Moving elderly parents out of state|Tips for moving elderly parents|Moving elderly parents and planning|Professional packers|Grandparents and children
Moving elderly parents out of state|Tips for moving elderly parents|Moving elderly parents and planning|Professional packers|Grandparents and children
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November 18, 2019

Tips for moving elderly parents out of state

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Moving is a very stressful process for every family. Stress affected each family member differently. Moving elderly parents carries its difficulties. For most people, aging brings health problems and financial challenges. Above all, the whole family is aware of their impossibility to live independently. Do you remember your childhood? Your parent was there for you every time. Now it is your turn. They deserve a nice treat. As a child of the elderly parents, all you need to do is to make them safe and comfortable. Especially when it comes to a moving out of state. To make their move easy, treat them like your own children. Consequently, you got a huge responsibility for their safety and comfort. That is why you must consider all their needs. Not only during a move but also in every segment and sequence of life.

Preparation for moving elderly parents

The only way to organize moving elderly parents is to prepare in advance. Firstly, calculate your budget and set a moving timeline. Don't forget that you will need to consider your elderly parent's schedule. Make sure your elderly parents feel comfortable while moving. Try to make a list of all the tasks you need to complete while moving with elderly parents. Therefore, the most important things on the list:

  • Gathering all the documents needed for the move
  • Renting the new residence
  • Finding and hiring reliable movers
  • Changing the address
  • Rent a storage unit
  • Donate or consign excess belongings
 Moving elderly parents and planning

Start early and make a to-do list.

Storage units - the second home of your's elderly parents belongings

You don’t always have enough time to prepare everything on schedule. Particularly when it comes time for moving. And moving elderly parents out of state is another more serious circumstance. Maybe you will have problems finding a new apartment for your parents, too. What if they must leave their current home in a short period of time? Probably, you won't have enough time to organize everything. Are they moving into a smaller apartment and they don’t have a big space anymore?

Tips for moving elderly parents

The well-secured storage facility is a good solution.In order to solve all these problems, you need to store their belongings until you find a new home for your's elderly parents. Storage units NYC offers you a unique solution for saving items during moving elderly parents. Making a list of all their valuables that you are going to putting in storage could be precious. A moving process will be quicker and smoother if there is enough space. For this reason, storage units are a great decision. No matter short term or long term storage, your item will be safe.

Hire professional movers for moving elderly parents

Planning moving elderly parents out of state could be twice difficult than regular move. Consequently, we highly recommend hiring a professional moving company to help with the load. In addition to loading and unloading the truck, many movers also offer packing and unpacking services. Packing and unpacking your elderly parent's items could be longer than moving out of state. East Village movers will provide your moving out of state in every sequence. So you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands, indeed.

Professional packers

Hiring professional packers will make a moving process faster.

Call your friends and family for recommendations

Hiring a reliable long-distance moving company is most important. Therefore, you should contact people you trust. If they moved recently, they could give you advice on moving company and moving services they have chosen and hired. The already knows is the company is licensed and registered at the FMCSA ( Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ) and has proper insurance.

Read the reviews

One thing is for sure, there are many specialized websites you can use to get information and check reviews. Take time and look into the comments and reviews from previous customers. Be aware you must avoid fraudulent moving companies. They could make moving elderly parents into a nightmare. Instead of wasting money and energy, choose wisely. You can start by getting an estimate from a few different moving companies. After this, compare them thoroughly. Getting an estimate can save you from overpaying.

Find a new doctor

Healthcare should be a priority when it is about moving elderly parents. Make sure they got permission from the current doctor to move. Keep reminding them to use therapy as usual during the move. Before moving the elderly parents to a new city or state, you’ll need to help them find a new doctor. Prepare all documentation as soon as possible. Our advice is to call a few months before the move to schedule an appointment with a doctor in the new city.

Enlist Relatives

Enlist family members to help during the moving elderly parents. Even your close friend could be included in a moving process. Not only with sorting and packing, but also with love and support to seniors. Surrounding your elderly parents with loved ones can help them ease the emotional stress of moving as well. Undoubtedly, it is a good way to prepare them for moving out of state.

Get your seniors involved in the move

When moving with the elderly parents, it helps them to be active while the relocation process. No matter if it is planning, organizing or packing, your seniors may feel better about the upcoming move if they are active and involved. Our advise that you show them their new town and new space before the moving day. Unquestionably, that will help them adjust to the new home. It will be much easier for them to plan where to put their items.

Grandparents and children

If the whole family is together, moving will be easier.

Prepare the new home

You will have to properly prepare the new space to best accommodate your elderly parent’s needs. We remind you about some easy fixes include:

  • installing an electric stairlift
  • plugging in night lights
  • installing a walk-in bathtub
  • adding a stool for seating in the tub
  • installing safety rails inside the tub
  • placing a ramp outside the front door
  • replacing the showerhead with one that is hand-held
  • decorating a new space.

Be aware that your parents will spend most of their time at the new home. It is recommendable to make that space look nice, bright and cozy. In this case, you will be sure that they would be fell comfortable and happy. We hope you find our tips s and advice helpful. Moving elderly parents out of state will be easier for you.


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