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July 25, 2022

Tips for moving in together as a couple

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Being in a relationship is a commitment on its own. Now imagine having to move in with your partner. That’s an even big commitment that both parties need to make. Couples need to realize that things will change when you take that step, and that’s obviously because when dating and living apart, each of you has your own space and life.

Moving in together as a couple means you’ll spend more time together and learn more about each others living habits and so forth.

There are things to consider before you move in together to make sure it’s what both of you want.

Moving in together as a couple should be a mutual decision
Moving in together as a couple should be a mutual decision

Why you want to move in together

We’re certain a lot of couples love the thought of moving in together and being around the person they love all the time. Moving in is usually the first step to starting and building a life together. It is therefore important for both parties to know exactly why they want to move in together. There are countless reasons why you may decide to go ahead and move in, but remember to do it for the right reasons.

A few reasons why couples may move in together:

Long distance- Couples may move in together to be closer to each other. Long distance most often kills a relationship. It is hard to maintain a relationship when you hardly see each other so for this reason, some couples choose to move in together.

Finances- If both you and your partner both have apartments/houses, moving in together may be a good decision financially. You will be paying for one roof instead of two and that’ll save some money for both of you.

Engaged to be married- It is natural for couples to move in together once they get engaged. To share everything and get to know what married life will be like.

Having a baby- Some couples may choose to do this because they have a baby on the way. This mostly happens when distance is involved. It also insures the baby has both parents present at all times.

Decide on the area

Once you've established a reason why you want to move in together, decide on an area that will be ideal for both of you. It is better to be in an area that has both family and friends or at least one of those two options for both of you if possible. You need to remember that moving in together with your partner doesn’t mean forgetting about your family and friends. Everyone needs to have their own life outside of the relationship so stay in touch with close ones.

Hire a moving company

When all is said and done and you’ve decided on the area and fully agreed to everything, start looking for a moving company if needed. Try to get at least 3 quotes from 3 different companies. Find a reputable company, check their credentials and make sure they offer the type of move you’re looking for.

Talk about who's bringing what (furniture, appliances, etc.)

Share ideas about furniture and house appliances. Talk about who’s going to bring what especially if one or both of you are moving from your own apartments. Once that is established, sell the items you don't need to make some money. There are numerous apps you could use to sell stuff or you can donate them to homeless shelters or family and friends.

When talking about furniture, you should also talk about each other's aesthetics for your home. Never assume that your partner will be okay with whatever you decide to do to the house. Talk and find common ground so the home feels comfortable for everyone and not just you.

Talk about finances

This is understandably a hard one to talk about, especially if the relationship is new or if you have not talked about finances before deciding to move in together. Finances can cause major problems in relationships, that’s why it is important to talk about this. A few things to consider talking about regarding money are:

  • Rent
  • Utilities (electricity, water, trash)
  • Cable
  • Groceries
Make your home aesthetically pleasing to you both
Make your home's interior to fit both your aesthetic

Share your feelings

Moving in together will bring a lot of emotions. Talk to your partner about this because they may be feeling the same and having those moments together will help bring you guys closer and be more open to each other. It is okay to feel scared, stressed, and anxious, it is a huge step and you need your partner to understand this.

Don’t bottle things up when you're not feeling okay. Be comfortable sharing your feelings with your partner. 

Learn to love with you partner's annoyances

Spending most of your time with another person will more than likely cause a few disagreements especially if you’re living together for the first time. There are things you’ll find annoying about your partner and vice versa. You need to learn to live with these things. Talk to your partner if there are things that really bother you that you can't live with. If they don’t try to change, then decide on your next step, but before then communicate and find common ground. 

Assign chores

Chores need to be done by both of you. Talk about who’s going to be responsible for what and stick to it. It is hard to be the only one doing everything in the house especially when both of you work full-time and contribute equally financially. You should know how your partner feels about doing chores while dating and talk about it to avoid any conflict.

Long-term relationship goals

If you are moving in together and aren’t engaged or married, then you should talk about long-term goals for your relationship. You don’t want to be moving in with your partner and be doing all the “husband or wife duties” and yet aren’t married. Set goals for the relationship and if both of you are on the same page about the future then great. Whether that is to get married, have children, or none of that. Just decide for both of you. 


Moving in with your partner will not be easy, you will have a lot of disagreements, but you need to always try to be on the same page and never forget about communication. That will help your relationship tremendously. Allow yourself to be vulnerable around your partner and share all emotions or doubts you may have.

Moving in together shouldn’t make you feel isolated from your loved ones. Enjoy time with your family and friends and occasionally visit them.

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