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November 17, 2022

Potential problems when moving

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Moving has benefits and drawbacks, as well as occasionally unanticipated issues. Some issues are beyond one's control, and others can just be poor luck. It is impossible to predict how or when movement issues would arise. You can always manage to deal with them and go past them, though. 

To avoid moving barriers or at least have some degree of influence over them, planning is the best course of action. A strategy helps you be ready for any unfavorable events that may occur. To ensure a stress-free transfer, we'll go over what you can do for yourself and improve the situation.

Be careful when lifting furniture to prevent injuries

Let's explore the potential issues that could arise when moving:

The house isn't finished. 

A house that isn't ready is one of the major hassles of moving. Tenants might not have known in advance or have a backup plan, which could be a significant blow to them. This may occur if you naively sign a lease or skip a personal tour of the property. The house must be seen in person before you sign anything, for this reason.

Now what?

Verify the lease's particular terms and conditions to be sure you know what you're getting. Read it thoroughly, preferably with a friend.

If you have children and pets, book a hotel room for a night or two while you prepare the house. If you have family or friends in the same town, ask them if they can assist. Additionally, look for local storage facilities where you can temporarily store your items. 


Scamming is more common than you think. The majority of people are duped without even realizing it. Some moving companies take advantage of their customers by charging far more than the estimate just to make a “profit.”

This is regrettably a frequent occurrence and a significant issue while moving. Investigate the company's reputation and certifications to prevent fraud. Check out their endorsements and reviews as well. A company is most likely a scam if it sounds too good to be true. 

Ask your family and friends for recommendations; it will be really helpful. 

Insufficient packing materials 

Why are packing materials necessary? Well, without any, you cannot move. They keep all of your possessions neatly organized. The majority of the time, packing mishaps are the result of you possibly underestimating the quantity of moving supplies you require.

Buy more supplies than you need; it is not a waste. You could always return the extra unused supplies. Some supply stores offer packing supplies for rent, and that’s great if you have a surplus. Some full-service moving companies offer delivery and pickup of supplies. This does not apply to all supplies, so check with the company to see which ones they provide and which ones they don't.

If you can’t afford to rent packing bins, you could make do with what you already have. From garbage bags, luggage bags, and old boxes (that are still in good condition). Be resourceful and make it work.

Not enough time.

Moving at the last minute can make you pressed for time. And that means delaying your move, or worse, being unable to move when you’re supposed to, making it difficult to relocate. Understandably, some last-minute moves may be out of your control, but you can always make it work and be ready by moving day.

Several moving companies can help make your last-minute move swift. The best moving company will be one that understands your needs and works with you to get things done promptly. Some companies offer a full-service move that includes packing, relocating, and unpacking services. If you have the funds and can afford it, that would be the best solution to a last-minute move.


The worst possible problem when moving is an injury. Most injuries can be prevented by following the correct protocol when lifting furniture or being careful when handling your items. Injuries that can happen while moving include a slipped disk, a dislocated joint, and cuts and sprains.

Taking precautions and wearing the right gear is crucial to preventing injuries. Ensure you have the correct shoes, clothes, and gloves for moving stuff around. Also, make sure the house is clean, and take extra caution when moving furniture up and down the stairs. Seek help from close family to make the moving process safe.

Damage to furniture

Believe it or not, damage to furniture is a problem when moving. This is mainly caused by improper packing of supplies or poor handling of items. Most damages happen because of negligence. It is, therefore, important to hire professionals who have the expertise to move your items correctly.

If moving yourself, get the proper packing supplies and wrap all belongings correctly. Also, put extra cushioning between the furniture in the truck to prevent further damage. Remember to also secure everything with straps. 

TIP: Most moving companies have insurance to protect your assets from damage. Ensure the company offers this before you hire them.

Truck breakdown

Unfortunately, trucks can break down suddenly while en route to their destination. A truck breaking down could be caused by numerous reasons, but the moving company will communicate any problems.

If you have rented a truck, however, that could be another major obstacle, as you would need to call the company yourself and sort it out. The best solution to dealing with this is to allow at least 2-3 days for your move to be complete, so you are better prepared for any mishaps that can happen along the way.

Missing keys

An essential that you cannot do without is a set of keys. They should be packed in your purse and kept on your person during the move. If you lose the keys, it could pose a major problem, especially if you are moving out of state. Getting a replacement key could take a while, so keep your keys safe at all times.

Keep your keys safe at all times

No elevator

One of the biggest inconveniences when moving to a new home is not having an elevator. You may or may not have known that the building doesn’t have it, and that could potentially make unpacking and moving in slow. We would recommend going to the building in person before you move in.

Tip: To speed up the process and make it easier for you or the movers, reserve an elevator if your building has one.


Pets are a huge responsibility, and you shouldn’t forget about their essentials when moving. Like kids, pets need water, food, and some treats. Some pets don't do well in the car as they can get anxious or motion sick. Be prepared for this by making sure you have all the proper medication and enough water and food for the whole trip.

Make them feel comfortable by giving them their favorites and taking frequent breaks so they can run and get their energy out.

Missing documents

When packing your belongings, many things can go missing, including important documents. This is also one of the major problems that can arise when moving. Keep your ID, license, lease, medical records, and passports on your person.

Before you start packing, pick a bag of essentials, and put your documents in it. This will prevent them from getting lost, misplaced, or thrown out by mistake. The bag will not be going in the moving truck.

Forgetting essentials

Never make this mistake. Forgetting essentials could be a big problem, especially if the move is long-distance. Ensure you are properly prepared, and make a checklist so you don't forget anything important.

No utilities in the new home

Another possible problem when moving is not having utilities set up in your new home. Utilities should always be connected at least 2 weeks before you move in. To transfer or close accounts, contact all your utility companies. Don't forget to change the address too, so you can receive mail at your new home.

With the stress of moving, there will almost certainly be issues if you don't have a plan. Have a checklist for everything, and remember to pack enough essentials with you. Don't put any important documents, keys, or IDs in the moving truck. Ensure that the moving company has insurance that will cover any damages that may occur during the trip.

Tip: If you are in doubt, communicate your concerns with the moving company.

Let us make your move stress-and problem-free

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