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July 15, 2022

Pros and cons of moving closer to family

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Moving closer to the family is a great help especially if you have young children and are a single parent. As with most families, there can be some disagreements. This may make you want to be as far away from family as possible so you won’t see them often. It is true though that one should always choose family over everything and anyone else, as humans we are bound to have arguments with our family members. There are pros and cons of moving closer to family and if you're thinking about moving, consider the things listed below before you make this big decision.

Happy family moving house
Decide according to what will benefit you more and not others

Moving closer to family is a big decision


Support- people move closer to the family for different reasons, but the most common is probably for support. Support comes in many forms/ways and those include:

  • Single parent- being a single parent is extremely hard. Children need their parents almost every hour of every day and as a single parent, if you don’t get to have free time, it can get overwhelming and you may end up feeling depressed. That’s why moving closer to the family as a single parent is a huge advantage. Support from family helps with the stress of being a single parent. You can always ask family to take care of your child/children for a few hours a week or even better, drop them off on weekends to spend time with grandparents if you need a break. Take advantage of family help and never feel bad for asking.
  • Babysitting- as we said before, ask the family to babysit. Whether it’s every day for a couple of hours or just during weekends. Family is almost always willing to help and this is a great way for the family to bond with your children.
  • A place to sleep when your house is being renovated- having family closer to you is great when you need a place to sleep in general, it is especially great if your home is being renovated or still being built. You can always go to your family's home and sleep over till your house is ready. This will save you hotel money and you'll get to spend quality time with family.

Family time- spending time with family makes the bond stronger so moving closer will guarantee some bonding time. You could plan sleepovers and game nights and have fun together.

Family gatherings- you won’t miss family gatherings as you’ll be closer. You can attend gatherings without feeling excluded.

Never missing milestones or birthdays- you won’t miss any family milestones and they won’t miss any milestones of you and your children. Attending birthdays without having to compromise on some because of distance is another advantage.

Travel time and costs- save money on traveling costs plus time to get from your home to your family’s home.

Grndparents bonding with their grandchildren


Family may take advantage- let’s be honest and admit that sometimes family takes advantage of your kindness in some way or another. Moving closer to them can make you a target for this.

Cost of moving- moving is expensive, especially during peak season which is when most people prefer to move. If you can afford to move around that time you’re good, but if not, try to move when it's the off-peak season to save money.

Surprise visits- some family members feel so entitled that they come to your house unannounced. It is very unpleasant when people just come in without letting you know prior as you may have plans. Sometimes you may have made plans with friends and need to get out of the house. Their coming may be a major inconvenience.

Increased sense of obligation- the family may feel obligated to do whatever they want in your home. They may have some sense of entitlement.

Arguments- disagreements are likely to happen when you're close to people, especially family. You may disagree on some things and that may lead to an argument.

Moving away from friends- sometimes you might have to choose between family and friends when deciding to move. If there are more advantages to moving closer to family, do it. This will create some distance between you and your friends. And it's sometimes hard to maintain a long-distance friendship.

Unfamiliar territory- moving to a neighborhood you aren’t familiar with is also another big con. You would have to start everything from scratch. From making friends to knowing where the stores are, finding a doctor, school for your kids, etc. Moving to an unfamiliar place may be overwhelming and that’s completely understandable.

It is good to visit your family frequently if possible to get familiar with the place before the move. Also, research surrounding areas and ask your family for recommendations, whether it's restaurants or a vet if you have a pet.

Try to take over parenting- this applies to most grandparents. They can get too involved with your children and try to dictate what you should be doing and how to raise your children. Many conflicts can arise because of this. Talk to your parents respectfully and make them understand. Tell them the rules you have about raising your children.

In summary

Whatever you decide to do about moving closer to family. The decision should be the right one for you and remember to communicate this with your family before you make the move so they know you’re coming and this will make them more willing to help if you need it. Family needs to also understand that you have boundaries and should respect them.

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Remember that it is normal to feel doubtful at times once you've moved, but always be thankful for the family as some people aren’t blessed with one.


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