Hiring New York-Florida movers with experience can help make you relocation easy.||Ensure that your New-York Florida movers have the proper licenses needed for a secure relocation.
Hiring New York-Florida movers with experience can help make you relocation easy.||Ensure that your New-York Florida movers have the proper licenses needed for a secure relocation.
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November 12, 2017

Tips for hiring New York-Florida movers

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So you've taken what you can from New York and decided on moving to warmer and brighter horizons. As far as those go, Florida is one the better choices you could go for. Now, any relocation is a complex undergoing, however long distance is a whole other story. Interstate moving requires a serious amount of planning and preparation. And once that is done, you need to consider hiring New York-Florida movers that are experienced and certified enough to handle such an undertaking. This might seems easy, but consider this - there are hundreds of moving companies in the state of New York. How will you know which one is a reliable and experienced NYC mover? Easy - by going through the following steps on interstate relocation.

Hiring New York-Florida movers with experience can help make you relocation easy.

Hiring New York-Florida movers can be tricky, so make sure that your mover is the best one for the job.

Conditions you need to check for when hiring New York-Florida movers

The world would be such a perfect place if you could simply call the first moving company you find and get the ideal relocation for the best price. Unfortunately, nothing is that easy and simple. But with the right preparation and knowledge, we can get you as close as possible to a smooth relocation. So your primary focus should be to check if everything is in order with the interstate movers you find. And this can be done by asking five simple questions:

  1. Does the NYC moving company possess proper licenses?
  2. Can the professional movers you hire offer references from previous clients?
  3. Are they experienced?
  4. What kind of liability coverage can those NYC movers provide?
  5. Do they offer a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimate?

Make sure to check licenses before hiring New York-Florida movers

Ensure that your New-York Florida movers have the proper licenses needed for a secure relocation.

Proper licenses are a must when planning on a long-distance relocation.When you start to look for professional interstate moving companies, you need to verify that they have proper licenses. Since they will be transporting your belongings from one state to another, the risk of scams and rogue movers is much higher. So other than using your usual fraud-avoiding methods, consider checking for the proper transportation licenses.All professional interstate moving companies should have a license number. These are issued by the United States Department of Transportation and can be verified on their official website. Local moving companies do not require this type of license as they are regulated by the state. So professional local movers should have a state license. The only thing that you need to remember is that both Florida and New York have their own set of moving regulations and license requirements.

Confirm that the mover you are hiring is reputable and well-known via references

The worst thing you could do is go with hiring New York-Florida movers no one has heard of. That would be like inviting rogue movers to your home. So the best way to avoid this would be to screen your potential moving company in regards to references it holds. The first recommendations to check are those associated with professional organizations such as:

Once you've verified that the relocation company is well-established, time for the next step. Reviews and comments from previous customers can most times offer a much better perspective. So go onto the website of the company or public moving forums and start reading. Check for any negative comments and warnings about the movers you are considering. This is a sure way to ensure that you are hiring New York-Florida movers that are top-rated and reputable.

Is the NYC moving company capable of handling your type of move?

You can't really go and hire a NYC moving company that only does local relocations. It is important that they have experience with long-distance and interstate moving. Also, you don't want a mover that has little to no experience when it comes to particular conditions. Movers should be well-prepared to handle anything coming their way – parking restrictions, steep stairs, no elevators, small doorways etc. So before hiring New York-Florida movers, make sure and verify that they are capable for any type of situation.

Inquire about the possibility of liability coverage

Even if all the previous conditions have been met, you still need to be certain that your belongings are covered. What this means is that you have to ensure that the professional NYC mover offers protection in case of damage. And this goes no matter the moving distance. Hiring New York-Florida movers that are true professionals entails that they provide liability coverage options. Licensed interstate movers are required to offer two types of liability options:

Ensure that your belongings are properly insured when hiring New York-Florida movers

Never underestimate the importance of insurance when handling your valuables.

  • Full Value Protection- this is one might consider a fully comprehensive property protection plan. It defines the mover as liable for replacing the value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment. However, this is also the more expensive protection program. And it varies from mover to mover.
  • Released Value Protection- unlike the full value protection, this one offers minimal protection. The mover is liable for replacing no more than 60 cents per pound per article. This plan is however more economical due to the simple fact that it is included in the moving services. No extra charges here.

In addition to liability coverage options, you should ask to see a movers proof of insurance. Note: every legitimate, licensed moving company has their own insurance policy that they can show when asked.

Binding/not-to-exceed estimate as a safety measure

Do not let yourself be fooled into overpaying for hiring New York-Florida movers with non-binding estimates. This basically means that they hold the right to change the original relocation estimate. Admittedly, this can swing both ways, but more often towards over-charge. For example, depending on the man-hours needed to conduct your relocation, you might end up paying more or less. If it takes longer the originally expected, boom and the price goes up. But in case it takes much less than expected - your Florida moving-in budget goes up.However, if you are not looking to take unnecessary risks, simply refer to getting a binding estimate. It would prove to be a far safer and better option. You sign on a certain price at the start, pay a deposit and you are home free. A binding written estimate ensures your Florida relocation price will not end up exceeding the original cost estimate.Note that the binding estimate should include transportation charges and add-ons. So before hiring New York-Florida movers, remember to ask for a written binding estimate. And all add-ons and services (stairs, elevators, travel time etc) should be included and clearly stated in the quote.


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