retiring in nyc|Planner on a desk|Coney Island Beach|Randall’s Island Park
retiring in nyc|Planner on a desk|Coney Island Beach|Randall’s Island Park
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January 28, 2022

Retiring in NYC-where to?

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Retirement represents a major turning point and a kind of crossroads in the life of each of us. We welcome it with impatience and unclear life plans. It's a very important part of life, and choosing where to spend that valuable time might be difficult. You must prepare adequately to find the perfect place and activities. Relocation companies in NYC can offer you one of the best solutions when retiring in NYC. So let's start!

Clarify what you truly desire

You spent a lot of years working, running from one place to another. It has been stressful, and now you can finally choose the perfect living place. First of all, it depends on what kind of person you are. Ask yourself what it is you really want. Do you prefer spending free time in nature, doing hiking, fishing, or maybe swimming in a nearby lake? Or are you the more urban kind? Also, there are certain other parameters for finding the ideal location, such as the climate, transportation, medical services, and living costs. In the case of long-distance relocating, use the professional help of long distance movers NYC.

Set up a deadline and find a moving company

When it comes to relocating, it's all about planning on time. That's a complex process. You have to consider a lot of elements, such as your budget, deadline, and moving companies. It's very important to have a plan at least a few weeks before the move. Also, you should declutter your stuff or recycle it. But, the major part is choosing a good relocation company. Feel free to contact residential moving companies in NYC and set a date. We have a lot of different services and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed at all.

Planner on a desk

Remember that good organization is the key to success when retiring in NYC.

West Brighton in Brooklyn

It is located south of Gravesend and west of Brighton Beach. West Brighton offers quite a variety of choices for seniors. If you want to avoid the noise and crowds of the neighborhood, you can always enjoy being near the coast. There is a famous Brighton Beach not far away from the center. Except that this part of New York City is teeming with people your age. Don't wait and go for a walk and explore this beautiful area! If you decide to relocate here, check out these Brooklyn Moving and Storage solutions.

Coney Island Beach

Grab a book and relax on the beach.

Hell's Kitchen is a great idea when retiring in NYC

Yes, it gained its reputation for being one of the city's roughest neighborhoods. But, in recent years, it has become a superb option for those who seek a calm existence. It guarantees a low cost of living and also it represents a senior center. The violent crime rate in Hell's Kitchen is lower than the national average. Located in Manhattan, it provides plenty of parks, such as DeWitt Clinton Park, Hudson Park and Boulevard, and Clinton Cove Park. You may take advantage of this by going for lengthy, healthy walks. If you are unsure about what to visit, here is a small list that can help you:

  • Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum - American military and marine history museum.
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center
  • Fountain House Gallery
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Upper East Side in Manhattan

We are aware of the fact that this part of Manhattan is very expensive. But, if you have enough funds, we suggest you move here. Why is it so popular among seniors? The Upper East Side has more clinics and medical facilities than almost any other area in the United States. Another benefit includes proximity to Central Park. There are also numerous cultural institutions, like the Museum of the City of New York, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and El Museo del Barrio. The Upper East Side has one of the lowest crime rates which is very important when retiring in NYC. Remember that you should also visit art galleries, check out those famous restaurants, and shop at Bloomingdales.

Randall’s Island Park

Use your free time to enjoy yourself at Randall’s Island Park in Upper East Side NYC.

Inwood in Manhattan

Inwood is a very significant part of New York City for people who have retired. It has two big senior citizen centers: the Inwood Senior Center and the Dyckman Senior Center. They connect older adults and, at the same time, provide a wide range of programs and activities, such as transportation, wellness programs, nutrition, and social gatherings. Because the average rent price is cheap, it is one of the finest possibilities for retirees. Given the low crime rates in this neighborhood, this is a fantastic deal. There are several parks and hiking routes where you can keep your shape. When in Inwood, you have to check out the Met Cloisters and dive into medieval art.

Murray Hill

That's a part of Manhattan, NYC. It has a remarkably low crime rate and a lot of good medical facilities. It's a terrific area for retirees because of this! The well-known Grand Central Station is also located here which will make your transportation to other parts of the city much easier. Murray Hill is comparatively less expensive than other of Manhattan's surrounding districts. If you reside in this area, you may walk to the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building by one of the most recognized paths. Plus, you can quickly go to the commercial districts of Midtown and the Financial District. You will not be sorry if you add this to your list of possibilities.


We hope that this article helped you in finding the perfect places when retiring in NYC. Now, you will have a lot of free time and you should use it to enjoy and do all things you haven't done earlier. Watch your favorite movie, read some new books, and grab a good cup of coffee in a coffee shop. Make use of your leisure time to go on a picnic or a trip with your beloved ones.


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