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moving contract|paper|paper|security
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October 19, 2018

Things to know about a moving contract

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If you are planning your upcoming relocation, you may consider hiring quality Brooklyn movers. Hiring movers comes with many advantages but there is a lot of paperwork involved in the process. Before scheduling your moving date and getting the best relocation assistance, you should make sure you understand the basic moving documents. Here are the most important aspects of a moving contract you should be aware of before making any kind of deal with your movers.

What is the moving estimate?

Finding quality movers is a big job. You have to research the moving companies in detail and ask for a reliable moving quote. The moving estimate or a quote is the official document that states the overall moving expenses. When you ask your movers for a quote, they should provide the estimate of the moving costs. Your movers usually come to your business location or your home and access the number and the type of items you need to transport. Keep in mind that movers have special terms and conditions when they need to transport items of high value like pianos or pool tables. In that case, they have to organize additional moving equipment and manpower to handle these fragile but expensive items.When your movers come to your location, they will ask for specific details regarding your move. The preferable moving date, the timeline of your move and the estimated delivery date. Your moving expenses may vary depending on the type of the move. That is why you should talk with the moving company's representative and discuss the terms of your relocation. All of these details will be very useful when your movers form the most accurate binding moving quote. That means that all of the moving expenses will be included and there will be no other additional costs.


Research the moving company before hiring.Getting the reliable moving quote is essential when planning your moving budget. Professional movers will advise you to get more than one moving estimate from multiple moving companies before you make your final decision. On the other hand, it is very important that you receive the copy of the estimate. That is the signed document your movers will provide. Make sure to ask your movers for details before you agree to the terms.

The official moving contract

After you compare quotes and find the company you like, you will hire them. When you hire the movers they will provide the most important document – order of service. In the moving industry, this document represents the official contract between you and the moving company. The order for service will state all the details of your move. Everything you need to know about the move will be included like:

  • The pickup date
  • Estimated delivery time
  • The price of the services provided
  • The type of the insurance coverage you choose
  • Other terms of the contract

This is the most important document that will provide safety to you as a client. Most people have troubles with movers only because they don't sign the official moving contract. For this reason, people have trouble getting refunds on their lost or damaged items. Usually, in this situation, it is hard to determine the final amount of the moving costs and people end up spending more than they agreed to at the end.


Before signing the official moving contract make sure you understand the terms.For your safety, you should discuss every little detail with your movers and sign the contract. You should understand the basic terms of the contract before you sign anything. The terms may include the cancellation policy, the items your Chelsea movers cannot relocate, the type of the moving truck they will use for your service etc. One important aspect of the moving contract is the possible extra fees that can be calculated for your specific move. The movers should explain the situations when extra fees are required for your specific type of move.It is very important that you read this contract carefully. If there is anything you disagree with, talk to the person in charge. You can discuss the terms and negotiate the terms before you sign the document.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading is the most important document next to your moving contract. You will receive this document on a moving day from your mover. Bill of lading is the document that will outline the agreement of the move. Every mover must provide you with this specific document in order to move your thing. This document is the confirmation that you agree to the terms of the move.Before you sign it on a moving day, you should read it carefully. The document will state the list of services and fees, the total cost of the move, your pick up and delivery dates and insurance coverage you use. This agreement should list the same services you agreed upon earlier and the fees should match with your estimate. If there are any discrepancies, discuss it with your movers. You shouldn't sign a bill of lading until you understand all the terms. This document is part of the moving contract that is the official record of the move and the receipt of the service. Make sure to have the copy with you at all times before the move is complete.


Read the bill of lading carefully when you receive it on a moving day.

The inventory sheet

The inventory sheet is the list of all the items movers will transport. The movers will make this list when they pack your belongings for the move. Every item movers remove from your home should have a tag and the specific number on the sheet. Each item should be recorded and tagged properly to make sure nothing goes missing during transport. The inventory sheet is your guarantee that the movers loaded your items onto the moving truck. In case any damage happens you will use your sheet to check all of your items. If the movers flag these items it will be easier to make an insurance claim after the move is finished.


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