New York city skyline.|kid acting like superman||kid about raising kids in New York|night in NYC|Kids on a rollercoaster in NYC.|Two girls holding hands.|
New York city skyline.|kid acting like superman||kid about raising kids in New York|night in NYC|Kids on a rollercoaster in NYC.|Two girls holding hands.|
NY lifestyle
March 15, 2019

Pros and cons of raising kids in NYC

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There are many benefits to raising kids in NYC. But just as like there are pros, there are also some negative aspects of it. Life in the big city is vastly different than the one in a suburb or a smaller town. Both have their strong points. And neither of them will necessarily negatively impact your kids. Although it might give them very different lifestyles, views, and opinions. Here are some positive and negative aspects of raising kids in New York City. Then, you can decide whether it’s a good thing for you and your family.

Raising kids in NYC is harder than in a small town

The first thing that you should be aware of is that raising kids in NYC is a bit harder than if you were to live in a small town. New York is a huge city. And while that offers many benefits, you will need to keep a much closer eye on your kids. With many opportunities come many responsibilities. There won’t be an option for them to go play in the backyard. So, you will have to accompany them to the nearest park when they want to play outside. At least while they are younger. Similarly, you will also have to pay much more attention to baby proofing your NYC home. Living in a tall building is not the same as living in a house. And there are many more danger zones in a city apartment.

A boy in a studio is an advantage of raising kids in NYC.

Your kid can become whatever they want in NYC

New York City offers many opportunities

While there are many dangers of raising kids in NYC, it also offers a lot of opportunities. Both for you and your kids. You will be able to get a much better job than you ever could in a small town. And that will be a huge boost to your family’s financial situation. You will be able to afford better living conditions and many things that your family will appreciate. Likewise, your kids will have many more opportunities. Both when growing up and later on in life. From the excellent school system to great job opportunities later on. And growing up in the city will teach them all the necessary skills to not only survive but thrive. So, looking into interstate moving companies NYC and moving there might not be such a bad idea.

The Big Apple offers great cultural diversity

New York City is one of the best places in the world to experience cultural diversity. People from all over the world move and live in the Big Apple. So, by having the first-hand experience with different cultures, your kids will grow up to be respectful of others. They will be immersed in many different cultural backgrounds. From the food that they eat to the friends that they spend time with. And that is something that is much harder to teach.

Two girls holding hands.

In New York, your kids will learn a lot of things that they won't be able to learn anywhere else

New York City is crowded

Finding a calm and quiet space in the big city is much harder. With so many people living and working in such a small area, it’s almost impossible to have some peace and quiet outside of your own apartment. And even then, don’t be surprised if you are woken up early in the morning by some construction. Or even loud neighbors.

Housing costs are much greater in NYC

One thing that people universally complain about in almost every major city is housing prices. And New York City is no different. With real estate prices skyrocketing you will have a hard time finding a decent home for cheap. So, you will have to make a choice. Either live more modestly in a larger home or spend more on lifestyle while sacrificing the space. But, when raising kids in NYC you will need space. At first, you will be able to get away with a small apartment. You can decorate your home so it seems larger. But as they grow older they will need privacy and space for themselves.

New York offers many entertainment options

A big city offers many amenities and many entertainment options. So going out won’t be the same every time. You will have tons of option to choose from. From movie theaters to actual theaters. Parks, playgrounds, playrooms and so much more. Your every family night out will be fun and full of new and interesting things to do. And if you decide for a night out on your own, you have many great bars to choose from.

Kids on a rollercoaster in NYC.

New York can offer different types of fun for everybody!

Babysitters are expensive in New York

Hiring a babysitter in New York City is a big expense. So, in order to be able to enjoy all those entertainment options alone, you will have to be able to afford one. And that makes raising children in the city more expensive.

NYC has some of the best schools in the world

Many of the words best schools call New York their home. And your kids will have some truly great options to choose from. No matter if they want to study arts or sciences. New York has a lot to offer. And the schools in NYC are one of the biggest strong points of raising kids in NYC. It offers so many life and career paths that you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s all up to you

In the end, it’s all up to you. And your view of the world. New York City is one of the best places in the world for some. While others see it only as a concrete jungle. Filled with people who only look after themselves. And while it might be true that people are friendlier in smaller cities, NYC still has a lot to offer. You will sacrifice some living space. And you might not always have enough time to slow down. But your kids will grow up in a diverse and prosperous city. They will learn how to deal with the hardships of life. And they will learn to respect and understand others. It’s up to you now to decide how valuable that is to you and your kids.


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