moving a mobile home|new big mobile home|reading glasses on paper|money and the callculator
moving a mobile home|new big mobile home|reading glasses on paper|money and the callculator
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November 20, 2018

The cost of moving a mobile home

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Are you planning on moving a mobile home to a new location? You cannot just connect it to the back of your moving truck and hit the road. The entire process requires professional movers that specialize in this type of relocation. And that’s not all. Moving a mobile home can add up to a pretty sum. It is a big undertaking that requires planning and precision, and most of all, the reliable moving company professionals. With the right moving assistance this type of move can be done, but before you jump right to it, consider the overall costs of moving a mobile home.

How much moving a mobile home can cost?

Before you add up all the usual amounts when preparing to move a mobile home, consider that this specific kind of move may be quite pricey. The costs of this kind of move may vary and depend on numerous factors. The factors that may affect the final price of moving a mobile home may include:

  • Professional movers labor costs
  • Moving materials and the use of professional moving equipment
  • The price for setting up the necessary utilities
  • Size of your mobile home
  • Permits you need to get for the move
  • Various additional transportation fees
  • Storage service

Usually, you may move a single-wide vehicle for a price up to $8000. However, this price includes full-service moving costs. This amount will also include the price of moving your mobile home from your current location within 50 miles. Also, this price will include special permits required for this type of a move as well as the utilities the customer uses in the process.

money and the callculator

Relocation costs can add up to a pretty sum. That is why you should ask for the moving quote when making calculations.Hooking up the utilities may add up because the price is different for moving a double-wide mobile home. For the same distance, you may be expected to pay between $10,000 and $13,000. But if you need to store your mobile home for a while or during transport, you may accept to have additional relocation costs. Renting a short term storage NYC may add to your costs but it will keep your mobile home safe until the paperwork and all the necessary documents are ready for the move.

Get an estimate before hiring movers

This projection of the price for moving a mobile home is just an example of a mover’s estimate. When you decide to move a mobile home and contact the moving company, they may send a representative to your location. After quality movers get the details of your relocation, they will be able to determine the time your move will take. They will calculate the overall costs of the services you need and provide an accurate estimate.Keep in mind that long distance movers may charge more than local movers for moving your mobile home. On the other hand, local movers in your area may offer you a flat rate for this particular service regardless of distance. The price of the entire mobile home relocation may add up, but there is a way you may downsize your relocation costs. You may be able to save money when moving a mobile home is you transfer only the vehicle without setting-up services. In this case, your move can cost between $1,000 to $5,000.

reading glasses on paper

Make sure to find the best moving company for your relocation when moving a mobile home.

Important factors that affect mobile home moving costs

Every move is different. Every moving professional with years of experience will agree. However, when moving a mobile home, there are several common factors that affect the final price of the move. Those factors include different aspects of your relocation:

  • Distance to your destination – will be one of the main factors that affect the price of your mobile home relocation.
  • Size of your mobile home – is also an important factor that will greatly affect the price of your relocation.
  • Type and weight of your mobile home – The heavier your home is, the final moving expenses will get higher. If movers need to relocate your mobile home that weights up to 40,000lbs, they will need more professional moving equipment to complete the task.
  • Storage service – In some cases, you will need to store your belongings when moving a mobile home to a new location. If that is the case, consider hiring the best Westchester storage quality professionals to keep your belongings safe while on the road.
  • Various permits – When moving your mobile home to a new country, you will need to acquire special permits for each individual territory. One of the best news is that a reliable moving company representative can help you get these special permits in time before the moving day is set. Another important aspect that may affect your wallet when moving your mobile home is the possible inspection. Some states like Florida require mandatory mobile home inspections before they can enter the state. If you're moving to Florida, your movers may give you advise and help prepare for the move in advance.

Other factors that affect the price of your move

Moving a mobile home is a big task. The entire process may require skillful moving professionals as well as the deep pockets. You should also consider that the weight the distance of your move and your mover's rate may not be the only factor that may affect the final price of your relocation. Those other factors may include age and the overall condition of your vehicle.

new big mobile home

The age and state of your mobile home may affect the final moving price.In case your mobile home is old and in need of repairs, your movers may need more time to repair and organize the entire process. And the other aspect that will affect the final price of your relocation is the utilities you use or don’t use during transport. In case you wish to have all the utilities while traveling, the price of the move may be double that the basic amount. That is why you should keep in mind to choose the best option and get the best insurance policy for the road.


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