new york - ways to celebrate NYE in NYC|times square - ways to celebrate NYE in NYC|glasses
new york - ways to celebrate NYE in NYC|times square - ways to celebrate NYE in NYC|glasses
NY lifestyle
December 30, 2019

The best ways to celebrate NYE in NYC

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New Year is close and there are people that still do not know what they are going to do. This creates pressure where you feel that you actually do not have where to go. New York is a city that allows you to decide about NYE at the last minute. That is one thing which should be enough to convince you to relocate here. There are a lot of tips for moving to NYC if you are considering it and once you get there, see what are the best ways to celebrate NYE in NYC!

What are the best ways to celebrate NYE in NYC?

  • Boat cruise
  • Times Square
  • Make a party

Boat cruise

If you want to do something different and spend NYE like never before, then this one of the few ways to celebrate NYE in NYC. There are many options if you choose this way of celebrating. You can find several agencies which offer this kind of service and whatever you choose, you can't go wrong. This kind of celebration offers you a party on a boat where you go around New York and can see a statue of liberty in its full glory with fireworks across the sky.

Times Square

Some find this kind of celebration of NYE in NYC cliche. The reason is simple. People all around the world come all year to see and experience Times Square. You would think that there is no need for people to come on NYE too. If you choose this way, you have to expect a sea of people. That means that you will have to come early if you want to pick the best position. On the other hand, no matter what position you choose, the fireworks are fabulous and you can be sure that you will have a good time!

times square - ways to celebrate NYE in NYC

Times Square is a perfect solution!

Make a party

You can be an organizer if you want to be in control. One of the easiest ways to celebrate NYC in NYC is to make a party where you can invite your friends and family to come! There can be a problem though. If you do not have that much space to put everybody, moving and storage Brooklyn is the solution for you. There are many companies that offer storage units for a short period of time where you can put your stuff until you have to return it.


Make a party for your friends and family!


Another very popular way of celebrating is by celebrating the New Year solo. You do not have to do anything or spend any money and still have a great time. This way of celebrating is usually common for introverts.


New York City is limitless! There are so many ways to celebrate NYE in NYC out there that it would take forever to put them all on one list! Everything depends on one's wishes. One thing is for sure though. If you want to spend a New Year with someone, you have to start making plans and arrangements right now! It is coming real close and the worst thing you can do is to wait until the very last minute in order to do something. It will just raise your pressure up and you will do nothing. Make plans and experience the best NYE in New York!


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