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July 16, 2022

Signs you are ready to upsize your home

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Have you ever felt cramped in your house and don’t have enough space in your closet for all your clothes? Or maybe there isn’t enough kitchen space for all your appliances? Or have a large/growing family and not enough room? Well, these may be signs you are ready to upsize your home.

Upsizing is always a challenge, but the worst is staying in a home where you don’t have space and are uncomfortable. There are a lot more signs of upsizing that you may not be aware of. So, upsizing and moving can be a fun experience especially when the whole family is involved.

Upsizing is great if you need more space for you and loved ones
Upsizing is great if you need more space for yourself and loved ones

Signs you're ready to upsize your home:

  • Feeling cramped
  • Not enough space
  • Privacy
  • Market is good
  • You can afford to upsize
  • Your family is large/growing
  • More storage space
  • Want to have sleepovers
  • Lifestyle change
  • Relocating
  • Upgrades/Renovations

Feeling cramped

You have been staying in the same house for a while and have accumulated a lot of belongings and need some more room to put all your stuff. Another sign is if the rooms in your home are starting to feel smaller and everything just feels clustered, your house may not look neat as there’s everything everywhere. These are perfect examples of how are ready to upsize your home.

Not enough storage space

Space is really important for everyone in the household to be comfortable. Not having enough space could make one feel claustrophobic and sometimes stressed as it understandably can get frustrating. Pets also need space if you have any, so consider them too.

They may need a cage or a little “corner” where they can go and relax or sleep without distractions. It would be great to have a garden in your house if that's within your means so your dog can run around and get some fresh air whenever he wants and for you and your family to have outside space for events or gatherings.


This is especially important if you have other family members in the home. Everyone needs privacy to be able to do their own thing without anyone peeping and making them feel uncomfortable. Privacy allows one to relax and make their space personal.

Market is good

If you’ve always been thinking about upsizing and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so, it is a good idea to make the move when the market is good. This will save you a lot of money and you’ll be smiling your way to the bank. Always look at the market and take advantage of a good price.

You can afford to upsize

Being able to afford a bigger home is a dream for most people. If you are thinking of upsizing and can afford to at any point, then go ahead and move.

Your family is large/growing

You and your partner are staying in a home and have enough space for the two of you however, soon you'll be joined by a third member; upsizing is the way to go in this instance. Make your bigger home personal to you and your partner's aesthetic and set up the baby's room to prepare for their arrival.

This also applies if your parents or other family members are moving in with you. Upsize your home so everyone has their own space and privacy.

Living with other people in your house could make you feel cramped especially in a smaller house thus a bigger home means more space and everyone will feel free.

Having your own space for hobbies is a great advantage to upsizing
Your own space for hobbies is a great advantage to upsizing

More storage space

Upsizing will give you more storage space ensuring that your house stays neat and clear of a cluster of items. Some may argue that upsizing isn’t necessary and that all you could do is just rent storage space, but this is not advisable unless you really can't afford to upsize.

Some people put their items in storage and may need to make trips every other week if not every week to the storage place. We think that going back and forth can get tiring and it’ll cost you gas money which is very inconvenient. So to save yourself the stress, upsize so you have enough space to keep your items inside your home.

Want to have sleepovers

This is a great way to host family and friends at your house. This will make for some great memories and bring you closer as you’ll be bonding. It is nice to be able to have people over at times and not worry about where they’ll sleep if they decide/want to sleep over.

Your kids' friends could also come over for a sleepover or you can host gatherings at your house without worrying about renting a bigger space for that.

Lifestyle change

Maybe you have found a new job that requires working from home and needing an office or your lifestyle has changed and you have taken on some hobbies like painting and need space for that. Or you have new cars and need the extra garage space. Lifestyle changes happen all the time because people grow and find new interests. Embrace that when you do find your new home.


Whether you’re relocating to a new city for a better life or moving to a safer area than the one you’re currently in, take advantage of upsizing as long as the market and your budget allow.

Though relocating can get expensive, keep in mind that some states are cheaper than others. Moving closer to your place of employment, kid's school, public transportation, etc. can also be a little expensive because of convenience.


If your current home needs upgrades or renovations because that costs a lot more than what you expect, then it’s probably time to move. Renovating a home is very expensive and stressful, so finding a new home that doesn’t require upgrades or renovations could end up being the best decision for you. Look at all the pros and cons before you decide.

There are a lot of signs that show it’s time to upsize your home and move. This can be a decision that takes time and you need to make sure you are ready and can afford it. Always look out for good deals on the market to make sure you get the best price. Comfort is key and we hope you will use this to guide your decision.

Once you’ve decided to make that move, feel free to contact Capital City Movers for a stress-free move by professional and expert movers. For a FREE QUOTE call us at (718) 619 4881. Visit our website for more information and about other services we offer.


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