new york city crowds|socializing in NYC||Manhattan moving and storage
new york city crowds|socializing in NYC||Manhattan moving and storage
Relocating to NYC
September 5, 2017

Relocating to NYC from Europe

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You’ve probably heard of how big New York City really is. After relocating to NYC, you will start walking fast for so many reasons. First of all, the crowds are everywhere and people are always in a rush. You might be late to your destination, or trying to walk long-distance from one area to another. Overall, you will find yourself trying to stay out of the way of so many tourists and locals around you.

new york city crowds

After relocating to NYC, you will find yourself trying to stay out of the way of so many tourist crowds.

Avoiding eye contact with strangers can save you money.

Smiling at strangers is not a common thing NYC. Many local sellers on the streets will think of you as a potential buyer, so be aware. 80% of people will not care what you’re doing. When greeting people, the phrase “How you’re doing?” is very common, but just as an act of courtesy.

Tipping is not always included.

And it should be 15-20% at least! Whether you are eating in a restaurant or catching a cab, you should consider that many New Yorkers rely on the tips they get.

socializing in NYC

Tipping in New York City is a must. Consider it is at least 10-15%.

Subway can be very crowded.

New York City subway system functions pretty different than the ones in Europe. People can be pushing you, trying to make their way and not be late. Make sure to leave on time, especially on weekends, because of the train delays.

You better have a medical insurance plan after relocating to NYC from Europe

When you’re relocating to NYC from Europe, you better make plans on time and get information about the medical insurance. Health insurance is considered a luxury in the USA, and dental and vision insurance are usually not covered. If you are relocating to NYC from Europe for a job, make sure the employer is offering you some sort of medical insurance, especially if you’re an expat. Trying to get to the doctor in emergency situations can cost you a lot of money.

ATM’s are everywhere.

Even restaurants have them. Paying in cash is more popular than you might think, and the ATM is available on every corner.

Getting your laundry done can take time

Unlike in Europe, having a washing and drying machine in your apartment is not that common in NYC apartments. It can feel like a luxury, and many buildings have one laundry room for all. If you are not lucky to have one, you will find yourself looking for the nearest laundry service in the area.

Food is everywhere, anytime.

Whether you are a foodie or not, you will discover that you like exotic foods you never even imagined you would try. Order in your favorite food in the middle of the night, or go to the nearest fast food corner. The food can be delicious and very cheap! Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s are not as popular as in Europe.

You will have to learn to save money.

Be sure to find all the information on things you need to pay or buy. There is a pretty good chance that you will learn to save money through your own mistakes. There are so many things to see and buy everywhere. Make sure to know what you really need. If possible, walk wherever you can. Some areas in New York City are best for exploring on foot. Walking can save you money for transportation and make you stay fit!

Relocating to NYC from Europe- Learn how to save money

You will have to learn how to save money in NYC. Local shops are everywhere, so make sure you don't buy what you don't need.

Apartments can get weird.

Anyone who moves to New York City and isn't rich needs to develop a high tolerance for tiny spaces, weird apartment layouts, and barely functional kitchens. Considering the rent cost, it might be the only one you can afford. If you are relocating to NYC from Europe for college, consider that having a roommate is very common.

You can never have too many umbrellas in New York City.

When it rains in New York City, it pours. And it happens more often than you might think. Weather in NYC is very tricky. It can change “from sunny to hurricane” very fast. Make sure you have few layers of clothes on you and bring an umbrella.

The college education is very supportive.

Unlike in Europe, student organizations will actually hold your hand and lead you through the process. There are so many organizations, sports clubs or large events to get students to know one another. After moving to NYC, college students can be a part of a huge orientation week where they help you step-by-step with everything about the university.

It’s a big city, but very straight forward.

It seems like in New York City everything is much more simplified. Things in obvious simplified and strictly divided into areas, neighborhoods, brands, types, grids and area codes. New Yorkers are pretty much straight forward and their mindset can seem black and white. This goes for pretty much everything from food to nightlife, entertainment, careers, and attitudes.

relocating to NYC

Don't be surprised if you find that New York local's mindset is pretty much straight forward.

New York is every artist’s paradise!

There are international music and film events everywhere. You can see extraordinary worldwide artists that are underrecognized and attend dance and music events from more than 100 countries from around the world. World’s famous Broadway theater is the reason many people visit New York City every year. If you are a fan, prepare some money in advance and make sure to buy tickets in time. On the other hand, if you are relocating to NYC from Europe, looking to stay on a budget, this city is a host of so many free art events and festivals, many of them held in Central Park.

Even locals don’t know every part of the city.

You can live in New York for decades and still find yourself discovering new things. This city is so huge and diverse, and it never sleeps. If you plan to relocate to New York City, consider making friends with locals and avoid crowded tourist places. It will make you feel like a New Yorker in no time!


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