preparing your home for professionals to move|professional packing||Moving to NYC|packing services NYC help you do everything properly|protective packaging|boxes for extra storage space|home inventory
preparing your home for professionals to move|professional packing||Moving to NYC|packing services NYC help you do everything properly|protective packaging|boxes for extra storage space|home inventory
NYC Special Moving Assistance
August 23, 2017

Packing and unpacking services NYC

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Planning to move to a new home can be a time-consuming job. When moving your whole life to another city, country or a continent, you should be prepared and get organized. If you don’t have much time to move, or you live in a bigger house, you should consider hiring professional services to help you with a move. Hiring professional packing services NYC helps you do everything right. Also, unpacking help NYC will help you relax after the relocation is over.When moving by yourself or with help of friends, many things can go wrong. Plenty of your household items and appliances can get lost, damaged or broken. Some of the appliances are just too big or fragile for you to pack and move by yourself. Although hiring professional packing services NYC can be pricey, the help you will get will pay off and the job will be done professionally. If you are considering to pack for NYC move by yourself, think again. You can find local packing services NYC who will pack just a few of your household items.

Moving to NYC

During the last days before a move, many things you plan to move to your new home are used in your daily routine. Besides clothes that include the biggest appliances you own. Stove, refrigerator, washing and drying machine you cannot pack yourself in one day. But if you hire professional packers to do it for you, your daily routine will not be disrupted, and you will still be stress-free on a moving day.

packing services NYC help you do everything properly

Packing the entire household by yourself can be stressful. Let the packing services NYC help you

Why do you need to hire packing and unpacking services NYC?

What can an NYC packing help do for you? They can inspect all of the household items, organize them in groups and pack professionally. Decide if you want your valuables for them to pack separately and take them with you as you move (paperwork, diplomas, antiques, jewelry, artwork…). Packers will usually use professional packing materials for items that are valuable for you, and do the packing process by your guidelines. Even if you don’t possess many valuable things in your home, if you pack in a rush there is a good chance you will miss something out, forget to pack or pack the wrong way. Making sure to pack everything according to the type of the items is professional packers' job.Full-service packers will make sure that the furniture is taken apart, packed and stored properly for the move. Everything you thought you should prepare for packing for a move, considering household items and appliances, they will prepare for you. That includes taking all the decorating details off the wall, rolling up the carpets, and packing everything to the smallest teaspoon.

Don't stand in the way of the packing and unpacking NYC professionals

The only thing you will need to get done when hiring full-service packers is to make sure you are not in the way of packing. That includes taking your kids away for a day, if possible, or making sure your dog doesn’t move around everyone during the packing process. You can still assist your packers, but try to make a plan, organize and tell all your wishes before the process begins. On a moving day, professional packing services NYC can do all the wrapping, labeling, and box storing for you.Although hiring professional packers and unpackers could cost you some extra money during a move, they could be worth every penny. If you don’t have much time to move, or you have a busy, stressful lifestyle, professional packing services NYC can really help you out. If you’re packing yourself, moving company will probably not be responsible for your items that get damaged or broken during the move, if the reason is the improper packaging of items.

What should the packing services NYC offer?

  • Cost estimate
  • To be fair, not everyone can afford to hire professional help to do the packing, moving and unpacking of the household. The first thing reliable packers should offer you is an assessment for your household items. When deciding to hire them, you should consider that the overall cost can vary depending on many factors. The most important is the number and the types of items to be packed, the time needed to pack everything and the nature of the offer you are looking for. If you hire a company to pack, move and unpack your household all together, you will spend less money than hiring three different companies. Capital city movers NYC offer a wide range of service including local and long distance NYC relocation, packing, storage space and so much more. In any case, you should schedule an appointment and ask professional packers for an estimate of the cost.
  • Packing efficiency.
  • Professional NY packing helpers are trained to work organized and pack with efficiency. Packing the entire house is a time – consuming process which takes lots of preparations. When negotiating with the company, tell them all about your wishes, let them know about the valuable and fragile items you possess. Good communication will make the process easier for both you and the packers.
  • Professional packing materials and supplies
  • Such as moving boxes, label makers, bubble wrap, packing paper, tapes, packing peanuts and markers should be provided by professional packers. The amount and the size of boxes are company’s job to think about.
  • Safety
  • The thing that should concern you the most during the packing and moving process. Make sure to ask the company you are hiring all about the packing process, different packing techniques and procedures. If some of your household items are bulky, need to be dissembled or taken special care of, the packing helpers will do that for you.
protective packaging
  • Let the NYC packing and unpacking professionals pack your fragile or bulky items and don't worry about damage.
  • Insurance
  • Just for the worst-case scenario, make sure to get all the information about packing company’s insurance policies. Usually, this applies to companies that do both packing, moving and unpacking for you. Be sure to ask in detail about the breakable items, and also check on every mark and scratch on your items before they are packed.
  • Flexibility when closing a deal
  • When negotiating with the packing services in the Big Apple, make sure they understand all your wishes and needs. For example, you could tell them if one of your appliances is not working properly, so you want them to take special care when packing it. On the other hand, ask them about the process, you might hear some good ideas about sorting out your things when preparing for packing.

After the assessment, the supplies they will bring for packing will be customized for your needs. The boxes will be the right size, and there should be the exact amount of them as needed for your move. Professional packing services NYC should provide you with labeling every box according to the plan you make during the assessment.

How to prepare your household for professionals to pack?

When you choose the New York packing services that you want to hire, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment. Decide if you want the company to pack the entire household or just larger, bulky and fragile items. Consider that you can hire packers, unpackers and local NYC movers from different companies, but it will cost you more money for sure. If you want to move the entire household stress-free and have the budget for it, go for all-in-one service. Some packing services NYC offer “mirror image” of your home items, so they can put everything in place after the move.During the preparation for your move, make sure to make a list and separate your belongings. If you have some clutter to get rid of, do that. Take time to write down all the questions you have for potential packing services you want to hire. Think about all the important, valuable and fragile items, and check all hidden corners in the house so you don’t forget a thing.Before hiring packing services in New York City, consider that people who will pack your household are professionals. They are trained to work organized and pack with a plan. If your household is well prepared, you will not stand in the way of packing, and packers will make a moving day much easier for you. Decide what parts of your household will be free for walking through and stacking the boxes. If you are not sure how much space you will need, ask the packing service, they will give you advice.When the New York City packing services arrive, make sure not to interfere or advise them. It is ok for you to supervise the process, but you should tell them all your wishes before the process begins, and let them do the job for you.

preparing your home for professionals to move

Get rid of clutter, organize and let packing and unpacking services New York do the job for you.

Besides New York City packing and unpacking help, what can these services offer?

  • Mirror image. For some clients who want help with decorating their new home immediately after unpacking, a company offers help with assembling the furniture and decorative items on the spot. Before the move, workers can take photos of your household and then put everything in the same place after unpacking them in a new home.
  • Extra NYC storage units. You might be moving from bigger to smaller apartment or a house or have a completely different size and shape of the rooms in your new home. This will acquire some of your household items to be packed and put in extra storage space. If that is the case, make sure to ask the packing and unpacking NYC services you hired to recommend you one. They might be offering storage space units as a part of the deal.
  • Cleaning after the move. Without a doubt, you will need your home cleaned after you move in. After unpacking and unboxing every item, the company will make sure to gather and get rid of all the extra packing materials that are left behind. If you are in a rush to make your home livable as soon as possible, cleaning it can be a job for professionals. Ask the company you hired to unpack your boxes if they offer cleaning services after a move. If not, try to get a recommendation.
boxes for extra storage space
  • Ask the packing and unpacking services NYC you hired to recommend you a good storage space.

The first day after the move

How will the first day after the move looks like depends on many factors? If you hired a company to pack, move and unpack your household all together, they could do their job without you being present. However, the best thing would be for you to be present when the moving truck arrives, so you can supervise the process.When hiring professional packing help NYC, the process should not take more than a day. That applies to moving an average household, not to moving bigger business companies. The same time will be needed for unpacking things after the move. Moving one or more office spaces will acquire professional help and more time to pack, move and unpack, for sure.

How does professional unpacking look like?

The company you hired should unpack your things as they arrive in your new home. Considering that all the boxes are labeled, workers will unpack them in order, considering how big, fragile and bulky they are. Things you should discuss with professional unpackers are the following:

  • Once everything is moved, do you want them to reassemble the furniture, or you will do that yourself?
  • Where do you want your home appliances to be put, and is the company offering extra help considering handyman services such as placing mirrors, assembling electrical devices, installing chandeliers and similar things?
  • Does the company offer “mirror image” service, where all of your belongings are photographed before a move and then put in place after unpacking?
  • Is there a cleaning service that the company you hired recommends? There are companies that might, or might not offer cleaning service after they unpack, but getting rid of packing materials after unpacking is a necessity.
home inventory
  • Professional unpacking services can help you put every item back in place in your new home!

If you have a busy lifestyle, children and a big family, remember that hiring packing services NYC and unpacking services NYC can be a big help for you. After the relocation to your new home, there could be not enough time to unpack and sort everything out. Consider that professional unpacking services are trained to do the job in the time frame you agreed upon earlier.Although hiring unpacking services can be pricey, think about the time you will need to reassemble everything in your new home. Hiring unpacking services NYC will allow you to stay calm during the relocation, organize better and have more time with your family.


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