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February 23, 2020

The 5 most forgotten moving-related tasks

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Relocation is a process that requires a lot of planning and dedication. If you do not plan properly, there is a lot of room for mistakes and that can costs you a lot, both mentally and financially. One of the worst mistakes is to forget something that is really important for the move. People usually get big tasks like picking Jersey City movers, packing but they often forget about certain things that are smaller but equally important. In order to avoid them, you will have to know them. Find out 5 most forgotten moving-related tasks!

What are the most forgotten moving-related tasks?

The truth is that there are so many of them so that we can't put them all on this list. On the other hand, some are subtle and you do not even realize that you have made a mistake until you are already in the middle of the road or at a new home. What are the most common ones?

  • Personal items
  • Documents
  • Garage openers and keys
  • Bank accounts
  • Cancel local subscriptions

Personal items

We understand that this requires additional clarification since there are a ton of little things that you can forget. What we mean by this is that you probably have someplace at your home where you have put all your important pictures and memories. When it comes to houses, this place is usually a basement or an attic. Yes, there is a chance that you have taken them with you but have you really thought about them until the last second? Even though they are not vital to the move, it would be a shame that you have lost all your memories just because you have made a stupid mistake. Keep this in mind when you are having the next move!


Moving is a process. That means that there are a lot of things that have to be done. The reason why we have put them on the list of top 5 most forgotten moving-related tasks is that you could end up in a trouble so big that you can't even relocate. Personal documents are the most important moving forms. They are not that big of a deal until you need to have them at your side. That is why it often happens for people to forget them. You would not want this to happen to you. Besides personal documents(ID, passport), you need to have some documents that you get from the movers like bills of landing and inventory documentation. They are the protection you desperately need when moving. Be sure to have them at your side when the time comes!

passports - forgotten moving-related tasks

Passports are often forgotten among people

Garage openers and keys

We can guarantee that have not thought about this when planning the move. That is why this is probably a thing that people lose sight of the most. It is so subtle that you still probably have them in your car. Even though you do not have bad intentions for people that will live at your current home, it is still a good thing to give them everything that you have. Even the keys that you have given to other people. Yes, new residents will probably change everything when they move into the house, but that does not mean that you should forget about important things like this.

Bank accounts

There are many banks that operate in small areas. They just do not have the ability to go further than this. That is the reason why you have to close your accounts before the move. Of course, if you have any money on them, you should transfer them to the place where you are moving. Nobody thinks of this until it is too late. In order to avoid this, be sure to create a moving checklist for moving to another state or even if you are not moving out of state. It is always good to have money near you than a couple of miles away.

a credit card

You would not want to forget to close bank accounts

Cancel local subscriptions

Until now, you have led a life at your current home city. That means that you probably have some subscriptions to local businesses. It does not matter what you include here. After all, we are all different. But the most common ones are subscriptions to gyms, local newspapers, etc. A problem with this is that you could end up paying even though you have relocated to another place. Do not think that you can do this in a matter of days. Some businesses require that you give 30 days' notice. Have that in mind when planning the perfect relocation!

subscribe sign

Be sure to cancel subscriptions that you do not need


Storage is often necessary when moving. It can get quite messy when packing since there are a lot of boxes and other moving supplies that you are going to use. Of course, if the moving day is close, you may not be able to rent a storage unit. On the other hand, you maybe do not even need it. If you are careful enough, you can make free storage NYC at your own home! You just have to declutter and throw away things that you do not need. After that, you will get more space for the things that you do need for the relocation process.


Relocation is a big thing. People often think of it as a minor thing that they have to do. But, as you can see, there are a lot of forgotten moving-related tasks that can make your move a lot harder. In order to avoid moving day disasters like this, you have to to be sure that this does not happen to you. First, make a moving checklist where you include every detail of the move and check once you finish it. And secondly, do not allow yourself to start late. That is the time when people make mistakes. Plan everything step by step and we guarantee that you will have a successful move.


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