Manhattan street||Dinosaur in the Museum||Playground in Manhattan - the proof that raising a family in Manhattan is possible
Manhattan street||Dinosaur in the Museum||Playground in Manhattan - the proof that raising a family in Manhattan is possible
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July 9, 2018

Raising a family in Manhattan - yes or no?

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Is it possible to raise a family in Manhattan? Of course, it is not impossible, but we want to provide you with all the pros and cons so you can make the right decision for your family. We want to beat the blanket statement that NYC is a “terrible place to raise children” giving you real information about a family living in Manhattan. We want to be objective before you make the decision that can change your entire life, habits, and lifestyle. That’s why we bring you some reasons why raising a family in Manhattan is a good idea and some reasons why it’s tough to raise a family here. Keep reading.


Exciting Manhattan can also be a great place for raising a family

Pros of raising a family in Manhattan

Exciting Manhattan famous for great opportunities for young professionals also offers a wide range of options for families. It is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families, offering you a wide range of great job opportunities, education, and entertainment.

Entertainment options

Manhattan isn’t just about shopping eating, it offers a lot more things to do for families. There are many cultural and sports activities for children in Manhattan. You can spend quality time with your children at the Museum of Natural History or you can take them to their first Broadway show. Also, you can go to a Yankees game or walk through beautiful parks where you can play many sports. Yes, living in Manhattan is stressful, but it has plenty of options and opportunities for each member of your family.There are tons of museums, zoos, and kid-friendly attractions in entire NYC, not just Manhattan. And it is a great thing you can have a lot of free entertainment options as well. Yes, it will be a big change if you are moving from suburb to the center of “the City that never sleeps”, but when you explore all its advantages you will find happiness and you can forget about boredom that is common in suburbia.

Dinosaur in the Museum

Take your children to the museum to enjoy many great exhibits

Public Transportation

One of the things you’ll like in Manhattan – it is walkable and it has many transportation options. You don’t have to have a car you can walk a few blocks to go to the grocery store or to catch a movie. Also, you can take the subway into Manhattan if you want to commute to other neighborhoods in NYC.


One of the things you’ll like in Manhattan – it is walkable and it has many transportation options. All residents in Manhattan use the subway to commute to other neighborhoods.

Different cultures

Manhattan is great because you can see the whole world in just one city! You can eat great Chinese food or you can visit one of the authentic Central American, Dominican, Indian, Nepalese, Mexican restaurants. In the entire NYC, there are various communities where you can experience different cultures. Your kids will be exposed to people of every race, ethnicity, gender, and class.

Cons of raising a family in Manhattan

When you decide to relocate your family, the first thing you have to do is to hire the best Manhattan movers, then you should be aware of all disadvantages of living with family in Manhattan. For this big life change, you have to be well prepared if you want to call Manhattan your home.

Cost of Housing

We are not gonna lie, living in Manhattan is expensive especially when it comes to housing costs. Especially when you have a bigger space for entire family you should be prepared to pay more for it. Or, if you want to save money and rent a small apartment in Manhattan, then you should try to optimize the area to maximize your usable space.

No outdoor space

Not having an outdoor space like a backyard can be a big NO for living in Manhattan with children. If you want to have BBQs in the summer in your backyard or to make an inflatable pool, then Manhattan isn't placed for you. In Manhattan, you should be ready to live in an apartment. But, in Manhattan, you have many city parks and public outdoor spaces where you can spend time with your family.

Wonderful places in Manhattan to raise a family

There are many great Manhattan neighborhoods. Following five neighborhoods can be a great option for anyone that is raising a family in Manhattan.

  • Battery City Park

One of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Manhattan is Battery City Park. Your children will love the local parks and great public and private schools. Also, you can expect many family-friendly activities in this area.

  • Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is another great option. This neighborhood is located on the upper end of Manhattan and provides families with the access to Central Park, where you can have fun and quality time with your children.

Playground in Manhattan - the proof that raising a family in Manhattan is possible

Manhattan neighborhoods have plenty of playgrounds where you can have fun with your kids

  • Tribeca

Another great neighborhood for families in Manhattan is Tribeca. Near the Hudson River, it offers good schools, a variety of parks and kid-friendly businesses.

  • Hell’s Kitchen

Located near Midtown, Hell’s Kitchen is an area that is transformed from a working-class neighborhood to the great raise-a-family neighborhood. It is safe and it has more affordable housing options than other neighborhoods in the Manhattan.

  • Harlem

Harlem is quickly becoming one of the most popular neighborhoods in the Manhattan to raise a family. It is a home of great schools and activities for children. So, we can say your search for the perfect family-friendly neighborhood in Manhattan is done! Moving with a baby to NYC doesn't have to be a stressful and overwhelming task, with right assistance and NYC moving professionals you can easily relocate to Manhattan and its great neighborhoods.


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