office space|Relocating office space NYC|office making a list|prepare your office space|office paperwork
office space|Relocating office space NYC|office making a list|prepare your office space|office paperwork
NYC Special Moving Assistance
September 16, 2017

Relocating NYC office space – be prepared

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Relocating NYC office space or your entire company is different than moving your household. The steps you have to take to relocate your business are different and more complex. When thinking to relocate the most important thing is to prepare the moving process in detail. Before moving to your new office, research convenient locations for your business and choose the neighborhood in New York City that suits you the best. Be aware that you might need help from professionals to assist you in organizing everything. If you plan on time, you will avoid stress during the moving process.

Relocating office space NYC

Make sure to plan on time and avoid stress when relocating your office to NYCPlanning your move takes time so you should consider having an assistant to help you organize better. Sometimes when relocating your NYC office space you have to include your employees in the moving process. They can do different tasks to help with the whole move so relocating doesn't have to be difficult and filled with stress. Here are few things you need to know before relocating your office to New York City.

Prepare for the move

Preparation for your move is the most important step of the moving process. Determining the time frame of the move is crucial. Knowing your final move out sets the schedule of your move. Setting the plan for your move and a time line will make the moving job much easier. The plan should be divided into different stages. If you are hiring a reliable company to help you relocate offices NYC, you should ask them to help you with your preparations.

office making a list

Communicate with your employees and let them help you during the moving process.Gathering the team and telling them about your moving preparations is the next step. Your team can help with the relocation process. Each department or division of the team should have a coordinator to help organize the move of that sector of the business. Your team can help make an inventory list of all the office supplies, personal belongings from their desks, other documents and files they are working on.

Be flexible with working hours

While working under special circumstances as is a moving process, your workers should know their new responsibilities. Different working hours should be set if there has been a change to your normal schedule. You can always ask your workers to tell you about the faults of the current office space. They can make suggestions and requirements for the new one. Suggestions could help you choose a more efficient NYC office space.Signing the lease for a new office space should be done before you organize your move. For the move to go smoothly it is advisable, if possible, to prepare your new NYC office space so it’s ready for you to move in.

Establish a budget for relocating NYC office space

When relocating NYC office space you should consider professional help. Calling and organizing your movers is the next step. Your moving company should make an cost estimate for your move. Establishing a budget for moving an office space is a primary concern for many business companies. Before setting the budget the first thing you should do is calculate how will the moving process affect your business. The next thing to do is to meet professional movers and ask them to make an estimate of the moving cost. Main factors they will consider are the distance of the move and amount of office furniture and supplies.

Making the inventory

Relocating NYC office space

Make an inventory when relocating NYC office space, so nothing gets lost during the moving process.Relocating NYC office space can be easy when you make the inventory list of all the items that should be moved.

  • The inventory list should be made before hiring the professional moving company. The moving company can also assist you and make the inventory list with you. This way nothing will be lost during the move. Movers will also know which are the most important items so they can label the moving boxes correctly before the transportation.
  • Make sure you sort out the most important files first and, if possible, be present for the packing process. That way you can direct and assist the moving company workers. If you are not able to be present during the moving process, assign that task to a reliable worker or your college.

Prepare your new office space

  • The best way to prepare your new office space to be ready for you to move in is to prepare your new office space. You can also make and layout so you know where everything goes after you move. Keep in mind that this process takes time and you should plan ahead. Your layout should indicate where every item is going to be placed and determine the overall look of your new office space.
  • If you need help you can always hire an architect to advise and help you get the most of your new office space. If you haven’t decided how your new office should look like, you can hire a decorator to give you ideas.
  • During the moving process, you have to have a good communication with our employees. Making an internal and external communication plan can make this process easy and efficient. The internal communication plan will keep your employees informed of every step of the moving process. The external communication plan is there to ensure that your customers and suppliers are informed about the changes that your company makes while relocating NYC office space. Your moving company should be always reachable during the whole moving process.

Moving across state - what to prepare

Moving your business company across state requires professional help for sure. The reliable moving company should always advise you of all the requirements and paperwork you will need to make the moving possible. Gathering all the paperwork for interstate or international move of your office space to NYC might take more time than expected. It is advisable to plan your move a year ahead.

office paperwork

Make sure to gather all the paperwork for interstate or international move of your office space to NYC.When relocating NYC office space you should notify all your customers and clients about your move.Organizing your marketing team to announce the company's relocation is a great way to get the attention and not to lose clients in the process. Remind them that even if you are moving that doesn’t mean your services would be unavailable. Inform them of your relocation date, advertise your new offices and show them how your services operate during that period of time. Communication with your customers is the key to a successful relocating office space NYC process.


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