|clothes on shelves - storing your clothes|a washing machine
|clothes on shelves - storing your clothes|a washing machine
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February 3, 2020

Tips for storing your clothes long term

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Have you ever had a problem where you do not have enough space in your own house? It can be quite a problem because you do not have where to put the stuff that you do need. Of course, the solution is logical but the important thing here is to learn tips on storing your clothes long term. No matter what you choose, hiring movers Long Island and getting a storage unit or storing at home, you should be aware that this is a job that may require time but the end result is something that you would like. So, let's learn how to store your clothes and lower the clutter in your own house!

Best tips for storing your clothes long term

There are a lot of ways on how to store your clothing for a long period of time but not all are good. That is why you should learn the best ones so that you can create space in your home in order to use it for something else.

  • Decide about what to store
  • Prepare your clothes
  • Pack properly

Decide about what to store

It would be great if you could pack and store all the things but that is not the case. We often get attached to things so it can be very hard to leave them. Before you say that you are attached to all of them, just think about the consequences if you do not store them somewhere. You will progressively lose space and that can only lead up to you getting stressed. Even though we can't live totally relaxed in today's world, it does not mean that we can't find ways to release it. The best way is to leave just the stuff that you may use again. If not, it is ready to be stored somewhere!

clothes on shelves - storing your clothes

Decide what to store

Prepare your clothes

There are a lot of things that you should do before you start storing your clothes long term. The first and most important is to wash and iron all the things that you wish to store. You will get rid of stains and dirt so you can easily use the clothing item again. If you have stains once you take them out from your storage, you may not be able to use the item again.

a washing machine

Wash and iron your clothes before storing

Pack properly

After you have prepared your clothes for storing, you have to pack them properly. Avoid using vacuum storage bags since the oxygen is very important for clothing fibers. Use plastic storage tubs and do not worry about your clothes until you have to use them again. Put everything in the plastic bins with lids and that is it!

Self-storage or storage unit?

When storing your clothes long term, everything can change. That is why the conditions are the most important aspect of stashing your clothes. The problem with self-storage is that the conditions change so there is always a chance for unpredictable things to happen. In order to be completely safe, you can try Long Island storage services where you can find a perfect storage unit for you. They should have stable conditions and be dark. If you find a unit that does not have stable conditions, avoid it and move to another one!


You can now see that there are some things you should be careful about when storing your items long term. After all, you want to save your clothes since you may use it again the next season. Follow the tips so that you could use your clothes in the same condition as today!


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