depression - beating the post-move blues in NYC|walking - beating the post-move blues in NYC|a telephone|a girl sitting
depression - beating the post-move blues in NYC|walking - beating the post-move blues in NYC|a telephone|a girl sitting
NY lifestyle
November 15, 2019

Tips for beating the post move blues in NYC

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There are some studies that say that moving represents one of the most stressful things in life. It is not easy to leave your old life back, especially if you are moving to another city like New York. No one actually thinks about the mental effect move has on the person. It is not just hiring movers Long Island but thinking about how to stay sane once you move. It is very hard to establish a new life somewhere where you do not know that many people. That is the reason why you should start beating the post-move blues in NYC before it goes any further.

What are the best ways of beating the post-move blues in NYC?

Of course, nothing can replace that emptiness that you have inside you. But there are certain things that you can do in order to calm down and feel better.

  • Be active
  • Make a new place feel like home
  • Keep in touch
  • Routines
  • Embrace bad feelings

Be active

Post-move depression in NYC is not that uncommon. No matter that this city has over 8 million residents, it can feel like nobody lives there. There are studies that suggest that people who live in minor cities and places actually feel happier and more connected to other people. On the other hand, big cities offer some things which you can't find inside smaller ones. You should use this fact to your advantage.There are so many things which you can do in New York. It offers everything to anyone who is bold enough to explore. The best way to start beating post-move blues in NYC is by being active. You will feel happier and there is a higher chance that you can meet someone. After all, people around you make the home as it is. Make a new home.

walking - beating the post-move blues in NYC

Be active and avoid depression!

Make a new place feel like home

It is easy to say this, right? How can you change reality and turn your current world into the old one? Well, you can start with your new place. We spend the most time inside our homes so a little change can disturb our whole world. That is why you should make your new place feel like home. There are many things you can do in order to achieve this.Cleaning and unpacking are the first steps towards your goal. You can't achieve anything while your new place is dirty. The problem is that many people avoid doing this until they have to. There are many ways to avoid unpacking procrastination. The best one is to set a deadline until you have to do this. After that, art and plants are the other two things that create an atmosphere inside your home. Use them and create your own peace world inside this noisy city.

Keep in touch

We already said that you can replace the emptiness that you feel because of your leaving. On the other hand, you can always visit your friends and family. Well, not always. You probably have a lot of work that you have to do. The best way to start beating post-move blues in NYC is by keeping in touch after the move. There are many ways in order to do this. Skype still represents one of the best ways to keep in touch because you can see each other in real-time. The only better alternative would be to feel the touches of your loved ones over the computer. Sadly, that is still not possible. If you are still into typing or you do not have that much time to do video calls, chat over a dozen applications that you can use.

a telephone

Keep in touch with your friends and family


We hate it but we all live by some rules and routines. We all tend to live more harmonic and fun but we should not discard routines that fast. You probably have had many routines and habits at your old home. Well, in order to cure post-move depression, you can implement them in your new life. For example, if you like going to run to the local park at a certain time, do it! What is better than doing what you have done in your previous place?

Embrace bad feelings

It sounds really contradictory. Who would want to feel bad when you can feel good? Well, sometimes bad feelings overcome you and you do not have the space to have good feelings. It is natural that you are going to do whatever you can in order to feel better but that is not always the case. Instead of hopeless trying to feel better, give yourself time and space to feel bad. Sadness and sorrow are the core feelings of people so why should we run from them? They are totally natural. Take time to relax, think, listen to music, etc. After some time, you will get tired of feeling bad and you will be ready to experience new things.

a girl sitting

Take your time so that you can adapt

The bad side of New York...

We already said that no matter how big the city is, you can feel like you are the only one living there. It is all due to the sadness that you are feeling. This is the thing that you have to understand. It is all temporary! Things will get better and beating the post-move blues in NYC will be a piece of cake.Do not feel scared to explore new things. New York City offers a ton of great stuff but it can be a little troublesome to move there. Planning is one of the most important tips for moving to NYC. It requires time to plan everything properly so start thinking on time about all important aspects of your move.


As you can see, beating the post-move blues in NYC can be quite easy. But do not think that it will take just hours in order to adapt to your new city. You may feel hopeless at first but once you adopt, there will be no limits for you. Follow these tips beat the post-move depression with little effort. All it takes are some little tips that will make New York City feel like home!


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