Moving essentials box.|Clothes, bag, and jewelry.|Man shoping for essential box packing|Dental brush and a toothpaste|Family working out the logistics|Close up of bananas in a supermarket.|Two toothbrushes and a paste.|Items for a moving essentials box.
Moving essentials box.|Clothes, bag, and jewelry.|Man shoping for essential box packing|Dental brush and a toothpaste|Family working out the logistics|Close up of bananas in a supermarket.|Two toothbrushes and a paste.|Items for a moving essentials box.
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April 22, 2019

Prepare your essentials box for moving

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So, you are about to move? There is a ton of things you should cover, and usually little time to do it. Life can’t stop because of your move. You need to be ready for everyday activities, to go to work, school, or whatever is going on in your life. That is why you’ll need to take some steps to keep your everyday activities intact. One of those steps is to pack an essentials box. The “open-first box” how they call it. The one box that will maintain your everyday pace. Here in this article, we will advise on what should that box contain.

What is the essentials box?

This is widely known as a first box you will open once you are in your new home. A box that includes items for everyday activities. Those are cleaning products for every room in your house. There are different ones for the kitchen, bathroom, and every other room in your house. Then, we have towels, cleaning cloth, paper towels, and toilet paper. Next, your box should have a few pieces of tools and an all-purpose knife. A few cans of food and of course a can opener. A couple of plates and plastic glasses. A survival kit that will help you clean and prepare small meals on your first day. Also, all the paperwork and legal documents you have you should include in your essentials box. Or keep them aside in your handbag for extra safety.The box with essentials is important especially if you hired a moving company. It will provide all the basics you need while waiting on your belongings to be delivered. And it will sustain you in the case of a delay. A delay in delivery can happen to anyone, and there is not much you can do about it. This is why you should search for a reliable moving company. Check out one of the relocation companies NYC. You can't make a mistake with them.

Prepare everything on time

Packing is one of the moving processes that requires most of your time and dedication. You need to cover everything in a short time. You’ll need packing supplies and materials, along with moving boxes. Hence, while in the process of packing, set aside items, one by one. Items that you will need for your essentials box. Once you are done, pack the pile of items you decided you need for your open-first box. Although, this does not apply to your most important items like a phone and a phone charger, toothbrush, and medicines. Those are always with you, in your personal bag, pocket, or a glove compartment of your car.

Items for a moving essentials box.

Make sure that you have everything you need with you.While we are on the topic of packing, you should consider letting professionals handle this one for you. Moving companies offer services for packing and unpacking for a very affordable price. And we will recommend such a moving company. Try out Park Slope movers, one of the best moving crews in the area. Let someone who packed and moved a thousand times, cover all your needs. You’ll be most satisfied.

What are the most essential everyday items you should pack?

First night and the morning after can be hectic and chaotic if you are missing one of the essential items. Here we will list a few basic ones that everyone should remember to bring.Kitchen – The items you’ll need most likely in the kitchen are dishtowel, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, toaster, coffee maker. Also, a few cans of food, peanut butter jar, snacks, beverages, and pet food if you have one. Lastly, a few dishes, cups, and utensils that will serve you while preparing a quick meal.BathroomBathroom is the one you should pay special attention to. You’ll need a bar of hand soap, shampoo, a toothbrush for each member of the family. Most importantly, toilet paper.All-purpose items – Here we have garbage bags, flashlight, emergency first-aid kit, small tool kit, and knife or scissors. You will need the all-purpose knife to open other boxes when you begin unpacking.Personal items – Medicines, medical records, passport, personal ID, and all other legal documents.

Two toothbrushes and a paste.

Do not forget your most essential everyday items.

Each member of the family has certain needs

No one ever stated that you should have only one essentials box. Especially if your family is big, there is little chance that everything will fit in one box. If you can rely on your family members that they can do this themselves, they should. Instruct them on how to do it and provide help if needed. Remind them to pack clothes, toiletries, books, electronics, and personal documents. Furthermore, you should label all boxes with the room, name, and contents. This will help a lot while you are unpacking. Anything they would need in the first couple of days. Although, if you have small ones running around, let them keep on running and pack them yourself. Just do not forget to pack toys for moving. Your kids need a distraction in such a stressful event.

There should be a grocery store nearby

Do not forget to check the stores that are available to you in your new neighborhood. Especially if you are moving while sick. You need to know if there is a pharmacy near your apartment. Also, the grocery stores locations and working hours. This might come in handy for a quick re-supply. Usually, this is great advice for a one member family. If you are moving alone, you might not need an essentials box at all. You’ll probably pack everything that will cover your everyday needs in a handy bag. We already mentioned that you should bring food for the first 24hr. But, you should know which stores are available to you since you will fill your fridge soon enough.

Close up of bananas in a supermarket.

Find out where is your local market located. Your essential box can sustain you for a couple of days only.

Transport the essentials box yourself

It is good that you hired NYC special moving assistance. But what if your helpers by accident pack your box along with the sea of other boxes. That would prove difficult once you arrive at your new home and need something out of it. That is why beside packing the essentials box yourself, you’ll need to carry it as well. As soon as you are done with the packing of this valuable box, set it aside. Preferably to a place where no one can reach it. The best would be in the back seat of your car. The general idea is to have this box available as soon as you enter your new home. That is why it is extremely important that you always know of its whereabouts.There we go. Now you know more about how to pack the essentials box. We are sure you knew most of it before, but in the chaotic moving environment, it is easy to forget a thing or two. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy once you start packing for a big day. We wish you a safe and successful relocation.


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