Reasons why low ball moving quotes could be tricky|Money|
Reasons why low ball moving quotes could be tricky|Money|
Relocating to NYC
October 28, 2020

Reasons why low ball moving quotes could be tricky

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From the moment you find out you will have to move, you are all about the plans. You want to take time to pick a new home, say goodbye to your dear neighbors, and choose a moving company wisely. When it comes to requesting an estimate from a moving company, you want to get an accurate one. This is because of planning out your budget accordingly. Unluckily, most people make mistakes when it comes to getting moving quotes. Maybe you did not know, but low ball moving quotes could be tricky for many reasons. Therefore, you should take time and find out what mistakes to avoid when it comes to getting estimates. For this reason, we have prepared tips for moving to NYC trouble-free. Keep reading and you will learn the things you should look out for when hiring a moving company for your upcoming move.

Watch out when researching moving companies

Every person who has to move soon expects to get polite and professional treatment from the chosen movers. But, sometimes our expectations are the opposite from reality. Unfortunately, many scam moving companies on the market use clever ways to get your money. If you are not careful at all, you will easily become a victim of fraudulent movers. To avoid a scenario like this, make sure to know what to look out for. So, take the advice from professionals but also from people who went through the moving process with the help of reliable movers. It is always clever to opt for hiring reputable and trustworthy movers such as Brooklyn Heights movers. Not only could they provide you with safe and fast service, but also you will remember those useful tips and consider every time you ask for moving quotes.


Accepting low ball moving estimates can cause serious trouble.

What is it about the low ball moving quotes that could be tricky?

A low ball moving quote is an unrealistically low moving estimate you could get from a certain moving company. Thus, when moving estimate is so affordable, people may naively accept it and hire movers without asking questions. However, when they get the final bill they become surprised by charges they did not count on. If you are wondering how to overcome unexpected costs, our Capital City Movers NYC will be happy to shed some light on the matter. Here is how to spot red flags of the low ball moving estimates that could be tricky:

  1. The moving company does not look at your belongings. Besides, there is no written record of the quote. Obviously, you could get an unrealistic price.
  2. They leave out fees and other costs. Charges and fees for gas and transportation, labor costs, packing and unpacking services, additional insurance, accessorial services, storage services, and packing materials should be included in the moving estimate you get. So, if you get the price too good to be true check to see if any of these costs are missing.
Reasons why low ball moving quotes could be tricky

Estimates you get over the phone are not reliable.

Quotes are given over the phone

Low ball moving quotes could be tricky and usually, you will get them over the phone. If your movers did not come to see your household belongings in person, they are not able to give your precise quote. So, what you get is not the full price you will have to pay. Instead of the final bill, you will get a low ball moving estimate that can cause you a headache sooner than you think. Check to see if they are registered at FMCSA.


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