Packing and moving IT equipment is easy if you organize and get proper packing supplies in advance.|cords|boxes
Packing and moving IT equipment is easy if you organize and get proper packing supplies in advance.|cords|boxes
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February 13, 2020

Packing and moving IT equipment

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IT (Information technologies) equipment is something that every office needs to have nowadays. But when it comes to packing such equipment, some procedures need to be followed. Obviously, the best way to do this is to simply enlist the help of movers Long Island and their packing services. However, if you want to do everything on your own, that is also feasible. You will simply need to know general guidelines for packing and moving IT equipment. And that is exactly what you will know after reading this article. So, without further ado, let's begin.

Packing and moving IT equipment - The list

Here is a handy little list for handling all the various IT equipment:

  • Always follow the manual
  • Acquire required packing materials
  • Save the original boxes
  • Wrap all the electronics
  • Cord stickers
  • Utilize lots of packing tape
  • Check storage temperature

Get cardboard boxes and packing materials for your IT equipment.

Alright, that is a bit to go through. Some of the items on the list are quite self-explanatory but some are not. We will be going into further detail on some of them, such as:

Acquire required packing materials

If you don't have the original packaging for every item, and the chances are that you don't, you will need to get what you need for safe packing. You will most definitely need some sturdy carton, wrapping, some scissors and labels. Bubble packs are also a great thing to have. Same as moving sports equipment, you will need proper packaging for the items at hand. If you have some really bulky items, you may want to contact a professional and figure out how to transport it safely.

Cord stickers

The worst thing about relocating IT equipment is the cords. Where do they go? You have several options here and cord stickers are the best one, in my opinion. Sure, you can take a photo of before the disconnection (and you might as well) but having each cord labeled with a color sticker is the best way to connect all the cords properly again. Not to mention that the person who took the image might not be available for the reconnection and forgot to save images to a shared cloud (it happens more often than you think). There are many places that sell them, such as Etsy, so you will not have to spend a lot of time shopping for these. Simply have them sent to the office is the best way.

If you color-code your cords and perhaps use some color stickers for the equipment itself, you will never have a problem of not knowing what goes where. No technician required, just simple organization!


Use cord stickers to label each cord properly.

Packing and moving IT equipment - Check storage temperature

If you are planning on storing your equipment, apart from needing Long Island storage units, you will need to figure out if your electronic equipment, such as TV's and computers, require special handling. Some might require a climate-controlled storage unit while others can go in regular storage. The best thing to do is to seek some professional advice, be it from the manufacturer, storage facility, or moving company. You don't really want that expensive electronics to go haywire, now, do you?


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