plastic bins|home moving|plastic storage bins|plastic storage boxes||Crate with FRAGILE stamp on it - always take care of more fragile belongings.|A checklist can help determine how many plastic bins you actually needs to get ahold of.|Remember to balance the bins and boxes, heavier on the bottom and lighter on top.
plastic bins|home moving|plastic storage bins|plastic storage boxes||Crate with FRAGILE stamp on it - always take care of more fragile belongings.|A checklist can help determine how many plastic bins you actually needs to get ahold of.|Remember to balance the bins and boxes, heavier on the bottom and lighter on top.
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May 15, 2019

Plastic bins - relocation advantages

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The moving process is becoming easier every day. You can find many reliable moving companies around you and hire them for various moving services. From packing to relocating even the biggest and heaviest items. During every relocation, packing is an essential part of the process. Although many people are used to packing into regular cardboard boxes, plastic moving boxes NYC seem to be becoming more and more popular. And that's because there are many advantages to using them. From much fewer leftovers to a smaller impact on the environment. They are sturdier and much simpler to handle. And they might just be perfect for your relocation. Take a look at some of the most important advantages of using plastic bins for your relocation.

Cardboard or plastic moving boxes NYC?

If you are considering relocation, you are probably thinking about how to organize everything. And, the packing process is an important thing to organize. With so many items to pack it'ss often hard to know where to start. Especially when you are moving an entire household. And buying packing materials is a good way to start. Cardboard boxes are still popular and used by a lot of people. But there are many drawbacks to using them. From their impact on the environment to them not being strong enough to hold large and heavy items. So, although many people still use cardboard boxes, plastic bins are becoming more popular every day. And that's due to many factors. The packing process is not always simple, especially if you are moving long distance. Lately, many cross-country moving companies NYC offer them as an essential part of the packing supplies.

home moving

Whether you are moving your home or your business, consider packing in plastic bins. They are pretty versatile so you can use them for almost any purpose.

Plastic bins are getting more popular

The use of plastic bins is becoming very popular for many reasons. First of all, they are pretty versatile, so you can use them for almost any purpose. From packing your clothes to packing your book collection. Secondly, moving companies often rent them as packing supplies since they don’t break easily like cardboard boxes. The material that is used to make plastic bins is corrugated fiberboard, which makes them very durable and flexible. Besides, they are easy to stack in the storage and you can seal them with the lid. Which provides extra protection to your belongings, while giving you easy access to them.The convenience of plastic bins doesn’t mean that cardboard boxes are overrated.Moreover, using cardboard boxes is pretty convenient for storing light and non-breakable items such as clothes, towels, etc. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of using them during your move.

The advantages of plastic moving boxes NYC over cardboard boxes

Before you decide whether to buy cardboard boxes or go with rent plastic moving boxes, you should know all the advantages that come with using plastic bins. And there are many of them. Depending on your type of relocation, you will certainly find at least a few upsides of using them.

Plastic bins are easier to store

When using cardboard boxes, you don’t always have the option of stacking them edge-to-edge. Yes, they can be easily folded and stored. But, if you need them in a hurry, you have to put them together and tape them. It requires more time and effort, which is something you can't always afford. On the other hand, plastic ones will always hold their shape and they are very easy to stack. You can simply stack them one on top of each other. And the only space that they will be taking is vertical. This is pretty convenient if you have a big household to move or you’re relocating an office. That's one of the reasons why many commercial moving companies NYC recommend them.Plastic bins are easier to carry, slide and move since their lid is very solid. You won't have to worry too much about damaging them during the move. And in turn, making them useless for your relocation. Also, you don’t have to waste time on labeling and taping them. Plastic bins are see-through, you can easily check which items you packed into them.

transparent plastic moving boxes NYC

You can save time on labeling and taping cardboard boxes and use plastic containers instead.

Your belongings will be secured in the storage unit

If you are looking to find a good storage solution for your belongings, you should rent a dry and secure one. Reliable moving companies offer various sizes of storage units NYC. And you can't always be sure how much space you will be needing after a year or two. With cardboard boxes, you need to get this right since it's not recommended to stack them on top of each other.But with plastic bins, you can. And also, plastic bins will guarantee that your things will stay dry.Moreover, they will protect your belongings from temperature changes, bugs, and odd smells. Their lids can be easily sealed and prevent anything from getting in. And when you need access to your belongings, it's just a matter of opening the lid. You won't have to use tape to seal them over and over again. Plastic moving boxes NYC are a great solution if you just found a last-minute storage solution. You will not have to worry about the safety of your items.

Plastic moving boxes NYC are easily available and easier to use

Even though you can find cardboard boxes easily, both online and in your local hardware store, they are not always the most convenient for packing. You can't rent them since many of them tend to fold, break or get wet during the moving process. Which in turn makes them unusable. On the other hand, plastic bins are available for rent in many packing and moving companies in NYC. Since they can be used multiple times there's no need to throw them away after a single use. If you hire reliable movers in New York City, they will probably offer to bring the bins with them. After movers relocate your home or an office, they will take the bins back and save you the time of recycling the cardboard boxes.

A plastic bin rental is more eco-friendly

The environment is something that we need to start paying more attention to. And you can also do your part during your relocation. When you buy cardboard boxes you often have no other option than to throw them away after a single use. The fold, get wet and warp. Which makes them unsafe for either storing or carrying your belongings. Not to mention all the plastic packing tape that has to be used in conjunction with them. On the other hand, when you rent plastic moving boxes your environmental footprint will be much lower. Since plastic bins can be used multiple times, you can rent them for your relocation and return them to the moving company. They produce very little waste and can be easily recycled once their lifespan is over.

Plastic moving boxes are more accessible

Packing takes a lot of time. And most of your belongings will be packed and ready for transport well before movers arrive. So, more often than not, you will have a need to take something out of your moving box. That's very hard to do with regular cardboard boxes.And even during transport, you might need to quickly get a spare set of clothes or something similar. Especially when you are moving with a baby NYC. And that's when you will see the true advantage of plastic bins. You won't have to guess where your items are, since the plastic moving boxes NYC are transparent. And moreover, you won't have to cut through the sealing tape and then sealing the box once you are done. You can simply pop-open the lid and take what you need.

How to pack in plastic bins

Packing into plastic bins is the easiest way to sort out your belongings. Take a look at some of the most convenient ways to use them while moving.

plastic storage boxes

Packing into plastic bins is the easiest way to sort out your belongings.

  • Sort out your plastic bins by size. If you have to pack heavy or fragile items, smaller bins will be perfect. You can place them items inside them and secure them with either paper or air-filled plastic wrap. Use the medium ones for clothes, towels, kitchen and bathroom appliances. Things that take more space but can't fit inside small plastic bins. The biggest bins are the best solution for pillows, curtains, hangers, etc.
  • If you have to pack glassware, dishes and ceramic items, use thick corrugated boxes. It will prevent your things from breaking during transportation.
  • Labeling plastic bins is easy. And even if you forget to label one – no worries! Since they are transparent, you will find your belongings in a few seconds.
  • Plastic bins are made for packing last minute. Opening and closing the lid is very convenient, so you can save money on the scotch tape.

Other benefits of moving in plastic bins

They are long-lasting

If you are moving your business, you can use plastic bins many times. Whether you need them for storing or moving your office to another location, you won’t have to buy new cardboard boxes. Plastic bins are very durable and they can also withstand different weather conditions. No rust, corrosion or water will get your belongings.

plastic moving boxes NYC as an eco-friendly solution

If you want to save the environment while moving, plastic bins are the best choice.

Plastic bins make you organized

There are many ways to use plastic containers. Besides moving, they are perfect for organizing your business. You can stack them, seal them and see everything that’s inside. That’s a reason good enough to use them over and over again. If you didn’t make an inventory list of all your things, finding them is pretty easy. After the move, you can use them to organize your memorabilia in the garage or stack seasonal clothes.

Plastic moving boxes NYC are a versatile and recyclable packing solution

Many smaller businesses use plastic bins on a daily basis. The reason is simple – they are perfect for using in large-scale storage spaces like the ones in restaurants and electronic device stores. They are easy to wash, so you can count on them being hygienic. Most importantly, they are highly recyclable so you can save the environment while you move.

Packing Checklist for the Move with plastic moving boxes NYC

Packing is an important part of the moving process. You have to plan it, schedule your movers, rent plastic moving boxes, pack everything and make sure that you haven't forgotten anything. It takes a lot of time. So, as soon as you get in touch with your Park Slope movers you should start thinking about it. And this guide will give you an idea of how to approach and conduct the moving process. And how to make it less stressful and time-consuming.

To begin, decide what it is that you need to pack

Go through your home, one room at a time. Cover spaces like the attic, garden, basement, shed, and so on. Decide which items you will be bringing with you and which you will be discarding. So, set aside all the cutter belongings you don't plan to take with you. Those will then go towards donation, garage sale, gifting or recycling.

A checklist can help determine how many plastic bins you actually needs to get ahold of.

An inventory and checklist will help both you and your movers get a firm hold of the packing and moving process.Always bear in mind that the less stuff you have, the less plastic bins and packing materials you need. And the fewer bins and boxes you have to load and hand over to professional packers NYC, the lower your overall expenses will be. And try to stay positive during the move - don't forget that packing can be a fun activity, especially if you include the kids.

Make an inventory out of the rest of your items

Next, you should make an inventory list for every room in your home. Make special sections for kitchen, bathroom, attic and so on.. This list will not only prove useful to you, but it will also aid the expert Forest Hills moving company you decide to hire. Pay close attention to the transportation of glasses, cups, dishes, china, electronics, and other breakables. They will need to be handled with care and you will need to have enough plastic bins at your disposal to pack them carefully.

Now comes the step where you take care of the packing supplies and plastic moving boxes

Take your list and following the items in it plan how many plastic moving boxes NYC and other packing materials will you need. Consider how many boxes and what size do you need for the packing. How much tape and packing paper will you be using? If you've decided on doing all the packing by yourself, then it's important that you know exactly how much supplies you need. This calculation will save you a lot of time and money. This is one of the most important steps and it is also considered the best way to prepare for moving. It will allow you to rent plastic moving boxes in the exact quantity that you need. And you won't have to go back and forth to get more or return what you are not using.

Don't forget that your NYC moving and storage company can always handle this for you

If you don't have enough time to do it by yourself, you can always hire professional packers. Professional NYC movers offer packing services as well. If you are in any way concerned about people going through your home and packing your belongings, here are a few questions that you can ask before you hire them:

  • how do they handle your belongings?
  • what is the moving company policy?
  • how much does it cost?
  • the delivery date of packing materials
  • return date of packing materials
  • when do you pay for the packing materials etc?

Every mover has a different list of services that they offer and you can discuss packing with them. They will give you all the particular information that you need. All that you have to do is ask.

Once everything is in place, you can begin to pack the plastic bins

Now that you have a complete list of your belongings, and you have acquired packing materials you need, it's time to start packing your belongings. Pack one room at a time. Place the heavier items at the bottom of the bins and lighter ones on top. After you pack a box, label it with the marker by writing on the sides and on top the name of the room to which the box belongs. In addition to that, you should also note the contents of the container. This might seem like a waste of time, but it will make for a much faster unpacking process. And you will be glad that you did it.

Crate with FRAGILE stamp on it - always take care of more fragile belongings.

Now that you've got everything listed and ready, the next step is to pack everything, with extra care.Make sure not to overpack the boxes and make them too heavy. Otherwise, you risk potential damage during handling and transportation. Even though plastic moving boxes NYC and sturdy they still have their limits. Once packed, make sure that each container is well sealed and secured.

Don’t forget to pack an “Essentials” box

As the name itself states, these would be the belongings you won't be able to function without for the first several days. Hand towels, soap, and shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, hairbrushes, a bath towel for each person and so on. Also, pack the kitchen utensils, a pot, a pan and maybe some canned food and sweets, just in case someone gets really hungry. Other things that you should pack here are your phone and laptop chargers and any other items that you will be needing on a daily basis.

The final touch - the loading

Remember to balance the bins and boxes, heavier on the bottom and lighter on top.

Now that you've got everything packed and ready, all that's left is for you to load everything.Once everything is packed, you should start considering how to load the moving truck. We recommend that you place the large furniture at the bottom and begin to arrange plastic bins with heavier items on them. When stacking things make sure that they are stable. The last thing that you want is for your boxes or bins to fall down and get damaged. Lighter things like clothes or towels should then go over them, so you don’t break anything. And here are some bonus arrangement tips, just to ensure minimal chance of damage:

  • To cushion the items carried and for extra protection should use your own blankets and sheets in the truck. It's a great cost-effective way of securing your belongings.
  • You should always clean after yourself. Collect the garbage and throw it away. Make sure you separate the recyclable materials from the ones that will be going straight to the landfill.
  • Take a look at all rooms in your home before locking it up. That the best way to make sure that you haven't forgotten anything.


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