The best NYC parties you should check out|the best NYC parties|Drinking whiskey|NYC party
The best NYC parties you should check out|the best NYC parties|Drinking whiskey|NYC party
NY lifestyle
October 6, 2018

The best NYC parties you should check out

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Back when he was alive, Sinatra called the NYC "The City that never sleeps". Even though many things have changed in NYC since Sinatra's days, this remained the same. Nightlife in NYC is as alive and buzzing as it ever was. There are numerous bars, clubs, standups, theaters and other venues where you can enjoy yourself. But, NYC is so big that if you just try to stumble upon a good party, you'll just get stuck in some lowly bar. Similar to finding good storage companies NYC, you gotta do some research if you want to find the best NYC parties. And, you need to about NYC nightlife before you attend them.

the best NYC parties

You gotta do some research if you want to find the best NYC parties

Some of the best NYC parties

Secret Saturdays

Place: Mailroom (110 Wall Street, Manhattan)Time: Sat 06 Oct, 10 pmSecret Saturdays is a silent disco party. That means that you get headphones with three stations on which three Dj's battle for your attention. This is an ideal spot for your night out in NYC featuring velvet seats, stylish decor and arcade games. When you move to NYC be sure to come here and have a blast!

Quiet Clubbing VIP Rooftop Party

Place: Stage 48 (605 W 48th Street, Manhattan)Time: Sat 13 Oct: 11pm - 3amWhile we are on the subject of quiet parties, you gotta check out Quiet Clubbing VIP Rooftop Party. Currently known as one of the best NYC parties. Here you will hear the best from hip-hop, top 40, EDM and whatever the three Dj's have cooked up. Come and enjoy a crazy night with over 100 people with glowing headphones. If that is not enough, the club has vintage architecture combined with a modern sound system and futuristic lighting effects. Do not miss this party!

Ciroc-A-Thron: Open Bar Party

Place: Hudson Terrace (621 West 46th Street, Manhattan)Time: Sun 30 Sep: Entry from 3 pm until 10 pm.A Ciroc Party! Try every flavor of Ciroc at an open bar on this Hudson Terrace party. You can follow that with some Deleon Tequila which is served between 3 pm and 5:45 pm. And there is no need to eat before, as they are offering free tacos! So you've got Ciroc, tequila and free tacos. What more could you want? For music, you'll have DJ Madout, DJ First Choice, Kevin Crown, DJ Krock, DJ Mastermind and DJ Jibz. Hudson Terrace has a panoramic view of the Hudson River and a retractable roof, so the atmosphere is poping. Come and see why this is one of the best NYC parties.

Tuesday baby Tuesday

Place: Tao Downtown (92 9th Ave, Manhattan)Time: Tue 25 Sep: Entry from 11 pm until 4 am.Tuesday is a day for relaxation and recharging for the weekend, right? Wrong! Get yourself up, carpe the hell out of that diem and go to one of the best NYC parties, Tuesday baby Tuesday. DJ Reach, Staks and Shortkutz will make sure that you boogie out with their hip-hop vibes. Join one of the longest-lasting weekly parties in NYC.

Henny Fest

Place: Club Orbit(641 west 50th street)Time: Sun 30 Sep: Entry 2 pm.For all you whiskey lovers out there, this is the party to visit. If you want to spend the last summer days as they should be spent, then call your drinking buddies and go down to Orbit. Drink a couple of shots and then hit their huge dance floor. Enjoy some whiskey with other NYC people and listen to some quality music from their DJ's.

Drinking whiskey

Every whiskey lover knows how to end summer properly.

Silent Disco Boose Cruise

Place: Hornblower Cruise and Events Pier 15 (78 South Street, Manhattan)Time: Sat 29 Sep: Entry 9 pmYou already knew about the silent parties. But, did you know about silent disco cruises? Well, now you do. If you are up for a classier version of silent disco than head on down to the Pier 15 and join the Silent Disco Boose Cruise. 3 DJ's will keep you dancing with top 40 dance hits, hip-hop, and RnB and 80's and 90's throwbacks. Listen to the groovy sounds and if you wanna talk with somebody, just pull down the headphones. Enjoy the river cruise at it should be enjoyed.

What you need to know about NYC nightlife

Now that you can have your pick out of the best NYC parties, you need to learn a bit more about NYC nightlife. While it is mostly wild and unpredictable, there are certain rules that have remained throughout the ages. Therefore, you need to know them if you want to enjoy the NYC. If you don't trust us, ask your Manhattan moving and storage people. They'll tell you all about it.

NYC party

You gotta know the rules if you want to enjoy parties.

Money talks

If you are going out in NYC be prepared to spend some money. Partying is expensive anywhere, but in NYC it will be really expensive. Expect around $20 per drink. And that is not counting the table (if you want one) or the wardrobe (if it is necessary). Plus, there are some things that officially you don't have to pay for, but you will end up paying for. Rember, extra cash never hurt anybody.

Doormen rule

You know when the party starts. You come to the right place and you want to go in. But, it is not up to you whether you will go in. Doormen have been the party filters in NYC ever since there were parties in NYC. Therefore, they decide if you are going to go in or not. You've dressed the wrong way? You're out! There are more men in your group than women? Oh, hell no! If you can, call ahead and make reservations. That will put you on the guest list. But, sometimes even that is not enough to get into a club. If nothing else works, remember the first fule.

Expect the unexpected

Clubs in NYC are constantly changing. It is very hard to stay fresh, and people only want what is trendy and new. Therefore, new clubs are constantly popping up and old ones are suddenly closing. So, you shouldn't be surprised if a club you like gets closed or some new fad takes over. Expect the unexpected if you want to enjoy NYC nightlife. Hell, you need to do that if you want to enjoy NYC at all.


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