

Let the love for books motivate you to pack your library with care.

Cull your bookshelves

This is a great step you can take towards an easier relocation. Start 2-3 months before the moving day and go through your library shelf by shelf. Pick up every book and ask yourself do you really want to keep it? Is it worth all the hassle of packing and moving? Libraries get out of control pretty fast. It is easy to leave stuff such as mail, magazines and not-so-interesting books on shelves, hence accumulating clutter. The goal is to sift through all of this and only pack the books that are really valuable to you. Moving your library should be an easy process, as long as you start in time to organize every aspect of it. The first step is to clean up your shelves of unwanted books. Be decisive, set them aside and as soon as possible donate them to Goodwill or a used bookstore.

Moving your library using small boxes is the way to go

Most people would think that a couple of huge boxes will do the trick. The bigger the box is more books will fit in it, right? Wrong! This is the worst thing you can do when packing books. The more books you fit in a box the heavier it gets. Therefore, you are risking blowing out the bottom of the box and losing your precious books. Make sure your boxes are small to medium at best. You can use plastic bins for an extra sturdy and dry way to transfer your books. Another good idea for heavier hardcovers is wooden crates. Try to look for them in grocery or liquor stores. If you absolutely have to use large boxes, fill them only half way up and enforce the bottom with extra duck tape. If you need last-minute solutions, use reusable grocery bags or even paper bags to transport your books. This obviously works only during local moves. Another last-minute solution-use your suitcases with wheels to move books and pack your clothes in boxes instead.

Moving your library

Some books should be packed with spines facing down.

Pack with a clear strategy in mind

If you are one of those people who organize their books by topic (which is so cool btw), try to maintain this order during and after the move. Devise a clear packing strategy and acquire needed packing supplies. Keep books that are shelved together in boxes together. This way if you have a "history" section, keep them together in boxes that will be labeled-history books. Therefore you will be able to unpack in a methodical way. This method will also allow a quick unpacking process. If you really wanna take the next step, take photos of your shelves prior to packing. This will enable you to duplicate the exact look in your new home.

Pack early and pack carefully

It is tempting to leave books last in the packing process. They seem like a lot of work and heavy lifting. Try the opposite. Try giving your self at least 2 months before the moving date. This way you'll be motivated and have enough time to do it methodically. If your books are destined for storage before their final destination, you should pack them a certain way to avoid damage. You should research different types of storage out there and find the best solution in your case. Make sure you pack books with their spine down to avoid potential damage. Use clean sturdy boxes that are sealed properly. Moving your library to a storage unit needs to be done properly so you avoid potential water damage or insect damage.

moving your library

If you are like me, your library is your magical happy place.We love our libraries! They are our collections of wonder and magic, sitting on those shelves like individual portals to different stories and times. In today's world, people tend to look at libraries as liabilities. Something that just takes up space and collects dust. In some way they are right, books are among heaviest items to move. There are ways of moving your library with care. This can only come from a person that understands the understated value of books and nurtures profound respect towards them. We understand these emotions and hopefully, our tips will help you have a successful relocation.


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