Tips for hosting a New Year's party|What you should know about hosting a New Year's party|Drinks|Pizza
Tips for hosting a New Year's party|What you should know about hosting a New Year's party|Drinks|Pizza
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January 1, 1970

Tips for hosting a New Year's party

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Ah, 2018 is almost over. Have you achieved everything that you planned? Have you landed your dream job and found the love of your life? No? Well, neither have we! But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't celebrate. Heck no. What better way to start off 2019 then with hosting a New Year's party and having all your friends come over. Who knows, maybe if you do it right you will bring yourself some good luck. Think of it scientifically. Just because it hasn't worked so far, doesn't mean that it won't work now. Well in order to have yourself the best New Year's party ever, here are a couple of tips.

What you should know about hosting a New Year's party

Here is what you need to know about hosting a New Year's party.

Preparing for the party

Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first so we can talk about fun stuff later. You need to prepare your apartment for your New Years party. Expect that someone will get drunk, someone else will vomit and someone third will trip and break something. So, in order to minimize the potential damage to your apartment and help everyone have a good time, you need to prepare your apartment.

Make your apartment safe

Start off by getting everything valuable out of your apartment. Either put them in your friend's apartment or place them in storage. For the latter, you can even hire fine arts movers NYC to help you out. But, whatever you decide to do, make sure that your items are properly protected. Place them in sturdy boxes and make sure that they are safely wrapped and padded. That way you will know that they will survive until the next year.

Declutter your home

Besides simply getting your valuable items out of the way, you probably need to declutter your home a bit. But worry not, decluttering your home is easier now than it ever was. What you need to do is to find reliable storage and place your items there. Get some free cardboard boxes NYC and safely store your items. Since you are probably going to store them for a short period, you don't need to go overboard with packing materials. Just make sure that your items are safe and place them in a storage unit until the New Year passes and you can put them pack in your place.

Make it festive

Once you have cleared out your apartment, you need to make it festive. Get some New Year decoration and place them around your place. That way you will help your friends get in the right mood and you will start enjoying your New Year party much sooner. Most items that you use for decorating you will be able to reuse it again if you are hosting a New Year's party. Just place them in sturdy boxes and let them sit in Brooklyn storage. That way they will remain intact until next year.

Drinks, food, and music

Now we come to the fun part. When it comes to hosting a New Year's party the main things you need to be concerned with are food, drinks, and music. And, frankly, we find it quite surprising that even to this day people seem to get it wrong since there are so many great parties in NYC. Even though there are numerous ways in which you can go with these three, we suggest that you stick with the classics.


Everyone enjoys good food and drinks.

Party drinks

Heard about New Year party punch? No. Well, you have now. Every New Year party needs to have an awesome punch. There are many you can make that will knock your socks off, but you should stick to only one. Apart from that, you need to get some spirits for the ones that really want to greet New Year in their best mood. Some tequila and whiskey will be more than enough for anyone who doesn't feel like drinking punch. Finally, you cannot think of hosting a New Year's party without beer. The laws of party planning demand it so. Get some local beer or, if you really want to treat your guests, talk with your local store about getting a case of imported beer. Just know that if it is really good, nobody is going to drink the punch.


Pizza is the quintessential party food. It's cheap, delicious and comes in many different tastes. Unless you have some truly creative idea about the food you are going to present, go with pizza. You can get it both vegan and pepperoni so that the meat lovers and the plant eaters can enjoy the party without starving. Just make sure to find the place which will deliver some pizza on New Years. Or, you can have it delivered sooner and try to keep it warm. While every pizza is good, there is no reason why you should subject your guests to cold pizza. That is no way to celebrate New Years.


Fact of life. Pizza is the answer to every problem.


For music, you can either have a friend be a designated DJ or make your own playlist. Making a playlist for a New Years party shouldn't be too hard. All you need to do is to know your crowd and simply play songs that everyone will like. No need to surprise them with foreign music or less popular albums. Play some good old, familiar songs that everyone can sing and dance to. That is what they are looking for, trust us. Oh, and try to limit the people that order the next song. Drunk people make terrible DJs.

How to behave when hosting a New Year's party

Now that you have everything covered, it's time to be a good host. How do you do that? Simple. Just make everyone feel welcome and relaxed once they come. Your job as a host lasts for the first hour of the party. After that, if you've done your job correctly, the party will go on without issues. If everyone is relaxed and tipsy, you only need to make sure that no one gets hurt or damages something. And there you have it. The perfect New Year's party.


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