Construction plan|Stamp|Bathroom|Painting|
Construction plan|Stamp|Bathroom|Painting|
New York CIty housing
July 15, 2018

Permits for apartment renovation in NYC

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You have just moved to NYC and it is time to remodel your new cheap apartment NYC. Where to start and how to gather all permits for apartment renovation in NYC? This time and money consuming process and be very stressful for every member of your family. You can make this whole process a lot less complicated and easier if you know which renovation projects require permits in NYC. That’s why we made guidelines to renovate your NYC apartment without troubles, damages and extra fees.

Is it always a necessity to obtain permits for apartment renovation in NYC?

When you decide to move to your new NYC apartment, hiring reliable local moving company in NYC is the half of way to successfully move. Professionals can help you unload your belongings and settle down in a new home. If you want to start with apartment renovation immediately after the move, you have to think about your belongings and moving boxes. What to do with them? You don’t want to renovate an apartment crowded with tons of moving boxes and packing supplies. Consider to put your belongings inside the storage NYC, so you can be sure they are handled with care while you are renovating your new home. Now, you are ready to start with the renovation. Read more about laws and regulations in NYC.


How to obtain a renovation permit? Check with professionals and with the Department of Buildings in NYC

Getting permits for major changes and renovation projects in the NYC apartment is a must!

There are home improvement projects that do and does not require permits. Before you start with your remodeling project you have to be sure which projects require remodeling permits. For example, there are few simple renovation projects such as painting, installing bookshelves, and bathroom fixtures do not require permits. But, if you want to do some major work on electrical, heating, and plumbing, you have to obtain renovation permits.

Contact professionals to learn which NYC Renovation Projects require permits

If you want to know which permits for apartment renovation in NYC you need, you should find professionals to get more information. A registered architect or professional engineer knows the best which renovation projects cannot be done without a permit. In NYC, you have to contact the Department of Buildings Borough Office to get a Department of Buildings to permit. Also, if you have a professional beside you during the renovation project, you can be sure you have a right renovation plan. Be aware of the variety of renovation permits: construction, boiler, elevator, and plumbing.

Think about your budget before you start with apartment renovation

The most important tip in NYC apartment renovation is preparing a budget big enough to handle your entire project. That’s why it is important to check what permissions you need for your apartment remodeling and how much does it cost. Make sure to think about materials, equipment, professional help, extra costs and permits cost when preparing your renovation budget.

Which remodeling projects require a work permit?

  • Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom renovation

If you want to remodel your kitchen, you will probably need a work permit. Especially when it comes to changing the plumbing in the kitchen and other rooms in your new home, you need a renovation permit. Small repairs in your bathroom do not require permits, but for big changes check with professionals.

Bathroom before getting permits for apartment renovation in NYC

Remodeling your bathroom in NYC apartment requires a work permit

  • Taking down a wall of your NYC apartment

Besides NYC apartment decorating ideas, sometimes you need to change the entire look of your apartment. So, if you want to take down the wall in your NYC apartment, you will need a permit for sure!

  • Installing a new window

In case your apartment doesn't have enough windows, you need to obtain a permit to build it. Also, you cannot do it by yourself, you have to hire professionals with a license in window replacements.

Renovation projects that do not require permits

  • Installing shelving in your closets or walls

If you want to install shelves inside your closet on your walls in your room, you don’t need to obtain a permit for it.

  • Painting your walls and floors in NYC apartment

Painting is one of the renovation projects in NYC that does not require a working permit.


Painting your walls and floors in NYC apartment does not require a working permit

  • Replacing your light fixtures

Changing the light fixtures is a small renovation project and you don’t have to obtain a permit for it.

  • Refinishing your wooden floors

Do you need to pay fees for renovation permits?

Like it is very important to find the best moving services in NYC also it is important to get proper permits for apartment renovation in NYC. You have to gather all information about laws and regulations and to hire professional with a license for certain renovation project. Also, for renovation permits, you will pay fees which depend on the value of the project. So, you have to think about the size of the project if you want to prepare you renovation budget properly.

Holding a hammer

Consult professionals for NYC renovation projects

To summarize: Consult professionals for NYC renovation projects

Besides we gave you guidelines about renovation permits in NYC, you also have to get more info from professionals. They are licensed to provide you with exact information, details, and paperwork. Remember: if you don’t obtain a proper permit for apartment remodeling you are risking the cancel of the project.


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