shipping containers|Paying attention to shipping container size while moving is a must|shipping container size is box size-dependant|Shipping container size should be related to the size of boxes|shipping container size should be within budget|The price is shipping container size-related
shipping containers|Paying attention to shipping container size while moving is a must|shipping container size is box size-dependant|Shipping container size should be related to the size of boxes|shipping container size should be within budget|The price is shipping container size-related
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March 28, 2019

Shipping container size - all you need to know

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Shipping containers vary in size in terms of length, height, and width. However, standard container dimensions are 20 and 40 ft. Apart from these average measurements, there are 45 ft ones. They are extremely convenient due to the high cube providing more space for your belongings. Nowadays people opt for these on a regular basis. Containers are used worldwide to relocate versatile industries’ specific equipment. It goes without saying the size of the container affects its price. Thus, choose the cost-effective one. On the whole, the smaller ones are more budget-friendly. With this in mind, here' s some information on shipping container size ins and outs.

Paying attention to shipping container size while moving is a must

Shipping container size is one of the moving catches

Shipping container size determines the items' weight distribution

The median size of the 20 ft shipping container is approximately 144 square feet. Likewise, the average floor area of the 40 ft container is 300 square feet. Needless to say, it is of paramount importance to know how spacious the container is. This will be crucial in regard to organizing your items. Moreover, being aware of container size guides you in the right packing direction. Furthermore, this has an impact on the rest of the moving services such as transportation and loading. Therefore, knowing what box size is the most suitable one determines what type of container you will most likely benefit from.

The moving items number is container size-dependent

A perk of being a container's size conscious is the items’ weight distribution. Knowing the exact shipping container measurements limits the number of belongings. Correspondingly, each moving box carries as much weight as it possibly can. As a result, no box is overloaded. So, none of your possessions will be at risk of damaging in case of a box rupture. To put it briefly, your possessions will reach the new address intact. This is, by all means, a weight off your mind.

An open box.

What you should do is put a special emphasis on shipping container size.

Budget is shipping container size-dependent

Being wary of shipping container size comes in handy with budgetestimation. Bearing in mind what you can pack goes a long way. First of all, you need to check how big a pile of relocation-ready essentials is. If you face ample items, hiring professional assistance is a must. For instance, you can opt for the Queens movers' additional services given they excel at what they do. For that reason, reaching professional movers should be on top of the priority list.

Packing under your own steam due to a limited budget is not the best bet

On the other hand, if your budget is tight, you need to pack single-handedly. Not using special moving services has myriads of disadvantages, though. The worst one is getting injured beyond a shadow of a doubt Heavy boxes lifting while shipping container loading may cause body limbs’ breaking, severe back pain or cramps. So, declutter before you reach an agreement with a moving company. That way you'll know what is the most appropriate container size to satisfy your moving needs.Correspondingly, this will contribute to tightening the belt when relocating.

Tree growing dollar bills.

Shipping container size determines the price

Extra space is large shipping container size vital perk

Another perk of a space-generous storage container is organization-oriented. Extra space is why so many people opt for these. They can divide the shipping container interior into a few separate rooms. By doing so, you can sort the belongings according to any criteria you choose. This facilitates both the loading and the unloading immensely. Trustworthy residential moving companies NYC will deliver the container fraught with neatly packed possessions. You only need to arrange while settling in up to your preferences.

Picking suitable packing supplies as a means of items' safety

In order to protect your belongings when relocating, you need to get appropriate packing supplies. Choosing them wisely mostly depends on the shipping containers' features. For instance:

  • size
  • temperature
  • watertight interior

To illustrate, you are ill-advised to water activated packing tape when transporting the items in shipping containers. The thing is its holding power is not as superb as the power of the acrylic ones. Consequently, the more reliable packing tape safeguards your possessions in the long run. When storing, pay attention to airtight the boxes properly. As a result, your belongings will be secure.

Shipping containers are long-distance-friendly

Shipping containers have been an excellent storage option due to their size. But, what they are particularly suitable for is long-distance relocation. Moreover, you can transport a pile of your possessions for a very short time across the country. This is a highly beneficial characteristic of choosing roomy shipping containers. Furthermore, this ensures your items are completely safe in the container's interior.

Perks of using long-distance relocation shipping containers

Your items will be relocated to a far-away destination without you having to lift a finger. You don’t have to think about driving a rental truck for miles on poor weather conditions. Additionally, you will not waste time in traffic. Consequently, you won't expose yourself to stressful situations such as rush hour. Also, opting for a spacious shipping container for interstate moving won't make a dent in your finances. Moreover, you can cut down on fuel fees. Last, but not least freight companies in charge of interstate relocation tackle the shipping documentation so that you don't have to.


By and large, knowing a thing or two about containers’ size can facilitate your move in terms of saving money. What's more, being familiar with it makes you budget-wise. In addition to this, there is a link between shipping container size and packing. As infuriating as it may be, you should make use of it. Hence the packing process won’t be a time-consuming nerve-racking emotional roller coaster. By contrast, it will be smooth sailing due to meticulously packing items similar in size. Next, if you are made of money, you can rent large long-distance containers. Correspondingly, taking advantage of their convenience will help you relocate at the push of a button. Furthermore, in case you’ve chosen extra services because of too many items, sit back and enjoy not lifting the heavy load.


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